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Fundamental for National Unity

Appreciations for practically decisive steps by the Army Chief against corruption, from every corner of the country, from Trijunction to Chitral, Badeen to Lahore and Bahawalnagar to Quetta, have formally settled the fundamental for national unity and solidarity. No specie of corruption must exist in the country. Not only corruption is terrorism in itself but also it is mother of all kinds of corruptions and crimes.

Governance members and politicians have been seeking national unity, for the last few decades, through following steps which are factually the root cause of all corruptions and crimes in the country:-

  • Politicians’ super luxurious residences and lifestyle whereas such luxury can never be maintained through fair means of income.
  • In one of the most conservative societies of the world, female nakedness from all free sex countries is displayed on telemedia inducing desire for luxury by any means and boosting sex crimes including child sex abuse.
  • All out reliance on foreign debts and aid.

With dawn of Pakistan in 1947, this very social setup was least corrupt. It was astonishingly dedicated and ever ready to contribute for the state. Except for a few departments where concealed corruptions and misappropriation existed from the times of colonial rule, the rest of the institutions were more state forward than the Western communities. Study the circumstances from 1947 to 1957, you will be simply appalled. Corruptions and misappropriations had been forcefully injected into the people for heinous purposes based on the theory that a corrupt among honest is readily pinpointed, but a corrupt in a jumble of corrupts and thieves gets enough time to escape.

Hereunder is an article published in the Daily Dawn which explains a bit of the process by which efforts started to increase the number of the corrupts in the country. The process was later meticulously adopted by political parties and their members. It got such boosting an air that right at present corruption which only knows to descend, has descended down to roadside cobbler:-


Take any single institution in the country and analyze the degree of corruptions dominating it especially since 1957. To the worst, the Haj ministry and the medical treatment of patients are also included. Who else is responsible for this horrible steady and gradual downfall other than the governance members, groups of the politicians and the dictators? Among the most destructive governance groups are those who have been surrendering yes-man-ship to foreign dictations. Politicians with foreign wives will remain to be extremely dangerous for the state.

When questioned, every governance group will raise fingers towards other governance group. Sometimes they will raise their finger towards a political group who has never functioned for the federal governance.

They usually speak of their own incompetence by oft repeated statements:-

  • We have inherited these problems.
  • Treasury is empty.
  • Martial law periods are responsible for all these troubles.
  • Pakistan stands at a very critical stage of history.
  • After about a decade and a half Pakistan will be one of the strongest economies of the world.
  • Every crisis will be solved within a few months.
  • All problems will be solved just before the coming elections.

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