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Positive change is beauty of human life. Change sustains and promotes desire for happy living. Peoples or groups of human beings obstructing process of positive change become piles of relics. At the same time change is subject to fundamentals. All species of fundamentals never alter in shape, dimensions and characteristics. This determines that there is a limit beyond which everybody should fear, and this limit in itself is a fundamental. So change in consonance with fundamentals is change in true sense of the word. Creator Almighty defines fundamentals recorded in Holy Books of all recognized religions. Human commitments derived from or based on fundamentals are subject to accountability. Intentionally trespassing limits of fundamentals is declared confrontation against Creator Almighty, leading to miserable end recorded by history.

Rulers and politicians deliberately violating the basic ideologies of nations and states are the doubtless culprits for disintegration, lawlessness and worst deterioration of institutions. In course of time such promiscuous individuals and groups will be punished by courts of law as well as by the citizens, and on the Day of Judgment, fires of hell will clutch them.

Deviation from fundamental principles of establishment of a state resembles misuse of temple, church or mosque for activities other than worship. In low literacy (literacy below 85% percent of adult population) states lack of due respect to martyrs of independence, subject the future generations to ignorance of national identities, dependence and slavery. Elections under democratic process in low literacy states can never be fair because the illiterate innocent voters are duped by deceptive and false promises. If democracy has to be forced into low literacy states, it will continue to be problematic in absence of a Supreme Supervisory Council (SSC) with constitutional powers over and above the houses of assemblies, the President and the Prime Minister. For problems not solved by the governing lot, SSC will interfere to fire the culprits and provide effective guidelines for solutions. Foremost statements by every in coming newly elected or non elected government, are ‘We face inherited serious problems’ and ‘The treasury is empty’ doubtlessly announce in dispensable need for SSC. In these states there are very few politicians who never even think of duping the citizens. They only promise what they can really provide. These are the real saviours of low literacy states. Following are the strategies that cause serious setback to the welfare of the nation and the state:-

1- Vote bank sensitivity. It is self explanatory. To keep the balance up to mark so many national interests are compromised, so many undue and illegal favours are afforded and so many merit related affairs are trespassed. Party members, elected from various areas, are appointed ministers turn by turn. The result is extreme deterioration of institutions, serious economic problems and access to worst serials of declared corrupt states.

2- Entry and introduction of family members into the political parties to achieve the purpose of making the country a family state.

3- With or without capabilities, maintaining the dogma of inherited politics. Father or mother to be followed by son / daughter / brother / sister / wife / husband. All out collective efforts are applied to discourage and expel capable new ladies and gentlemen desirous of solving state’s problems. Use of all modern devices including mobile messaging to defame and insult the newcomers.

4- Using constitutional powers for self dignity.

5- Providing coverage to crimes of family and party members.

6- Impress the citizens by elements of luxurious life style, costly dresses and photographs of the standard of film industries. Hiring of media members for requisite support cannot be ruled out.

7- Low literacy states’ rulers rely on foreign aid, debts and so called experts instead of national resources and experts. It has been discovered that quite a lot of foreigners pushed over to aid / debt projects possess little competence for the assigned positions. They come as compulsory part of aid / debt. For all technical solutions they use local experts and technical personnel. They are actually meant for recovery of a sizeable part of allocated funds in form of salaries, allowances and even taxes. Here are two representative examples on two of such construction projects:-

a- A foreigner project manager when asked for his expert opinion in a problem on a project, spoke thus, “My knowledge of engineering is childhood whereas yours is of ripe age”.

b- A Head Design Engineer, national by birth of an English speaking country spoke to a local engineer thus, “I am not capable of written expression in English but you can simply tell me where to sign”. On an other day a local engineer informed him that a difference of so many inches had been calculated in the level of a spot. To that he spoke thus ‘I don’t understand your scale (inch / centimeter) values. Tell me the difference on your finger.

8- Worstly devastating politician, managing his way to the foremost positions of a low literacy state, is a person coward by nature. He might have become coward due to sick and defective rearing in childhood, or otherwise as a result of adopting life long double personality. With the passage of time double personality way of life starts adversely affecting ones mental approach and behavior. Whereas such a person, out of greed for prominence, manages to survive, substantial negative effects of his ruling tenure remain ever lastingly destructive for generations to come. There is a general surrender against all degrees of illegitimate foreign pressures without even the least retaliation.

