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Claims of National Progress Analyzed

Hereunder are a few of the hints related to the claims of National Development and Progress in Pakistan:-

  1. In 1960 per capita income in South Korea and Pakistan were USD 900 and USD 300 respectively. Today these figures change over to: South Korea USD 25000 and Pakistan USD 1100, i.e. a difference of around 28 times.
  2. Culture, weather / climate and religion have nothing to do with the fall of nations. Nations do fail and sag due to characteristics of leadership.
  3. Reasons for rise and fall of nations are manmade not God given. Leadership obsessed with greed and selfishness and at the same time lacking adequate knowledge of history is the culprit.
  4. Pakistan’s economic prosperity depends upon “How many people have a say in political decision making”.
  5. Inherited politics and poverty coexist as also inherited politics and illiteracy coexist.
  6. Only 1174 families have a say in political decision making in Pakistan.
  7. On the average approximately two third of the elected Pakistani legislators belong to around 400 families only.

Source: Dr. Farrukh Saleem’s article, heading ‘Why do Nations Fail’, on page 6 of The Daily, THE NEWS, dated 28.01.218

With thanks to the daily THE NEWS.

Above analysis by the honorable scholar reflects the ensuing circumstances, but there has been basic and fundamental reasons for the gradual downfall of the already shaky structure.

Formation of a successful product, is far more difficult a process than procurement of its constituent materials. Getting a piece of land on pretext of Independence is only a starting step for reaching the apex.

People of the territory procured in the name of Pakistan possess following historical characteristics and acquired traditional behavior:-

  1. They have been ruled by outsider aggressors for thousands of years due to which they do not possess any amount of regards about own country and the fellow countrymen. Greedy and selfish attitudes have become the way of life of everybody from top down to roadside cobbler. Just get into the extent of adulteration in everything related to human life.
  2. In pursuit of insatiate longing for wealth by unfair tactics, horrible majority of population, including highest ranking persons, scholars, religious leaders, saints and preachers, will set aside nation, state, faith, spiritualism and even God into oblivion. They will let the children of simple honest fellow countrymen to starve for exceedingly sumptuous comforts of their sons, daughters and grandchildren.
  3. They are divided into sections of caste, creed and religion. Responsibilities towards the rights of others, is generally not cared for.
  4. They feel proud of violation of legalities.
  5. Truth is violated without remorse and honesty is ridiculed as folly.
  6. Ostentation in every aspect of life is considered to be an honor.
  7. Personality cult has been illegitimately formed part of religion. Every quaint and every figure among zeros is openly worshiped, including the murderers, dacoits, terrorists, looters, conspicuous corrupts, embezzlers, saints, monks, poets, etc.
  8. Crossing all limits for achieving the illegal and unjustified is rigid part of life for which even the very life is put to gamble.
  9. They have little regard / respect for past sincere dignitaries. 100% localities / sites in big cities named after the personalities like Allama Iqbal, Liaqat Ali Khan, Maulana Shaukat Ali, etc. are presently sites of crimes.

Just imagine, politicians coming out of such a lot have always been taking things easy since 1947. Nature of the nation building task has never been initiated. Self centered attitudes have gone far and wide. Luxury, corruption, crimes and adulteration have gone beyond all limits. Corruption has embraced even the fundamental teachings. We are hearing about corruption in Hajj formalities and arrangements.

Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela

No nuclear device can stand to be the cure for the destiny of corrupt and criminals. With a sick system of governance, a honorable nation can never be shaped. A state like Pakistan needs specifically classified system of governance. Routine democracy has completely flopped for low literacy states which need statesmen of extra ordinary and outstanding caliber and mentality. Mediocre will continue to let the nation sag. We do have models of statesmanship in the modern era and Pakistan needs their true resemblance. These statesmen have been Lee Kuan Yew, Mahatheer Muhammad, Nelson Mandela, Chinese leadership, Iranian leadership, etc.

Lee Kuan Yew

Lee Kuan Yew

Status of Malaysia during 1960s, with Tinku Abdur Rehman at top was that of a shattered people, perhaps the most poor citizens of the Asia. With the arrival of honorable Mahatheer Muhammad a miracle happened. And today we see this country steadily rising in all fields of life. A stickman could never achieve what this great leader achieved for this country.

Pakistan which had been procured in return for exceptionally high cost of honor, lives and properties, does not at all need people selected out of the lot mentioned and explained above. This sacred state needs leaders possessing following two qualities:-

  1. Unshakable sound character based on spiritual teachings of any divine book.
  2. Possessing inbuilt barriers for honoring honesty in the name of state, nation and humanity.

In context with candidature for state’s electoral process, following implications must be considered a must and must be pre declared by all means:-

  1. Interference in the authorities of the state’s institutions must be rejected forever.
  2. No development funds for the MPAs and MNAs as well as local bodies members. Development matters must be the worry for profuse number of departments and sections of the state.
  3. No VIP status to anybody. And no media coverage to activities of MNAs and MPAs. The citizens must be concerned with the political results and not with the political persons. For civil peace and calm the public should only know about the law enforcing authorities.
  4. Minimum qualifications of participation in national elections must be a confirmed university graduate. Permitting illiterates will mean that education is as good as illiteracy. There is no need to refer to the past names of illiterate foreign rulers of the subcontinent.
  5. General elections should be on nonparty basis. Political parties divide the nation. In many ways political parties disrupt law and order situation.
  6. Introductory process of the candidates should be through TV only, twice before the elections. There must be no banner, no processions and no gatherings.
  7. After the results of general elections, a group comprising of 5 members, each from defence forces, judiciary and educationists maybe formed to be called Nation Supervisory Council (NSC), under the chairmanship of the president of Pakistan in office. Selection for the position of the Prime Minister and Chief Ministers out of the elected members maybe the job of NSC initially for the period of 3 years after which the council will decide for continuation of the offices with or without changes, on the basis of overall performance. Selection of Ministers of various departments maybe left to PM ad CMs.

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