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Fall of Centuries Old Standards

pakistan educationHere is news: Islamabad – Despite heavy investment in higher education sector during last fourteen years, Pakistan failed to make its place among top hundred universities of Asia (“The New” Dated: June 29, 2014).

History of education standards goes centuries back prior to British occupation of the subcontinent. Primitive educational institutions possess honour of passing out ladies and gentlemen of highly rational and practical approach to affairs of life of that era. Student and teacher coordination was a sacred relationship devoid of all types of greedy temptations. Teachers never fail. Defective political atmosphere pushes them to failure.

Comparative circumstances affect the attitudes and behaviours of persons, howsoever learned and determined. Total yearly salary and emoluments of most of the highly educated teachers hardly touches margin of a million excluding taxes. At the same time an illiterate assembly member of the political party usurps millions of allocated development funds and there is even no tax on that. Only a very low percentage out of these funds is spent for public works simply to display as show piece. Not even a single assembly member has ever been accounted for against proper use of the allocated development funds. His paper filling works are considered authentic and final. Nobody has ever asked him about the tiny show piece works which get eroded in months only. Similar is the case with shocking majority of Nazims and local council members. Going back to years of day the night hard work in studies and payment of fees and charges of boarding and lodging, a heart break for the teacher is absolutely natural as well as rational. Exactly similar tendency develops in professional performance of doctors, engineers, technocrats, CSS officers, etc. Additional pricks put them all to misappropriations or lethargic idlers. Some of these additional pricks are as under:-

  1. Foreign nationality holders are offered high offices in return for surrendering their nationality. This is highly derogatory to capable lot of experts at home. Verily a bit of insult goes to the share of choosers also who do not have respect for capable citizens who have been containing the odds and hardships resulting from rulers’ wrong deeds for decades.
  2. Prime Minister spending sizable amounts in inauguration of projects of very primary nature. A senior engineer would have been adequately suitable to inaugurate minor projects at expense of a few thousand only. A deliberate effort for maintaining vote bank balance can be assessed.
  3. Per day expenses of PM House / office amounting to 1 to 4 million per single day i.e. per 24 hours, is an extreme to give shocking kicks to the learned lot of the citizens, professionals and high ranking honest government servants. Money can be saved for payment of interest on foreign debts.

State running politics is not that simple a subject. Guidelines in books serve only as hints to be developed and applied in consonance with heritage and traditions of a nation. Short sighted political approach squeezed inside a limited circumference is not at all related to subject of politics. It is merely thoughtfulness of limited family interests. State running and nation leading politics must possess vision over centuries into future. It does not beg from the pool of the voters. Just on the reverse the pool of voters is subject to its guidance for truth and justice. Mode of politics related to procuring a state does not apply to wisdom of politics for leading a nation into future.

Each of fall and rise has its own philosophies, though differing drastically. Each basically possesses roots. Nucleus of fall gives birth to hundreds of dark temptations every single second. Each temptation is rigidly hard to avoid as it over powers an individual’s concern for self centred attitudes, setting aside the welfare and benefits for fellow human beings. Consequently it is destined to fail. You squeeze the spectrum of approach, your end is doubtlessly reduced to a decimal without any figure before or after. On the other land rise has a whole expanse of universe. Powers of thought and action have no bounds. Individuals proceed ahead to grasp the boundless. Risks of fall are eliminated because push is for the forward. Interests involve not self and single but generation after generation to come.

Commencement of degeneration is associated with unlimited greedy usurpation and dirtiest imagination of tactics of corruption. Society in close vicinity suffers and in matters of a state and a nation the citizens collectively suffer. Political parties comprising of politicians with self centred goals, inject corruption and crime to every nook of the state institutions including religious and spiritual sections. Members of such parties sometimes wonder to see bodies not directly affiliated with their mal practices equally suffering. This is witness to their block head approach.

Vote bank sensitivity is the evil that commands the nucleus of presumable fall and degeneration. Any political party that cares for voters more than the interests of the nations and the state stands to be the source of internal and external devastation. Such parties please voters for upholding their vote bank at the cost of interests of the nation.

In any types of political and governance system the political parties are simply required to present what best these can do for the welfare of the nation. Efforts of begging or purchasing votes are species of vote bank sensitivity that settle march to degeneration. Anybody can have a look at the fall that has been continuing since 1948. In spite of that every party claims to be the saviour of the state and the nation.

To conclude the above hints, Pakistan needs a leader of the calibre of honourable Mahateer Muhammad who led his nation out of the dark shadows of 1960s over to brilliance of today.

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