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Departure of Arfa Karim

Arfa Karim Pakistanis have lost a young expert. Various people will react about her death from various angles. Without having much knowledge about her daily routines, it is suspected that her busy hours did not possess very close supervision of any physical health expert. As a highly important national and international expert, she deserved very close supervision by the health experts at state’s expense. With such facility that she really deserved she might have died at this very age but, post probably, not by heart functioning problem. Such figures especially made by Almighty do deserve special care and extra ordinary close supervision for their survival.

It is suspected that physical exercise commensurate with daily diet lacked in her lifestyle. Persons of extra ordinary capabilities generally don’t care much for health tips. It is the responsibility of the state to establish permanent facilities for such outstanding persons, carrying conspicuous tone of being far above ordinary. Living in the era of Jack Lalanne and not adhering to health cares minutely, is a negligence that must not be ignored at all.

Arfa Karim with Bill Gates Super intelligent persons generally possess super sensitive physical setup. To feed long hours before the screen, irregular intervals of meals / snacks / drinks and restricted physical movements can cause unexpected and unforeseeable complications most of which don’t leave a chance for return. Application of extra ordinary capabilities for propagation of knowledge beneficial for mankind, do carry responsibilities of utmost care for physical and mental health as well as commanding control over human passions. Capabilities without alertness for overall health, end in catastrophe. Most probably this is what must have happened with invaluable baby. Maybe her heart functioning mal-practice started months ago. Maybe her diet was not proper as compared to her routines. Maybe she had been entering a domain of unexplored discoveries which involves considerable shuffling of the passions. Maybe she had explored something that overwhelmed her beyond her controlling powers of her passions, and thus unable to bear the resultant ecstasy, she collapsed.

Arfa at Hospital We learnt a lot from her knowledge and her contributions. Let us now learn from her sudden death at such young age. The lesson for everyone of us is in the air. Person’s qualities and capabilities for his country and for human beings in general are very closely linked with his overall health. Regular daily physical exercise is principle key to make your capabilities to be beneficial for others. A few minutes of some type of spiritual concentration, like Yoga or Muslim daily prayers can provide you with sound control over your passions. An abrupt break during piercing stages of your professional performance can refresh you more than anything else.

Health means overall health; physical health, health of the mind, health of passions control, health of conducts i.e. invaluable honesty and sincere goodwill for all.

In the end if you study Jack Lalanne and his written materials, it will work wonders for you.


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