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Masses Excessively Ready to Believe Things

When the people are excessively ready to believe in things without any ground work whatsoever, why then the unreliable persons with no practical background not be fooling them.


Long March of January 14, 2013

We all have heard the story of Pied Piper who gathered the children with his mesmerizing and enchanting music and lured them to come with him to a place, where he supposedly killed them. –– Let’s recall our memories from our childhood era and refresh the contents of the story. –– In around 1300 A.D. in city of Hamelin (Hameln), Germany, the town was suffering from a rat infestation. One day a man dressed in pied clothing appeared, claiming to be a rat-catcher. He promised the mayor a solution for their problem of rats. The mayor in return promised to pay him for the removal of the rats. The man accepted, and played a musical pipe to lure the rats with a song leading them into the Weser River, where all but one drowned. Despite his success, the mayor reneged on his promise and refused to pay the rat-catcher the full amount of money, because on rat was left. The man left the town showing anger, and vowed to return some time later, seeking revenge. On Saint John and Paul’s Day, while the people of the town were in church, he came back dressed in green, like a hunter, and played his pipe yet again, this time attracting the children of the town. One hundred and thirty boys and girls followed him out of the town, where they were lured into a cave and never seen again. –– Depending on the version of the story, at most three children remained behind unharmed. One of them was too lame and could not follow the others quickly enough, the second was deaf, and the last one was blind and unable to see where they were going. These three informed the villagers of what had happened when they came out of church.

It was a very interesting story but has been lost in our modern era when children prefer to play Xbox and online games rather than listening to traditional stories and folklores. The story had a hidden but very thoughtful lesson concealed in it. Children must remember the story and it’s moral so that they will not be lured by some Pied Piper with his mesmerizing tunes, speech or promises, ever again.

hamid-mir-commented The Pied Piper is not done with his work yet. He comes in every era with new name, identity and a new motive, which is obviously a negative one. But some things associated with him remain the same i.e. his getup, his way of luring and power of mesmerizing.

Our whole nation witnessed the recent political drama played live in our country. It was a series of events, carefully preplanned with one thing in mind that nothing will come out of it except waste of time, money and hope. The drama continued for about a month, reached to its best part on February 14 and finally climaxed with a hopeless ending.

talat-hussian-commentedThe naive citizens were hoping for a change, a change suppose to bring prosperity in there lives, people were hoping that maybe this one is their lucky time. The promise of positive and constructive revolution was nothing but a hoax. More than a month, whole electronic and print media extensively publicized the coming change and earned huge profits from advertisers, but at the end everybody have been disappointed from the outcome. Most affected are the general masses who don’t even know that they have been mugged once again, there hopes have been trashed once again.

Intellectuals were sure that this is deemed to a failure, but being optimistic, were still hoping for best. The Pied Piper gathered a huge number of people, dancing, singing, praying, wishing good luck to him, and for themselves, hoping that they are going to make a history, were sold to an incompetent and most corrupt government of the time. The politicians who were talking insanely negative for each other just a few days before were seen smiling, hugging and complimenting each other. Probably they knew what all this is about and they were happy that everybody played their parts very well.


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