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Success of a State’s Governance System

Mohan Das Karmchand Ghandi Every independent nation / state, howsoever old or new, exists on foundation of an ideology which is the mark of its identity and integrity. Citizens’ loyalty to the ideology endorses loyalty to the nation as whole. Mere writing and singing of poetry and making poetic speeches in love for motherland is never patriotism. Individuals and groups not loyal to states’ ideology, bear doubtful conduct. Anti ideology persons and groups in a state can become subversive against the nation serving it trivial or serious setbacks. Loyal citizens belong to all faiths and all schools of thought with determination for contributions to states’ welfare. On the other hand dissidents waste their energies merely in words and speeches with no record of any contribution or sacrifice for the nation. Dissidents’ lip homage activities are shock for veterans of the state.

Any type of governance system of any state’s ideology never fails except for the reasons of bad steering. Any system including democracy will collapse as a result of incompetent steering. In presence of honest competent and experienced leadership, any system of governance will be successful and fruitful. Proper steering systems of Communism, Socialism, Secularism, Democracy and Islam are bringing progress and prosperity for China, North Korea, Arab States, India, European States, Fareast, North / South American countries, Saudi Arabia and Iran. Democracy is worstly failing in Pakistan and so many other countries.

Jawaharlal Nehru State of Pakistan was procured at exceptional high costs of lives, honours and properties, in scissoring a compact unit territory of people who not only love it but also worship it like a Devi. ‘A separate homeland for Muslims’ was heading of entire independence movement. The demand and struggle for demand were not at all spontaneous and abrupt idea and it was not the struggle of single person even. Whole of top Muslims politicians, highly educated persons, religious leaders and Muslims in India, struggled for thirty years period to convince the Indian leaders and British occupants for creation of Muslim State of Pakistan out of the territory of India. Some people very wrongly think that creation of the state of Pakistan was based on hatred for Hindu majority. This assumption is the result of lack of proper knowledge. How can a true Muslim hate other human beings? True Muslims are followers of the Prophet who always showed wholehearted respect for even his enemies and never hated anybody in life. There are stunning examples of incidents in this regard. Pakistan has been established with agreement and ultimate consent of leaders of India. Honourable Mahatma Gandi (Mohan Das Karmchand Ghandi – Bapoo) lost his life for this very consent.

Lord Mmount BetanHow a state procured for Muslims will imitate any imported system of governance when explicit Islamic constitutional instructions exist in Muslims’ Holy Book. Islamic system of governance is practically operative in Saudi Arabia and Iran. Peace, stability, progress and development are dominant in all corners of these states. Similar is the situation in Vatican where religious atmosphere prevails.

Before 1947, ‘State for Muslims’ was the subject of conversation in the streets and homes and was the subject of discussions and speeches of every leader and worker of Muslim league. With 3 to 5 percent literacy and little approach to world affairs, did the masses know anything about Communism, Socialism, Secularism and even genuine Democracy? What they knew to die for was Muslim State and Islam.

Repeatedly referring the case of governance in Pakistan to Quid-e-Azam M. A. Jinnah by split hair analyses of his speeches, carries ill motives. It is exclusive right of the martyrs of independence struggle to answer this question. There ever lasting voices eternally in Pakistani atmosphere, have the answer. These voices will certainly speak of the fundamentals that had been presented to them for achieving their support and consent. What they heard ––– ‘State for Muslims’ ––– was the actual reality. Everything else is concocted interpretations. Martyrs knew nothing about the foreign systems including Secularism. They simply knew ‘Muslims’ who belong to Islam. They could never desert their homes and properties in Secular India for another Secular Ex-India. That time Muslims League would have faced straight ‘No’ from Muslims’ denunciations against any imported ism. Quid-e-Azam M. A. Jinnah never meant anything beyond what the Muslims voted for and the martyrs sacrificed for.

Indian Muslim Massacre 1947Quid-e-Azam M. A. Jinnah was pro Muslims and pro martyrs. He never meant anything beyond what Muslims and martyrs struggled and sacrificed for.

In low literacy states with number of high schools graduated less then 85% of population, it is damn easy to become a scholar or Danishwar as a figure among zeros. For best shortcut to reputation, these scholars negate the basic principals of the entire movement. A lot of such scholars become part of team of citizens engaged by foreign powers for short and long term activities against internal affairs, foreign policies and cultural heritage of various states, obstructing or deviating their normal process of development in all direction. Such scholars are reminded to recollect Shakespeare ‘those love not poison who use it for their purposes’ and the Ultimate Supreme Judgment for verdict against actions not punished during lifespan. Whether or not anybody believes in Ultimate Supreme Judgment, common sense speaks that there has to be a reward or punishment for every action.

Muhammad Ali Jinnah (Quaid-e-Azam)With the exception of a few, pleaders of Secularism have never contributed anything technological, economical, material or substantially practical for the nation and the state except for bundles of words and speeches. To justify their degrees and honours, they manage to collect materials to shape such books which become waste paper stocks within weeks of their inception. They speak of their own poor caliber by negating fundamental truths.

Pleaders of Secularism openly declare their ignorance about current circumstances in Pakistan. Religious factions resorting to extremism against tolerable democracy are sure to retaliate far more fiercely and violently in Secular system, when brothels will be more openly revived and pornography will reach far furlong corners of the country accelerating every specie of crimes known to the world. Are they on a mission for that?

Democracy is not fundamental for State of Pakistan. Its fundamental is Muslims Islamic System. Justice demands that the established fundamentals must never be betrayed and substituted by any of the imported and imitated systems. Create proper running and the fundamental system will work wonderfully.


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