In context with South Asian Sub-continent, the Two-Nations theory never meant creation of a separate India with even Indian ways of living. There is little difference in daily life of Muslims in both parts. In both parts Muslims go to mosques, visit shrines and recite Naat / Qawali although Muslims in India go to mosques more freely as there is no risk of bomb or suicide attack. In both parts TV / Newspapers / Journals display everything related to models, fashion show and films that can be imagined by citizens of the Western countries. Who will sit down to compare the clauses of constitutions of two countries? The self explanatory two nations’ theory means establishment of two nations each of which survives in accordance with its own values and traditions. World community knows that the state of Pakistan was created on the basis of doctrine that Muslims are a separate nation. Unfortunately, the rulers of this state of Muslim nation have never made any effort in creating a pro Muslim atmosphere in the country. Year after year atmosphere conducive to Muslimism has continuously been polluted. Muslims who sacrificed everything for creation of Pakistan never had any idea about any ism except Muslimism. As a reaction to creation of Pakistan for Muslim nation, the sacrifices continue in Kashmir, Ahmadabad, Assam, etc. Individuals and groups busy in regular job of issuing statements about the Indians as enemies, must examine there own attitudes towards the ideologies for which Indian Territory had been divided. Iranians got rid of the American clutch and afforded complete justice to this independence. Pakistanis got themselves separated from Indians but there have been zero efforts in establishing a pro Muslim atmosphere in the country.


In country procured for Muslim nation, a group of daughters of the nation have been habituated to forget their self respect. They have acquired the status of robot to be in instant readiness for the needed nakedness in favour of a particular advertisement. The region where prime responsibility of males is to provide overall respect and security to ladies against odds, models have been made sex figures with slipping colors, naked armpits, naked legs and flying loose hair around the neck. This dishonour to women will doubtlessly trigger extremism and lawlessness. We have got to survive as we are. This is the only way to avoid extinction.


Mumbai and the West are so obediently followed by the Pakistani TV channels that news caster and compere ladies are forced to suffer from the rigors of makeup rooms, whereas, banks, schools, colleges and offices’ employee ladies are free of such compulsion. Posture and appearance, with flying loose hair, of news caster and compering ladies do not represent state’s majority women. The attitude is derogatory to our respectable customs and culture. Who so ever started this practice possessed a sick mind and the organizers continuing to show disrespect for national values and ideals do not have healthy minds. Impressed by struggle for a new state for Muslim nation out of the territory of India, a Western Muslim’s visit to Pakistan will stand shocked due to print and tele-media which is dominated by female models displaying their naked body parts for money. He might take the first available flight back to his country. Nobody will go through the constitutional amendments. Pro Muslim / pro culture atmosphere must dominate as it honours and supports the lifestyle of every minority citizen of the state, as also it accommodates every new Muslim of Western or Eastern countries.

miss-pakistan-world Addiction to narcotics and incentives for poaching females to become sex figures though nakedness, have a common factor. Potency of an addict’s dose increases successively. Females’ nakedness towards more and more sex attraction also increases successively. Bikini, the limit to nakedness a few decades back, has squeezed to the size of inside of the fist. One wonders about the picture to be seen in near future. Still narcotics are prohibited, whereas females’ nakedness is encouraged. At the same time have a look at gentlemen’s dress which has been tight from neck to feet for period of centuries. Atmosphere of discrimination against females is in regular progress. No recognized religion or school of thought permits nakedness. Inspite of that religious leaders and scholars prefer to keep silent.

During years of struggle for separate homeland for Muslims, Indian leadership made every effort to avoid partition, but in reply to every move the answer remained the same i.e. ‘Muslims are a separate nation’. Why then the general atmosphere in Pakistan remains the same as in the united India and the present India. For Muslims as a separate nation, all categories of media display nakedness and obscenity from all parts of the world. Inspite of that the Pakistani governments can not understand the reasons for boosting sex crimes, corruptions and extremism in this conservative social setup.

Two-Nations ideology is least means for public speeches and books’ chapters. The ideology is commitment for creating an atmosphere of Muslims’ values. This is the only way to justify surrendering Indian nationality, breaking Indian Territory, Two-Nations ideology and honouring the martyrs of massacre of 1947 followed by sufferings of Muslims in Kashmir, Ahmadabad (2002) and Assam (2012). Due to overall strategies concentrated on remaining continuously in power, no government cares for the security of Muslims in India. Say of a dependent and indebted Pakistan carries no weight. A strong and self sufficient Pakistan could have discouraged and stopped so many instances of discriminatory moves in the neighbouring countries of East Asia, especially in Myanmar.

Modeling / fashion show has nothing to do with Muslim nation. A standard quality industrial product need not be introduced through nakedness of women. Lengthy articles supported by odd body posses of models, hint towards some highly suspicious background. Degenerated approach to this whole mess is to present it as source of incentive for all daughters of the Muslim nation of the Two-Nations ideology.

