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No Success without Tackling Root Cause

Atmosphere of corruption is mother of extremism, terrorism, luxury and wide spread crimes. Nursery of corruption disrupts rule of law and paves tracks for disintegration, dependence and slavery. Sustainable success against all types of miscreants can never be achieved without redressing the nursery of corruption. All of the tools of confrontation will prove futile without tackling the root cause. A thorough study of human history guides that, by nature, corruptions always descends from top. There is not even a gesture of its rising from bottom. How does it develop its nest atop to descend for slow poisoning every citizen of the nation? Here are a few representative examples:-

  1. Luxury is laboratory of inventing devices for more and more illegal gains because demands for its maintenance, week by week, can never be managed through fair income, howsoever abundant. People possessing least respect for honour and life of others are at below zero level for regards for sacred public funds.
  2. All soundly sustainable structures / devices based on economy are straight away rejected because expenses of millions only yield small figures of the booty and kickbacks. Expert engineers and honest patriots, economists are hated and dismissed.
  3. Undefined taxes pool of which is scattered and dissolved over to unclassified species of expenses for loot.
  4. Illegal returns from changes in fundamental technical specifications of projects.
  5. Spending in quick eroding works against billions as well as for recurring maintenance expenses and then reconstruction.
  6. Wastage of hard earned and badly needed foreign exchange for personal and family benefits. A reference to remarks of a patriotic representative of a country are appended hereunder:

An expert for a country transmitted following objections to his counterpart during an exchange of international official comments. ‘Ink used in colour prints of your submission is not standard and therefore not acceptable’. The reply received from other side within days was ­­–– ‘you use imported inks whereas we use nationally manufactured colour inks. It is not possible for us to waste foreign exchange for mere visual pleasure’.

  1. Discriminatory powers of unrecorded / unclassified expenses. Loot and luxury at top encourage people with no authority and command over chances of misappropriations, to become dacoits and thieves for satisfying their greed. They are human beings and when they see a looting lot not being rounded up, they resort to achieve this way.
  2. Multidirectional tactics of gaining and presenting currency and items of bribery for which volumes of an encyclopaedia are need to explain.
  3. ‘Development funds’ for MPAs, MNAs / Local bodies’ members soundly obstruct entry of honest patriots into politics because these encourage only aggressive and potential plying elements to contest polls for grabbing benefits. When a person who never earned a million through honest hard work and planning in life, suddenly acquires command over millions and billions, he will be clever enough to honour his own reservations.

Only hope for sustainable and precipitate victory over extremism, terrorism and luxury lies in following measures:-

  1. War against all species of corruptions at the top.
  2. Mao Tse Tung - One of the great leader of the world who was truly sincere to his nation.

    Mao Tse Tung – One of the great leader of the world who was truly sincere to his nation.

    Adopting simplicity of Mao Tse Tung and top row of Indian politicians. (Refer to late Mr. Lal Bahadur Shastri and his followers. Mr. Lal Bahadur Shastri was himself follower of Barrister Mohan Das Karam Chand Ghandi) China and India are prospective members of BRIC.

  3. Expert economists must see to the estimations of all projects. An American engineer Mr. Boran Sted told me that an authorised team of economists disallowed US Dollars ten thousand from estimates of a project costing dollars 15 billion. The leading engineer yelled ‘For an estimate of US$ 15 billion retrenchment of US$ 10,000 is ridiculous’ the economists’ team leader replied “Public funds do not permit this amount termed to be very small. If really this amount is small for you, please come forward to spend it from your own pocket”.
  4. Strict restrictions on legal and illegal movement of foreign exchange.
  5. All discretionary powers must be brought down to zero.
  6. Zero development funds to MPAs / MNAs / Local bodies members’. Let the experts on regular payroll for such jobs see to these.

When the sate takes the shape of welfare state with selfless honest rowers, all terrorism and luxury based crimes are sure to sag. The device proposed is doubt free although it is dagger into hearts of corrupts.

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