Friday, February 26, 2021


Gallup Ridiculing Pakistanis

Gallup Ridiculing Pakistanis

Recently we have been hearing news from all of the Pakistani media about the latest survey of Gallup Inc. on the improving political and economic conditions of Pakistan. According to Gallup, Pakistan’s overall economic situations has improved due to dutiful, passionate and patriotic efforts of PMLN government. Gallup survey claims 55% public is satisfied with […]

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The Gold Reserves of Pakistan and the Grand Robbery

The Gold Reserves of Pakistan and the Grand Robbery

We have been listening since we were kids that Almighty has made this country very rich, fertility and full of natural treasures, but unfortunately it has always been portrayed as a poor, shabby and a territory with lack of any quality. The biggest reason of this situation is our own inability, selfishness and corruption. Pakistan […]

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Tax Burden

Unnecessary Taxes Killing Businesses

Extra burden of unnecessary taxes is killing small businesses It was made clear from the beginning of this government that they are not sympathetic to business community or to general public. They proved it taking the first step by implementing several unnecessary and unjustifiable taxes. The taxes which were removed by previous governments have been […]

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Bbroadcast Your Protest

YouTube ban is Not the Solution of Problem

Let’s make YouTube remove the objectionable videos. Ban is not a solution. It has been a year since the YouTube banned in Pakistan. The action was considered as a profound and heroic act. Bunch of corrupt and senseless politicians earned something like ‘nice reputation’ in the eyes of religious extremists. They think that blocking YouTube […]

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PTCL Landline connected all time

PTCL Complaint Registration need Improvements

Our phone line 052 xxxxxxx is dead since August 07, 2013 (no dial tone). First we ignored and didn’t filed any complaint as Eid holidays were about to come. After Eid holidays passed and even after Rainy week passed, we thought to register the complaint because now we badly need the phone. At 1st try, […]

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Ban YouTube in Smart Way

Ban YouTube in Smart Way

YouTube Ban is negatively effecting Students and Businesses Government action of YouTube ban was taken upon video clips of Blasphemy movie Innocence of Muslims uploaded to YouTube. On one hand, the content of the video inflamed the religious sensitivity of Muslim population, resulted in revolts and violent protests causing a lot of damage of life & […]

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Progress to Satpara Hydropower Power Project

Power House No. 3 of Satpara Dam Project with installed capacity of 2.36 MW has started power generation this April 2013. The Power House No. 4 with an installed capacity of 1.4 MW is still under construction. It has been scheduled to go into operation by the end of May 2013. Construction of Satpara Dam […]

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PTCL Efficiency

PTCL Efficiency

PTCL charges amount of Rs. 199/- in the form of Line Rent to all customers, including domestic and business lines. This amount is supposed to take care of the telephone lines, including maintenance cost and the salaries of the staff i.e. Linemen. In reality there is no such thing like taking care of telephones lines, […]

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