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Degeneration of the Superior Traditional Conduct

Degeneration of the Superior Traditional Conduct

People of the detached territory named Pakistan, are not going to recollect and readopted the grandeur of great human qualities that formed the distinguished part of their character and conduct in the past, unless a transparent analysis of their past and present is not explicitly explained to them. Hereunder is the confession by British Lord […]

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Lee Kuan Yew

Claims of National Progress Analyzed

Hereunder are a few of the hints related to the claims of National Development and Progress in Pakistan:- In 1960 per capita income in South Korea and Pakistan were USD 900 and USD 300 respectively. Today these figures change over to: South Korea USD 25000 and Pakistan USD 1100, i.e. a difference of around 28 […]

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Dacoits and Embezzlers Amend their Constitutional Provisions

Dacoits and Embezzlers Amend their Constitutional Provisions

Their patience and forbearance are really praise worthy. They steadfastly remained loyal to the provisions of their conventional constitution i.e. looting for survival, by the count of thousands of years. Verily all dacoities involve life risk. With the extinction of kings and rajas, the entire scenario of social life completely changed. Terminologies of democracy in […]

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Lord Macaulay

Slave Generations in Free States

Slave Generations in Free States Prelude: Poetic expressions and personality cult serve little for devising the national character. These also have nothing to do with the solidarity and sustainability of a people. “Sultani e Jamhur” i.e. democracy has utterly failed in case of low literacy peoples. This philosophy for such states, has proved to be […]

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Mahatma Ghandi

The Supreme Architect of India’s Freedom

Saying yes to accept the charge of an office, only because people offer it, simply rebels. Who will provide the elements of competence never known to the people as well as to the person surrendering their offer? Every person of letters, howsoever professionally successful, is not at all capable to take the responsibilities of the […]

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Forced to Migrate

Forced to Migrate

Among the low literacy states, India and some other countries have a row of a few dozen politicians whose honesty has never been challenged by any intelligence agency in the world. These politicians are the real leaders of their nation and their motherland. Unfortunately Pakistan has been deprived of becoming a part of such states. […]

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Fundamental for National Unity

Fundamental for National Unity

Appreciations for practically decisive steps by the Army Chief against corruption, from every corner of the country, from Trijunction to Chitral, Badeen to Lahore and Bahawalnagar to Quetta, have formally settled the fundamental for national unity and solidarity. No specie of corruption must exist in the country. Not only corruption is terrorism in itself but […]

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No Success without Tackling Root Cause

No Success without Tackling Root Cause

Atmosphere of corruption is mother of extremism, terrorism, luxury and wide spread crimes. Nursery of corruption disrupts rule of law and paves tracks for disintegration, dependence and slavery. Sustainable success against all types of miscreants can never be achieved without redressing the nursery of corruption. All of the tools of confrontation will prove futile without […]

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Future Status of Pakistan

Future Status of Pakistan

Article by Ms. Shazia Hassan through article headed ‘Like Sugar in Milk’ in Daily DAWN of March 22, 2015, is an excellent contribution against running political system of Pakistan. The state will become a least corrupt welfare state only when people owning the qualities of personalities mentioned in the article, join politics to serve this country […]

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Political Ignorance is a Disease

Political Ignorance is a Disease

“We all are born mad; some remain so.” –– (Samuel Beckett) Political atmosphere is almost at its boiling point in Pakistan these days. Every nation goes through such period in their developing time. It helps cleanse the political thinking and democratic approach of the society. Political debates and arguments open citizens’ minds and make them […]

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Allegations Exchange 2014

Leaders of the Sit In and representatives of the government are seriously blaming each other. There are charges of rigging of polls and widespread corruptions among members of the government. The government side rejects allegations and blames the Sit In side for their abusive language. Most recently the government side has been polite enough to […]

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pakistan education

Fall of Centuries Old Standards

Here is news: Islamabad – Despite heavy investment in higher education sector during last fourteen years, Pakistan failed to make its place among top hundred universities of Asia (“The New” Dated: June 29, 2014). History of education standards goes centuries back prior to British occupation of the subcontinent. Primitive educational institutions possess honour of passing […]

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Positive change is beauty of human life. Change sustains and promotes desire for happy living. Peoples or groups of human beings obstructing process of positive change become piles of relics. At the same time change is subject to fundamentals. All species of fundamentals never alter in shape, dimensions and characteristics. This determines that there is […]

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Success of a State's Governance System

Success of a State’s Governance System

Every independent nation / state, howsoever old or new, exists on foundation of an ideology which is the mark of its identity and integrity. Citizens’ loyalty to the ideology endorses loyalty to the nation as whole. Mere writing and singing of poetry and making poetic speeches in love for motherland is never patriotism. Individuals and […]

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Shahrukh Khan and Hafiz Saeed

Shahrukh Khan and Hafiz Saeed

What it meant to be a Muslim in India, especially after 9/11. Khan spoke, and this time he is not acting. We all have heard the hot news of super start Shahrukh Khan in trouble because of his burning article in an Indian newspaper in which he expressed his feelings that he has never been […]

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Masses Excessively Ready to Believe Things

Masses Excessively Ready to Believe Things

When the people are excessively ready to believe in things without any ground work whatsoever, why then the unreliable persons with no practical background not be fooling them. We all have heard the story of Pied Piper who gathered the children with his mesmerizing and enchanting music and lured them to come with him to […]

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