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New Era Taliban

New Era of Taliban begins in Afghanistan. Are these the same Taliban USA attacked twenty years ago, or they are new breed, a little bit more moderate & modern, what kind of Islamic state the Afghanistan will be?

The Taliban together with northern alliance forces had fought with the Soviets to liberate Afghanistan during the USSR foreign occupation in Afghanistan. Though the US was not engaged directly with Soviet forces in the war zone, all the funding, surveillance, supplies, ammunition and logistic support was given to Afghan fighting forces by the US indirectly through Pakistan as it was not possible to directly confront the USSR in the war.

Pakistan was training and weaponizing Afghan fighting forces to push back Soviets as Pakistan was also an ally of the US in the cold war during the 80s.

All the infrastructure and government buildings were destroyed post-Soviet forces left Afghanistan in 1989. Pakistan also got weapons from the US to carry on this war until it was over but as a result Pakistan had to take an influx of 2.5 million Afghan refugees post USSR withdrawal.

Pakistan became champion of the war after the USSR collapsed in 1991.

Pakistan had trained and was behind all fighting Mujahideen who had fought this war for almost 10 years. All strategic objectives were achieved by the US in this region unfortunately US had no exit strategy in place that was needed to help Afghan people who lost everything and were jobless and had no infrastructure or resources left due to the war.

It was the right time to rebuild Afghanistan and provide them with the financial package needed for the reconstruction purpose, new civil development projects and it was to be done by bringing in an inclusive government for the people of Afghanistan.

Because the Afghan people did not have any civil or administrative setup in place post USSR-Afghan war and the US had no interest whatsoever after the war was over. It was just like a gun was rented, used and later returned to the owner. Afghan people were abandoned and felt betrayed with no relief package by the US that was needed to rebuild Afghanistan.

Muslim neighboring countries who supported Afghanistan as Muslim brothers during war did not make a sincere effort to rebuild Afghanistan and did not intervene to stop civil war that broke up right after USSR had left. Pakistan was also rewarded with a gift of Pressler amendment by the US for doing a favor to the US and sanctions were put on Pakistan.

It was a lesson learnt by both Afghanistan and Pakistan how the US, one of the superpowers of the world, used them and then ditched them once all its strategic objective were achieved.

A full generation of Afghan people were left homeless for fighting almost 37 years, 10 years with the USSR and 7 years in civil war, then came the US for another 20 years. The civil war that lasted for 7 years and it was fought between Taliban consisting of Pashtuns supported by Pakistan and on the other side Tajik, Hazara, Uzbek who were supported by other neighboring countries who wanted to see Afghanistan remain unstable and wanted to open another front for Pakistan on its western border for their own vested interest. The civil war was won by the Taliban in 1996 and later it was overthrown by the US invasion in 2001.

The Taliban regime gave Shariah Law to the people of Afghanistan and Ameer-ul-Taliban with no educational background, almost all Taliban were from Madrasas and had received only religious education of Fiqah and Quran and later got military training from the Pakistan’s army and then they were sent to Afghanistan to fight the guerrilla war in 1980s.

The Sharia law that was implemented with good faith was criticized by not only Western World but many Muslim neighboring States as well because no women was allowed to come out for work and study and all music devices were burnt in the streets it was a forced version of Islam. The people were not ready for it and they wanted a bit moderate version of Islam that was acceptable by all.

The Taliban did occupy the land but not the hearts of the people of Afghanistan. Afghanistan and Pakistan did learn a lesson not to trust the US anymore and it’s time to rethink and work together to clean up the mess created by the US. This was reason after 9/11 although Pakistan was sitting in the US camp and was the closest ally of US during US invasion in Afghanistan but our policy “Pakistan First” was the policy and vision that drove us towards achievement of all the strategic regional collective goals in this region and after 20 years of hybrid war started 2001 till 2021 “so called war on terror” Pakistan and Afghanistan Taliban forces both were on the same page and mutually were able to push US out of Afghanistan.

Ultimately the US had to leave on 16-Sep-2021 because a dummy government was in place and once China gave US forces last warning to stay out of China’s affairs in this region the US had to stop the Hybrid war that was backed by US and India together. The Chinese were attacked and killed inside Pakistan who were working for CPAC in the belt and road initiative and all related projects in this region cost around US 4-8 Trillion Dollars of China’s investment.

Soon after US announced its withdrawal Taliban were back in power in just few weeks and this time there was no fight and the road was straight to Kabul a lesson was learnt by all Afghans no matter what ethnicity they belong to they have to stay united and stay together to stop foreign intervention and it is in the best interest of the future of Afghanistan and its future generations.

The whole nation was held hostage by the US forces until the US left and the Afghan people had to pay its price for a 40-year war that ended in 2021.

The Taliban are now moving ahead with a strategy that is collaborative, involves balance of power, inclusive government, moderate Islamic culture and have moderate Islamic values where media is open, females can work and study in Hijabs and foremost the females will also be seen in the ministries and it was indeed a rational needed to stop western criticism on Taliban who say the women will not be given their legitimate rights.

In order to break this perception, the new Taliban are now more progressive, educated and in position to take western media on the offensive and not the defensive front. All stakeholder including all ethnic and political groups will be part of the inclusive government and a centralized government inside Kabul will be working together.

Pakistan and its Intelligence agency’s role is to be a moderator and facilitate a peaceful transition of power and inclusive government formation that will help stabilize Afghanistan and its bright future.

Secondly, to get international recognition in today’s world, the Taliban are now educated with all the credentials that will be needed to have a technocratic government in public office. Taliban are now more progressive with moderate Islamic values not a radical Islam that was forced upon the people earlier. They are working in best interest of all of the Afghan nation and yet promise Islamic culture and values that will not be forced upon but will certainly give a positive message to all other countries of the world.

It’s the right time to recognize the new government in Kabul and its legitimacy as many of the Western spokesman have already started advocating in favor of the government in Kabul as it’s in the best interest of peaceful and Stable Afghanistan and soon insha Allah it’s expected all the mouthpieces of Western media will turn in favor of government in Kabul.

The credit goes to Pakistan Military forces and Afghan Taliban who gave their lives in this war that started in 1979 by USSR invasion and later converted into hybrid war with US. It’s only because of Allah Tallah’s blessings on this region as Pakistani and Afghani people won this war together by virtue of trust and brotherhood, they have forced the US to change its course and leave Afghanistan and its right time to let Afghani people decide who they want in the government and there should be no foreign interference and no vested interest agenda for this region.

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