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1947 massacre

The Wretched Specie of Traitors

Only classified prime traitors can indulge in corruptions and embezzlements in a country procured at the historically highest cost of massacre of year 1947, and only persons absolutely devoid of all elements of conscience and dignity can forget the massacre and devastation of year 1947. Hereunder note and feel the barbaric tortures, physical and mental, […]

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Lee Kuan Yew

Claims of National Progress Analyzed

Hereunder are a few of the hints related to the claims of National Development and Progress in Pakistan:- In 1960 per capita income in South Korea and Pakistan were USD 900 and USD 300 respectively. Today these figures change over to: South Korea USD 25000 and Pakistan USD 1100, i.e. a difference of around 28 […]

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Evan Meredith Jenkins

Neglected Prime Factor of 14th August

Top leadership of All India Muslim League ignored a nd rejected repeated warnings of Punjab’s British Governor Sir Evan Jenkins (Refer to word famous book ‘Punjab Ka Batwara’ in English translated into Urdu by Dr. Ishtiaq Ahmed basically belonging to Arain family of Mazang Lahore) about the forth coming massacre 1947. This resulted in barbaric […]

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Lord Macaulay

Slave Generations in Free States

Slave Generations in Free States Prelude: Poetic expressions and personality cult serve little for devising the national character. These also have nothing to do with the solidarity and sustainability of a people. “Sultani e Jamhur” i.e. democracy has utterly failed in case of low literacy peoples. This philosophy for such states, has proved to be […]

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Gullu butt with police

States’ Defence

Nations have survived repeated external aggressions as well as foreign occupations by the count of centuries but nations have been completely erased from the list of independent states as result of internal disunity and anti nation personal interests, by ruling groups and general public. Internal erosions perform half of the job of outside enemies. It […]

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Mahatma Ghandi

The Supreme Architect of India’s Freedom

Saying yes to accept the charge of an office, only because people offer it, simply rebels. Who will provide the elements of competence never known to the people as well as to the person surrendering their offer? Every person of letters, howsoever professionally successful, is not at all capable to take the responsibilities of the […]

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Quaint Specie of Patriotism

Quaint Specie of Patriotism

Learned lot as well as scholars in Pakistan sincerely believe that most of the politicians, businessmen and well placed citizens surviving on unfair means of income, own Pakistani nationality simply for grabbing the states’ resources abundantly available. Their patriotism is simply a matter of deceit for the country and the nation. Here under are the […]

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Forced to Migrate

Forced to Migrate

Among the low literacy states, India and some other countries have a row of a few dozen politicians whose honesty has never been challenged by any intelligence agency in the world. These politicians are the real leaders of their nation and their motherland. Unfortunately Pakistan has been deprived of becoming a part of such states. […]

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Aaj TV on PM Modi

Aaj TV on PM Modi

By repeatedly displaying uncivil abusive remarks about PM Modi of India (July 25, 2015 afternoon), Aaj TV of Pakistan has contributed to further deterioration of already controversial image of Pakistani citizens. Apprehension that it might have been triggered with the push of some anti-Pakistan agencies of the world, bear sound weight. Among all the countries […]

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No Success without Tackling Root Cause

No Success without Tackling Root Cause

Atmosphere of corruption is mother of extremism, terrorism, luxury and wide spread crimes. Nursery of corruption disrupts rule of law and paves tracks for disintegration, dependence and slavery. Sustainable success against all types of miscreants can never be achieved without redressing the nursery of corruption. All of the tools of confrontation will prove futile without […]

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Less Known Facts about Making Pakistan

Less Known Facts about Making Pakistan

The Daily DAWN of May 24, 2015 (Images, Page 04) has published a unique article from Mr. Nadeem Paracha. Very intricate corners of freedom struggle, probably never published before, have been brought to the knowledge of Pakistani citizens. One is surprized to know that Mr. Daniel Latefi who had been the versatile hero of earning […]

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Defacing Democracy in Low Literacy

Foreword: Contents of this article appeal to the educated lot (University graduates, teachers, scholars, religious leaders and sincere sections of media) in low literacy states for guiding the uneducated masses to cast their votes in respect of honest and truthful candidates who know the meaning of patriotism (dedication, contributions and sacrifices) if at all customary […]

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Guardians of Law Support Extortion

Guardians of Law Support Extortion

Media reports reflect on effectiveness and quality of governance in a country. These reports sometimes cause shuffling and resignations of Chiefs of departments. Unfortunately peoples of declared seriously corrupt states go on suffering and nobody is removed and nobody resigns. Pakistani newspapers and TV channels are carrying out their responsibilities in this regard. A sizeable […]

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Pakistan Map

History in a Nut Shell

So many thanks to Daily DAWN of January 04, 2015, with even thanks to book reviewer Mr. Hassan Javid. The book (The Warrior State) is a concise history, in a nut shell, of the new state stretched over three quarters of a century, including governance and highly sensitive decisions, right or wrong, resorted to with […]

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Allegations Exchange 2014

Leaders of the Sit In and representatives of the government are seriously blaming each other. There are charges of rigging of polls and widespread corruptions among members of the government. The government side rejects allegations and blames the Sit In side for their abusive language. Most recently the government side has been polite enough to […]

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Hazards Under Corrupts’ Governance

Hazards Under Corrupts’ Governance

Corrupt rulers not releasing corruptions’ incentives for citizens or citizens immune to temptations of corruptions learnt from corrupt rulers, will certainly prove true only when a domestic sparrow, with a wild elephant at its back, will fly towards the North Pole. Widespread corruptions dominating the atmosphere of the country, settle the status of rulers. Corrupts […]

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Pakistan and Statesmanship

Pakistan and Statesmanship

Acquisition of a piece of a land serves little towards freedom and independence of the occupants of territory. Contributions by far sighted versatile statesmen are must to comb the countrymen into disciplines of unity justice and honesty in formation of a real nation. Availability of requisite statesmen in low literacy corrupt states is next to […]

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Fall of Saddam’s Great Iraq

Fall of Saddam’s Great Iraq

A paradise in the making, a state taking the shape of one of the most developed countries of the world and an Eden for the job seeker citizens of the countries of the world, Saddam’s great Iraq was subjected to conspiracies of habitual trouble makers. On extra ordinary lucrative under taking, probably making Kuwait a […]

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Protest March Statements Analysed

Protest March Statements Analysed

Parts of speeches and statements, by various leaders, during ‘Inqlab / Azadi March’ 2014, are noteworthy. These are liable to comments towards authenticity and meaningfulness. These cannot be termed as mere parts of a speech because these bear a conclusive reflection towards regards for the listeners. Just go through these along with comments that follow. […]

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Negotiation with TTP Made Model

Negotiation with TTP Made Model

“We had been busy in saving our doors from Termites. It was later discovered that some worms of chairs hollowed the whole home”. To start with, examine following activities of the governing team members, in the light of democracy and constitution as well as in the light of civilized behavior on the sacred negotiation table, […]

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