Saturday, December 02, 2023

Allegations Exchange 2014

Leaders of the Sit In and representatives of the government are seriously blaming each other. There are charges of rigging of polls and widespread corruptions among members of the government. The government side rejects allegations and blames the Sit In side for their abusive language. Most recently the government side has been polite enough to say that they will not retaliate in abusive tone. But the government side has not come up with an instrument for solution to the problem of this confrontation which certainly is not ordinary. The Sit In has already entered fourth month and it has attracted the attention of some UN member countries as well. State’s image is being adversely affected and more and more citizens are joining the protest.


It is evident that negotiations between the two sides are out of question. When the Sit In side says that the government formed on the basis of results of large scale rigging of polls, is illegitimate and illegal, justification for negotiations is eliminated. The case now deserves judicial verdict. The case must have been gone over to judiciary during the first 30 days of the Sit In.

Matter of abusive tone and its answers in calm courteous tone maybe left for the citizens to decide, with regards to under mentioned situations:-

  1. When a person’s household is being looted, who will be calm, needing no noise? And who will be rash and abusive?
  2. When a person says that he has been dodged and he should be given access to records, who will resist the opening of the records?
  3. When nature of a case gets exclusively related to judicial verdict, who would be interested in avoiding it by suggesting mutual discussions?

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