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Slave Generations in Free States

Slave Generations in Free States

Prelude: Poetic expressions and personality cult serve little for devising the national character. These also have nothing to do with the solidarity and sustainability of a people. “Sultani e Jamhur” i.e. democracy has utterly failed in case of low literacy peoples. This philosophy for such states, has proved to be the prime source of corruptions, crimes, terrorism and excessive yearn for luxury. Luxury always remains unsaturated without sources of misappropriations and loot. Just analyze the resources of anybody in luxurious lifestyle, and you will conclude that he must immediately be sent to jail for further investigations about his looting the public money through heinous tactics. He mostly utters a sentence: “You prove it” which speaks of his tactics in process of corruptions. It is almost a confession by him.

You don’t need higher education standards to recognize slaves in a free state because they are personifications of self speaking slavery:-

  1. They feel shy of their culture and values of thousands of years old. At the same time the y feel proud of following the suspended culture devised during about three hundred years.
  2. Slaves’ imitation of westerners has estranged 85% village population in case of Pakistan only.
  3. 100% Hindu, Christian, Muslim, Sikh and Gipsy ladies cover their head and body and all of them are so sincere for this practice of their self respect and dignity that even during natural calamities and sudden accidents, they hardly let their scarf to slip apart. Absolutely against this practice of sincerity to the culture of the region, slaves have given horrible fearsome and seductive shape to the salaried TV news casters of Islamic Jamhuriya Pakistan whereas they are not models at all. The slaves have given such getup to non model TV news casters such that the ladies of such shape do not exist even along the territorial borders of Pakistan i.e. Yar Kand, Kashghar, Kashmir, Indian Punjab, Rajasthan, Kutch state, Iran and Afghanistan.
  4. They have managed a model’s makeup for ‘Naat Khuan’ ladies.
  5. They manage earnings through display of naked body parts of female models whereas men remain tight in full dress from neck to feet.
  6. They strictly follow all western etiquettes right from bed tea to good night.
  7. They deliberately conceal their family background and their past life.
  8. They encourage female citizens to strictly follow norms of Bollywood and Bombay ladies.
  9. For great men with rich practical records of performance, the slaves make him a topic of poetry and worship instead of quietly following their footsteps.
  10. They generally worship poets, orators with zero record of productive achievements.
  11. As a matter of policy and way of life, they do not possess a national, religious or human character and conduct because they are comprehensively bewitched and absorbed in the under mentioned meanings of leading their lifespan. They exist in abundance, particularly in cities, in every category of citizens i.e. highly educated, illiterate, politicians, health services, education, religious sectors, traders, shopkeepers, venders, etc. Increase in the number of slaves community is appalling for the survival of the state and the nation. We are badly in need of patriotic educationists for best of their efforts to control the growth of slaves in the country:-
  •  They do not have any intention of practically following the footsteps of most humanitarian people. They only start their worship through poetry and songs.
  • They resort to bribery, extortion, illegal gains, adulteration, fraud, dodging, etc. without any iota of feeling of remorse and guilt.
  • Every incompetent and impotent figure among zeros is their hero. They never get into learning from the productive aspects of great personalities. That is why they generally fall prey to deceits of “Peers and Aamals”.
  • Their wily-nilly performance in life is never in the sense of reforming for welfare and benefits for the fellow human beings or the nation. It is exclusively for the salary or returns they expect to receive.
  • As and then they appear to be rational, it is simply part of their strategy for the legal / illegal gains.
  • At the end of almost every day, they narrate the account of their ill deeds to the members of their family. So they induce the ill character in them.
  • Every thorough gentleman or honest person is fool for them.

These slaves of Free states are unaware of their disease. They consider everything illegal to be the source of successful life. They worship anything quaint or strange.

Those who grow and develop with the resources of motherland but hate the culture and values within the motherland are never sincere to any sacred relationship. For any offer of bundles of money, the y will surrender any relationship and attachment.

These slaves must know the historical plot by which the territory and treasures of India had been grabbed (treasures of India stood 28.9% of the whole world but had been reduced to 2.4% in 1947). Very few people know about the process of colonization of India and that is the main reason of existence of slaves in Free states.

Bloodshed of the freedom fighters during the entire period of 150 years of colonial rule continued. It was to crush and eliminate the acknowledged superiority of the Indian traditions. It had been initiated as under:-

Lord Macaulay

25 years of efforts by All India Muslim League (AIML) contributed to only one point agenda i.e. ‘snatching a piece of land to be named Pakistan. They never thought of formation of working groups for following two highly important top priority purposes for creation of a new free state:-

  • People of the territory needed to know the meanings of freedom and independence. With formation of a dynamic working group, a whole generation of free citizens could be prepared during 25 years of struggle. In fact this was the nucleus of making a new country AIML totally failed. The top leadership had no idea of its importance.
  • When the exclusive source of getting a piece of land was through propagation of hatred against Hindus, the working group must have been formed from the very first day, to explore and contain bloodshed at the time of  partition of Bharat Mata, highly sacred for every Hindu. The massacre of 1947could certainly be eliminated without any doubt. Visit Shocking Facts About massacre 1947. The Generations will keep waiting for posthumous judicial procedure against the culprits.

Failure to tackle each of the two fundamental points, caused irreparable damage to the cause of the new state. Citizens of Pakistan do not understand the scared value of vote. They select family oriented corrupt political players to only know how to impress the illiterate masses with luxuries lifestyle. So the curse of luxury overcasts the entire atmosphere in public. Everybody from government servant to shopkeeper t professional dacoits started perusing luxury, fundamentally the demands of luxury can never fulfilled without an illegal source of income. So luxury becomes the invincible power of ever new crimes and misappropriations. About three decades before the professional dacoits used to loot for mere survival.  By now getting incentive from character less corrupt political players, their need for dacoities is for luxury.

Hazrat Ali (PBUH):- WHOSOEVER does not recognize himself, is captured by worst failure.

Dr. Mubarik Ali historian:-

When opportunism becomes customary in a social setup, the values of character degenerate and dishonesty, insincerity and misappropriations start developing. And the social setup weakens.

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