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Food Adulteration in Pakistan

Be aware of what you buy as food, packed or unpacked, one way or another, everything here in Pakistan is fake, second grade or synthetic copy of a genuine edible food

We in Pakistan are unable to form a sustainable political system that we can say is an accreditable system and yet at the same time will perform and deliver to the people of Pakistan. All political parties are the outcome of the ruling elite coming into power to become more powerful and keep themselves not accountable for their actions but to stay above the law and all appointments made to serve the public were done not on merit but nepotism and political gains and it resulted in destroying all government, civil public institutions like police, customs, FBR, state bank of Pakistan, judiciary etc. and also all institutions controlled my government like water, power, energy, telecommunication, road infrastructure, food and transportation etc. The political parties only collaborated with bureaucracy to serve each other’s self-interest and co-existed to deserve the public interest and to the people of Pakistan.

This alone is not the reason we can blame that whatever is happening in the country is all because of the institutions not performing and functioning to bring in economic prosperity and economic growth of our country. It’s not only the failure of government policies or lack of implication for the rule of law for every individual but also a failure as a Muslim society.

All these institutions are representation of the nation’s morality and ethical values that we all have as a Muslim nation. We are a Muslim state but we are not able to practice Islam in terms of human beings and as a Muslim in our lives or as a collective Muslim society.

Our way of life and business practices are far away from the teachings of Islam we have lost our morality and we have decided to live a life that is worse than many other nations who are non- Muslims but they are still far ahead when it comes to doing businesses, business norms and ethical values that are practiced in their routine day life. We as a Muslim nation are proud to be Pakistani but practically, we are unable to sell pure food items to the public that are free from adulteration. Our individual goals are always put ahead of our collective goals or Islamic values that we must hold as a Muslim.

Neither the state institutions who are responsible to ensure public health are serious about food purity and quality parameters nor public representatives sitting in the office are bothered what is sold in the market for the public, in particular the food items that are adulterated are still sold openly in all cities across Pakistan. The state and rule of law should be a secondary factor for us as a Muslim as authorities are there to see that law and order is observed by everybody to create a just society.

But Authorities are not the only one to be blamed though they do need to work and ensure whatever food item is sold in the market follows all given food related guidelines and must not endanger lives of others and health must be the top priority for everyone in the community in all respects. But unfortunately, because people are sitting in a position and must take action when needed to ensure responsible persons do their job with integrity and honesty. The pure milk that is consumed at such a large scale is not available pure in the market.

The primary factor for this failure in a Muslim society is because almost ninety percent of Muslims are not coming for five-time prayers in the masjid, although our namaz is not directly connected to how we live our lives but it is a first step towards pleasing all mighty Allah Tallah. If our namaz is benefitting us it will stop us from doing any kind of wrong to society.

Once a man came to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and said (mafhoom) that there is a man who is in habit of stealing but also says the namaz is it correct. Our beloved Prophet (PBUH) replied that very soon his namaz will stop him from what he is doing wrong. He must not stop and must keep on saying his namaz.

In Hazrat Umar’s (RA) times when he was passing by a market, he asked one of the shop owners if had learned the Islamic way of doing business and his reply was negative. Hazrat Umar (RA) asked him to close his business first to learn the Islamic teachings for doing business and then he may open his shop for the people.

Masjid was a state institution which was connected with every household and with every individual at the same time every matter concerning each member of our society was discussed in the masjid as masjid was a place to socialize, learn about Islam and get to know our sole objective in life and become spiritually strong enough to become practicing Muslim and then benefit others in our society. The Islam was practiced in its real spirit and was reflected in every Muslims life at individual capacity or as a member of the community.

Today we have a disconnect between masjid and people at large. Only five to eight percent people do come to the masjid for regular prayers but the masjid is not an integral part of our society. Masjid is an institution that was formed to serve the community as an institution and was also responsible to identify all pain points of the public and dealt with all the affairs concerning the public in guidance of the shariah. Today there is a disconnect of masjid with our personal life and matters of state affairs. We come to masjid for salah and it has become more of a ritual than a place that was central and of core importance to our society with no socialization and connection among the people to learn and gather wisdom from ulema and religious scholars. The spiritual upbringing of our society was the responsibility of Masjid and all good practices were imparted to every Muslim to become a role model for a Muslim society and his/her character reflecting the life of a true Muslim.

We as Muslims are not able to run the businesses on ethical values that are assigned to us as a Muslim nor we have any hinderance from the government authorities or legal implication that might stop us from doing wrong. We do not say or believe in Allah as it reflects from our action but do claim to be believers of all mighty Allah and are proud to be a Muslim.

In Hazrat Umar (RA) time while he was walking in the streets of Makkah, he heard a lady telling her daughter to put water in the milk but what reply she got from her daughter its forbidden to add water by Ameer ul Momineen and as a reply her mother told her that Ameer ul momineen is not present here to see us. But what her daughter said in answer to all our wrong doings as a Muslim. She said mother Ameer ul momineen is not present but Allah Subhan Tallah is present everywhere we cannot run away from all mighty Allah Tallah.

For Muslims and as Pakistani Allah is the one that is the primary factor to be on the right path and then comes the authorities that are formed to control the malpractice and wrong doings in the society. If our legal system is weak, it does not mean we are free to go, we have to consider the price we have to pay for every wrong done to our society. It’s a collective sin and will have severe punishment from our creator almighty Allah Tallah. It is very unfortunate but true but we must address this serious matter and think for a solution that will help us improve our lives and lives of our generations ahead. The rizq we eat and earn for our children must be halal in every way any if we are selling food that is dangerous and haram to the public, we are not only breaking the law of the country but making haram money that will ultimately lead to Allah Tallah’s disobedience and we have to pay a hefty price in the life hereafter if we do not do tauba or restrain from this evil act. May Allah Tallah protect us all from haram rizq. Ameen

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