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PIA Hostesses’ New Uniform

Extra explicit enthusiasm is being displayed for new uniform for the hostesses. There is a lengthy article about it in the Daily DAWN, March 29, 2015. This new uniform will do little for PIA because the following nucleus elements only can recover and retain its good name internationally:-

  1. Maintenance and security of its kites which bear importance only an iota below the Pakistan Air Force.
  2. Highly disciplined schedule of flying time table.
  3. Operational and supporting staff members to be on highly strict merit because in declared seriously corrupt states (TI’s yearly reports) you can expect illiterates and criminals to be enrolled and assigned highly sensitive responsibilities. Only months back a cricketer’s brother has been traced out to be trespassing qualifications and merit, providing every moment to be death warrant for the passengers. In a disciplined state, the politicians or upper ranks people responsible for such wrong entry, must have been in jail for life.
PIA Runway Uniform Summer 2015

PIA Runway Uniform Summer 2015

It is, however, a matter of satisfaction that Dupatta and Salwaar, the traditional part of Hindu, Christian, Muslim and Sikh lady citizens, have not been ignored or violated.

So, in the same country, under the same so called democratic system, salaried females of PIA and salaried female nurses of hospitals, have the honour of a proper uniform consisting of fundamental conservative parts of head cover and Shalwaar Kameez. But in the same country under the same governance system, salaried news caster females have been forcefully deprived of a representative shape of dressing outfits. Their Dupatta has been mercilessly ripped off since year 2001 and they have been forced to be on duty seat in the shape of a model. Except for the TV news casters, no formally selected lady, against a classified government or private job, is forced to take the duty seat only after suffering from the shuffles of the makeup room that has worldwide bad name in scandals. Why the TV managements want to super impose special sex attraction for lady news casters? Why this discrimination? It is like abusing the 99.9% Hindu, Christian, Muslim, Sikh and Gipsy female citizens with Dupatta as compulsory part of their dress. Verily all of them have a judicious right to be represented in all related norms in the state.

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