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Forced to Migrate

Among the low literacy states, India and some other countries have a row of a few dozen politicians whose honesty has never been challenged by any intelligence agency in the world. These politicians are the real leaders of their nation and their motherland. Unfortunately Pakistan has been deprived of becoming a part of such states.

Some very patriotic Pakistanis unable to forget the extra ordinary price paid for independence:-

  • Five to seven hundred thousand Muslims slaughtered mercilessly.
  • Ninety thousand Muslims women abducted never to be traced out.
  • Merciless and barbaric slaughter of human being shocked countless men and women to madness till death.
  • Extremely shocking conditions of displacement and resettlement forcing the most respectable families to become beggars.
  • There exists no gesture of accountability against the members of leadership, who according to records, did nothing for stopping or at least minimizing the volume of massacre. The great architect of modern China Mau Tse Tung had been subjected to process of posthumous accountability for certain irregularities, and his wife was jailed.
  • Nothing monumental was ever attributed to the unarmed innocent martyrs of the massacre, the real founders of the state named Pakistan. By all norms of justice the martyrs deserved a monument multiple times more conspicuous and reverend than Minto Park Tower.

In Russia statue of leader of communist revolution was disgracefully dismantled whereas the monument of The Unknown Soldier / Martyr stands.

unable to tolerate the especially devised atmosphere of corruption and misappropriation against such invaluable sacrifices migrated to other countries where open and declared misconduct is readily put to accountability. Below is an article by, most probably, by the same category of lady:-


Untempered mode of democracy (refer to Eliminating Corrupts from Politics and Corrupt States and Democracy) for low literacy declared corrupt states is tyranny to citizens. Application of plain democracy in such sates simply means collecting a number of members of the exact temperament of member of Cosa Nastra –– nobody will disclose anything at any cost whatsoever and share of booties will go to every member.

You just dare to raise a finger against a well known corrupt member, the whole lot of group will be ready to smash you. It is not astonishing as the behavior is predevised and preplanned, as an addition to the norms of late Cosa Nastra.

In most of the unfortunate low literacy states, the illiterate masses, bearing the status of costing vote for selection of governance member, do not vote for welfare of motherland and the nation. These illiterate masses vote for persons owning agriculture farms and luxury residences, howsoever incompetent and corrupt.

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