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Degeneration of the Superior Traditional Conduct

People of the detached territory named Pakistan, are not going to recollect and readopted the grandeur of great human qualities that formed the distinguished part of their character and conduct in the past, unless a transparent analysis of their past and present is not explicitly explained to them.

Hereunder is the confession by British Lord Macaulay that he honestly mentioned before the British parliament on February 02, 1835:-

Lord Macaulay

It is extremely stunning phenomenon that during the entire period of foreign occupation by Khiljis, Tughlaqs, Mughals and British, covering hundreds of years, qualities of collective welfare, sincerity, sacrifice and honesty, regardless of religion and caste, dominated the character of every Indian. But only within a very short period of 15 to 20 years after 1947 the great human qualities have been replaced by self centered attitudes, greed, selfishness and dishonesty in Pakistan. Degeneration of superior human behavior doubtlessly points to incompetent heads of the state who did not manage to provide relevant moral values which are prelude to a nation’s uplift.

Against slogans of independence, ‘For Pakistan’, ‘For the nation’, etc. boosting crimes, corruptions and adulteration are out of control. Only in Faisalabad the number of daily dacoities, count between 25 and 45. Arrangement of Hajj and Umra involve equal degree of corruption. Adulteration in all eatables is the order of the day.

A new specie of white crime has been introduced i.e. impressing and suppressing own countrymen by luxurious residential buildings and dresses. Most of the criminals, big and small, have fallen below the status of animal. They have been serving dog meat to their customers (Peshawar April 2018). In race for luxurious lifestyle, MBBS doctors have been stealing healthy kidneys of young people for transplant at high cost. Under coverage of democracy politicians have been playing hell with public funds. Servants of the public loot people with tactics of bribery.

Nobody should forget that luxury has been cursed with un-satiation forever.

For the abnormal fall in characters of Pakistanis is not at all a foreign sabotage. It has not been forced into their nature from the skies or from the people of any other planet. It has been injected and induced into the temperament of whole nation by cheap tactics of the politicians and so called leaders. Following re a few hints to understand the basic reasons:-

  • Pressing upon adopting curse of luxurious lifestyle. Everybody forgot the fundamental of right / wrong / fair / unfair. Public servant takes support of the bribe for luxury. Shopkeepers loot by profiteering to adopt luxury. Providers of daily consumption items pile up money through adulteration to follow the footsteps of politicians in maintaining luxury.

Pakistanis have been forestalled from knowing that the developed nations of Western countries are least luxurious. They only try to provide and maintain what is urgently required to face the climatic norms.

  • There is no uniformity of dress among the politicians and so live the masses of the nation. A citizen choosing to live a simple life becomes a stranger in spite of belonging to the family of sons / daughters of the soil for thousands of the years.
  • Vast difference between efforts for getting votes and the relevant practicalities.
  • Vote bank sensitivity is devastating in matters of formation of a nation. Politicians’ fake promises for up keeping the volume of vote bank adversely affects the behavior of every individual.
  • Daily expenses of PM’s & President’s offices are not compatible with the volume of foreign debts. This factor directly affects general regards for public funds.
  • Development funds for MNAs / MPAs in spite of profuse number of construction and maintenance departments. Nobody is sure about the fate of these funds. Every citizen’s mind takes a varied note about it. Hence go retaliatory unfair means and adulteration that adversely affect the common man and his family.
  • Expenses on foreign tours by PM very particularly need to be audited and disciplined. These directly affect the attitude of high ranking public servants in relation to economical use of public funds.

It may be mentioned here that for projects of Western countries, estimated to be billions of dollars, are mercilessly audited and scrutinized. And sometimes amounts in thousands are retrenched and disallowed.

Following facts prove that the claims of development and progress are fake and deceptive:-

  • With due consideration to the volume of population, compare the number of outdoor patients during year 1946 with the number of patients during year 2017.
  • Keeping in view the volume of population, compare the complaints record with police stations related to law and order during year 1946 against the complaints during the year 2017.

When every patient to the doctor, every new student to the private school management, every applicant to he civil servant, every visitor to peer / aamal, etc. looks to be currency note, take it for granted that the end is near.

When mind is overcast by greed to grab more and more through un fair means , no law can be effective. Mothers’ lap needs to be organized and processed on top priority.

When poets are patronized at government level and every category of poets pursue for maintaining supremacy at all stages of life by hook or crook, uncontrollable new crimes will always be invented.

Doctors of 1946 were perfectly healthy psychologically. They loved to live a simple life, teachers up to 1946 worked day and night to educate the students, and the laborer tried to work more than the money he was paid. Simple living used to be a blessing and so all of them were healthy examples of mental fitness. They never thought of luxury to impress.

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