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Home Schooling In Pakistan

Home Schooling in Pakistan will make schools a place for fun fairs and sports activities

In today’s modern school system and especially the education industry globally is moving towards digitization at a lightning speed. This rapid change is coming due to the advent of 5g data speeds and the prevailing situation of post pandemic global crises.

We see a revolution taking place in information technology as it is in a process of integration with all industrial sectors across the world. The global business dynamics are changing with a shift in communication channels used to dissipate information to the target audience. The world is shifting from conventional communication channels space to digital channel space. It’s a new world order that is in the process of transforming the world.

The drawbacks for other traditional communication channels electronic and print media used for broadcasting were where sender and receiver were doing one way communication and the real-time feedback was not possible directly or indirectly and what it meant was that data was not collected instantly to make correct and instant decisions.

It was hard to compete in a physical space/domain where accurate data was not available instantly to intrigue the decision-making process. Therefore, brands had to rely on other less reliable and inaccurate methods that were available to them like rating agencies and research-based agencies to collect the data needed for them, it was neither in real-time nor it was accurate to the extent due to the size of the sample taken but unfortunately it was the only possible way that helped businesses to make the right decisions needed to be more competitive in the marketplace. What it meant was brands were created in a physical space/domain and were competing in a physical space/domain to create and maximize their perceived value among the consumers.

The major shift is taking place where both sender and receiver are interacting with each other in real-time and for every communication made there is data that is collected, interpreted and analyzed to make the desirable decisions that will help compete brands in a digital space/domain rather than physical space/domain. The consumers have started shifting from conventional space to digital space as it is the need of the day. The access of high-speed internet to every individual very soon all communication ultimately will be done with the target audience in a digital space due to the data accuracy and high speed it will be more reliable than any other sources available to the consumer to make the decision-making process easier that will help make better decisions and save lots and lots of time.

This new digital communication channel revolution will make other traditional communication channels look more obsolete or retarded as consumer decision making process will start from digital interface and will end upon digital interface and a little or no time will be spent in a physical or conventional space as it will all be happening with high-speed internet data sharing with access that is available to everyone. The access of 5G internet to everyone is a step towards making a digital shift or new world order as we may say it is transforming the world.

The businesses are shifting towards a new more competitive business model based on how the technology driven companies work to collect data and translate that data into useful information to make the right decision that will help businesses build brands in a digital space and ultimately create positive brand equity to remain competitive and grow their market share.

The businesses are becoming more competitive every day as they are looking towards all cost optimization solution options available in all functional areas of the businesses, trying to maximize efficiency through automation, supply chain initiatives to become more productive. The data gathering and system dependent organization with technology integration will take over other competitors due to optimized internal cost and quality control systems that will put them ahead in the competition. The global brands in terms of financial value are already technology driven companies and the information technology is taking its pace as we move towards technology revolution.

The education sector is no exception; it is also moving at a very fast pace towards digitization. We are in process of developing new learning practices that will be based on technology and yet it will help us acquire knowledge and skill sets needed for the child’s schooling starting from the early school stage and as we move on to higher classes of the child’s school. The new curriculum will be based upon a child’s IQ and age factor and considering all limitations of a child to comply with the digital interface and how he can improve through online classes participation.

As we are getting more and more data oriented and trying to make a new better education system suited to an individual’s inherent qualities, how the child adapts to this new change and learning better ways to improve data driven systems. The new digital education system once fully functional will help create an opportunity for every child to maximize his abilities and work on the core strengths suited to the child’s interest, his weaknesses and strengths will be analyzed once more and more data is collected with machine learning and AI technologies used it will help develop a more productive solution for your child’s educational development and upbringing.

The objective is to maximize the learning curve starting from grade-1 and as the child reaches the end of his schooling. The objective is to develop a new way of teaching so that a child can comprehend and be more productive as compared to the old methodologies used. That was when teachers used to sit in a physical classroom environment and impart knowledge to all age groups and all school students together in a physical space. Post Pandemic situation we see there is a paradigm shift in how school systems are changing and by every passing day more and more schools are encouraging online classes.

There is a new concept towards learning and schooling as the home-schooling concept prevails in every society. This is a shift that will create a new generation that will be different from the past generation and will be having different behavior changes as we are moving from physical space classrooms towards virtual space class rooms and all class mates will sit in their own homes while teacher will also be sitting outside the physical space and will be communicating through digital interface to see how the students are performing by every day interaction, class participation and home based assignments. The teacher will evaluate the child’s performance and do evaluation in a different way as it happens in a physical classroom.

The internet and video calling platforms have become a norm for every child no matter what age group he or she maybe it is the right time we adapt to this new reality as schools once they shift from conventional to digital transformation will be more of a place where you child will socialize with the other children and can play around and have fun time. The child sooner or later will adapt to this reality and the school will become more of a providing fun fairs and sports activities.

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