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About us is a social site. Our authors belong to different professional fields. We share our ideas, experiences and observations. Our views are absolutely rational, based on facts. THPSC is abbreviation of Travels, Health, Politics, Social, Conclusions. Simple! We found this name suitable, as these are considered to be the most talked on and cared about topics.

Who we are:
We do not belong to any political party, left or right wing. We don’t enforce any ideology, neither any particular religion, as we believe that all the religions of the world are equally respectable and they teach us the same very important basic fundamental rules, which comply to all schools of thoughts and acceptable to all societies. We do not write for money or profit. If you have something you want to share with the world, you are most welcome to submit it for publishing.

Who can contribute:
Anybody mature human being who has good experience of life, achieved through working in any particular field, and has the skill of writing can contribute. Authors can add more categories and further sub categories to express their views meaningfully.

How can I contribute:
Authors may need to signup for an account by registering a Username and Email ID. The account will be activated after review by Admin. Authors can add contents through Access Panel or by using Windows Live Writer (an open source blog posting software). If you are not familiar with these technologies, let us know, and we’ll guide you through the process. And as a second option, author can simply email his/her article to Admin and we’ll post it with your name, under your account. Simple!

Authors’ Guidelines (what to do):

  1. Write about anything worth discussing, just stay on the track and make meaningful impression on the readers.
  2. Keep in mind that all the readers may not have the full command over the language used by you. Use of comparatively easy and better understandable words will be beneficial for the exposure and widespread of your contents.
  3. Authors may add an image with their articles, as the saying goes – ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’. An image need to be expressive and smaller in file size, this way it will be loaded quickly into readers’ browsers, as well as help to reduce the load on the web server.
  4. Authors may write with consistency in order to keep the readers attached.

Authors’ Guidelines (what to be avoided):

  1. Authors may avoid using abusive language, false statements and over confident predictions.
  2. Authors can not write about products’ reviews, brand promotions and in favor of any campaign.
  3. Authors can not add advertisements into their contents.
  4. Authors are requested to please do not copy the material of another author from this website or from another website. If needed so, kindly provide a reference link to the source contents.

We offer due respect to the privacy of our Authors and Visitors. We do not share or publish personal information on the website without prior permission. The information submitted in Author’s Profile section will be publically available. It is the responsibility of Author to keep it up to date and accurate. Details of our privacy practices can be read here Privacy

We are always here to assist you in order to make your experience better while using our website. Comments and suggestions will be appreciated.