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Home Schooling In Pakistan

Home Schooling In Pakistan

Home Schooling in Pakistan will make schools a place for fun fairs and sports activities In today’s modern school system and especially the education industry globally is moving towards digitization at a lightning speed. This rapid change is coming due to the advent of 5g data speeds and the prevailing situation of post pandemic global […]


Myth Of Selfhood The “Khudi” Concept

Understanding the Concept of “Khudi” For the first time, Doctor Allama Muhammad Iqbal, “Peot of the Subcontinent”, presented the concept of Khudi in Asrar-e-Khudi, which he addressed to the youth of the nation. Before Iqbal’s philosophy, every writer or scholar presented Khudi “selfhood” as egoistic and selfish, but Allama Iqbal totally changed this thought in […]

Hybrid Model of Education and Challenges

Hybrid Model of Education and Challenges

One of the wonderful benefits of the technological boom that has occurred across all sectors over the last half-century is the introduction of digital learning and training solutions for every stage of life. Nowadays these educational programs are better equipped to use this technology to adapt information and create more interesting learning experiences for students, […]

Daik Stream At Sialkot

Need of Conservation of Natural Water Pathways

Need of Conservation and Restoration of thousands of years old Natural Water Pathways, Perennial Water Channels, Seasonal Streams, Flood Ways throughout Pakistan Water is fundamental ingredient of the Mother Nature, it plays crucial role in sustaining life on earth, especially for life on the land. Too less in quantity and the life on the land […]



Meaningful and Purposeful Education System When we talk about education it is an interaction of learning through which we get information. It edifies, enables, and makes a positive turn of events. But people have created a misconception about education and we’re living in a society where education has been limited to academia only. Education starts […]

dark net

Protecting Minors Online

It is inevitable. Generation Z has entered the era where it is not possible to stay without internet. Every source of information and service is available online. While the generations before could argue against internet and social media and stay off of it. The same can not be done by Gen Z. These people were […]

student teacher relation

Why do we need empathy from our Teachers?

While writing on this subject, the first thing I noticed is the possibility of the existence of this question and also retaining a befitting answer to it. Empathy from a teacher, this thought gives rise to several questions. Shouldn’t it be a given that a teacher should already possess empathy? Is empathy a necessary trait […]