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Plight of Women in Europe

The Western society is only concerned towards the economic needs of women and their children but once the children are grown-up, they will have no family structure. It’s a true but bitter reality of the Western world.

women in europe

In a Muslim country where majority of the people are Muslims, we have a constitution that is based on Islamic ideology, Islamic culture and values. The women of today’s Muslim society are well educated and is respected among the society because they are the one who play a very vital role in the society along with the men and contribute towards the family structure and social system that is like a backbone to our Muslim society. The Muslim women is not only a house wife she also contributes if needed towards the financial needs by supporting their families at times, if need be, working along with the men for any opportunity that is available to them to support their families.

The women of a Muslim society are given a special respect and honor as she is the one empowered at home and she is able to perform all the roles given to her as wife, mother, sister and daughter all these relationships are respected and it’s our religious obligation to give her the respect that she deserves and as a son, husband, brother and father we have to take care of her in all difficult times and we also must protect all her rights so that she can play her positive role in our society.

Muslim women are part of the Unmet of Nabi (PBUH) her contribution towards the society must be highlighted and understood by us all she is the one responsible for making a family and social setup that we see today in a Muslim society because they fulfill all the roles given to them with honor and in a dignified way, she is a role model and inspiration for the all those young females who are following the footsteps as a mother, wife, sister and daughter.

A Woman is the one who takes care of her house and children and she is the most important individual that is responsible for creating a family and a strong bond among the children and her husband.

In a Muslim society no matter which Muslim country we belong to weather it’s a modern secular state or Islamic republic the basics of every state law comprise of Islamic principles and values that are embedded in our Muslim society. Muslim countries no matter if they are liberal, secular, conservative, practice Islamic shariah law, have a democratic or autocratic government, one thing is for sure our religious values will be part of our social setup no matter how the government functions in a democratic or typical Islamic kingdom.

This is not what is happening in Europe and other Western countries who have kept religion out of the equation and religion is a subjective thing for them the religion implies to the individual’s internal matter and not to be implemented by the state itself.

They do not want religion to be part of their legal system or constitution; they would like to function in an independent capacity and therefore they make rules, laws based on morality and principles that provide equal rights to all. The legal system works by adhering to the past precedent created over time and it is then implied to all the legal matters. The legal system keeps on improving over a period of time and as new laws are made, they try to create a more just system.

The Western culture is based on people’s choice on how they want to live and want to function in a democratic way that is acceptable to all. It’s a continuous process based on reasoning, discussion and having a debate to create understanding and it helps them bring in new laws that are based on human values and individual human rights. The objective is to create a more just system.

The state is classified as the custodian of all the legal rights of its people. The females in the Western world are considered just like men with no gender discrimination and are treated equally to the men as they have to work just like men in order to survive and earn their living all through their working life and in the later part once they reach over sixties the state will take care of them if no one is there to care of the old women. It’s a very sad and unfortunate reality a common situation for all old people who live together in old age and do not have a social setup like we have in Muslim world to be with our grandchildren and their children. This is the dilemma of the social setup that does not exist in the Western world but the people in the Western culture have no solution to their problems because they are keeping religion out of their lives and it’s a personal thing and therefore the social setup as we see in other Muslim countries fail to exist in Western world.

The so-called Western world and society wants every individual woman to be independent and the family influence of her parents is minimal. The parents are not more than a caretaker and once schooling is over the parents will not interfere in any of the actions that he or she wants to take. For her personal life there is no one to decide what she can do or not; all decisions about her life are left to her and not to the parents.

The Western society does not have a social setup like in Muslim world where females must adhere to a marital relationship once they complete their education as it’s mandatory for them not to stay single for long. In the Western world the women need to earn their living and getting married is an individual thing to do or not it’s not an obligation on them secondly if the partner leaves her, she must take care of the children as mother all to be done making her life more difficult and tough without having a husband to be with her at all times. The women must go along with all sexual abuses and violence as she is to be treated in the same manner as men by the police if she is caught for any misconduct, she will have no respect when it comes to gender she will be pushed hard and handcuffed within the public and it’s a disgrace to any society who cannot respect their women in public.

If women of Western world are not married, she is more vulnerable at all times in office and in the streets as no actions can be taken without having any proof or legal evidence.

She works hard more than any men and it’s quite painful for her not getting enough respect from the men and if for any reason the state finds that she is not able to take care of her children the state will take the children in their custody another setback to women who give birth and then they have to let it go due to legal implications. We think women are more protected and have more rights in the Western world but in fact females are more abused by virtue of law that is not able to protect their rights as a wife, daughter, sister and mother. We all must thank Allah Subhanu-tallah that we are born in Muslim country not a Western world.

The women in a Western culture are like a commodity or tissue paper she is used for a certain period in her age when she is young and beautiful and when she is old, she needs a companionship to care of her she becomes a left over and to survive alone she looks for the similar group of women who have no families and need companionship too.

The divorce rate is phenomenal in a Western culture and a common thing that happens to every other couple. If we compare the women of the Western world, she may seem to be more independent and exercise all those rights the same as men living in a Western world.

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