Modeling complexities in Pakistan pose to be a confrontation against conservative lot of women. Conservative females form highest majority of women population in Pakistan. These daughters of the nation are among Muslims honoured with a specific verse in Holy Quran ‘Allah and his angels serve Darood (blessings) for them’, so exceptionally honoured daughters of the nation are being adversely confronted. Modeling is simply meant for mere satisfaction of greedy looks of the nature of vultures.

iran-women-football-team Capability of the organizers of modeling is imitation of Mumbai and the West for deciding upon the extent to which a model’s body parts may be denuded for a particular advertisement. There canvas, brush and colures are all result of begged imitation. These imitators can never even dream of Iran’s invention of Hijab Uniform for their women football team. This uniform has been in demand by East and West for multipurpose use. Against posture of women in Mumbai and West, Iran has given a highly respectable outlook to ladies and with that it has achieved wonderful progress in all social and scientific sectors. Rulers patronizing modeling in Pakistan have set records of deterioration and dearth in everything related to citizen’s lives. Constructive imitation leads to progress and prosperity whereas sex related imitation boosts sex crimes and promotes luxurious lifestyle which is mother of all corruptions and crimes.

Using women as sex figures is insultsome. Italian women have been blessed with the honour of managing largest protest in history during January 2011, against using women as mere tools of sex. For sincere participation in this historical protest, women from cities, towns and villages traveled to Rome. This sincere gathering of the Italian women deserves salutes of honour and reverence.


Amongst Christian believers, Amish community is a living legend. Their ways of living are absolutely free of discrimination towards women. In context with respectable status for women, contributions by honourable (late) Mr. Herbert Armstrong and Garner Ted Armstrong of Ambassador Collage will never be forgotten. Unfortunately, their mission had to be discontinued due to financial difficulties. Countless people must be praying for restart of this mission.

How to define fashion? It is simply to impress others by new styles of wear. Why most of the people forget that impressing others by pomp and show, had been buried forever with the arrival of Jesus Christ (PBUH), after which impressing others by luxury and dresses has been serving for escaping the sense of inferiority or insecurity. Also curse of luxury generates discrimination in human society. Infinite demand for luxury can never be satiated without unfair means of income. People insisting on luxurious life appear to be creatures of Before Christ era. Fashion related to females translates nothing beyond exposure of more and more naked body parts to satisfy greedy looks of males. Women do need restoration of their honour and self respect in this context.

Imitation devours creative side of the mind. In Pakistan non substantial sectors of modeling, fashion shows, poetry and singing have made tremendous progress, perhaps far more than the entire West and China, whereas, every productive department related to prosperity and progress of present and future generations have been worstly deteriorated. See the plight of communications including airline, railways, irrigation system, education system, profiteering, law & order situation, extremism. Energy crisis is directly insultsome not only to the craftsmen and students but also to the sensitive departments of the state. Encouragement and promotion of luxurious lifestyle has provided firm footing for research in income by unfair means through inaccessible ways of corruption. Luxurious life, the mothers of corruption, always descends from top. World has never seen corruption ascending from below to above. The remaining part of the country survives only due to the tight disciplines of judiciary and the defence, without which the corrupt politicians and incompetent greedy dictators must have lost it. Nation building process has not so far been initiated. This single discrepancy weighs the patriotism of the participants of politics and media. As a result of this negligence foreign mama papa culture is gripping the cities and towns of the country. Instead of feeling honour in our own traditions and values, the young generation feels proud in use of imported terminologies and celebrations. This is a state of deep rooted sense of inferiority under impact of which insult and derogation appears to be an honour. Feeling ashamed of ones own values but feeling dignified with foreign terms and customs stand as witness to the state of degeneration.


Finding of a separate state for Muslim nation was basically meant for regional peace and stability. Indian leadership ultimately agreed to partition and Mahatma Ghandi’s assassination was the resultant public reaction. In principle and in all fairness, separation from India had nothing to do with any sense of hatred. Hatred for other human beings is nowhere in Islam. Pakistani leaders repeatedly mentioning India as enemy country, are planning creation of future difficulties for Muslims in India. Every time they pronounce India as enemy of Pakistan, they sow a seed of poison for Muslims of India. They don’t plan and manage to impress Indian leadership and Indian citizens by elimination of corrupt politicians, luxurious lifestyle, deep rooted corruption, crimes, lawlessness, extremism, anti ideology activities of politicians / media, foreign debts / aid, reasons for devaluation of state’s currency, foreign dictations, all imported isms against Muslimism and above all anti ideology and anti Muslimism atmosphere in the country. Indians have discovered that the territory cutoff from the body of Bharat Mata has not taken the shape that had been prescribed. Also all Hindu citizens, the worshipers of Bharat Mata feel that they have been totally betrayed. Majority of sentimentally religious Kashmiri Muslims also have acquired the same feelings and if given a chance to vote towards self determination, they are expected to vote for an independent Kashmir as independent state. On the whole Muslims of India are being adversely affected by the policies continuing in Pakistan. This is, of course, a catastrophe that leadership on both sides did not take any precautionary steps to forestall the sense of disagreement and hatred among the public. As a result of disintegration of territory of Bharat Mata, worshiped by Indians like a Devi, this lack of planning and foresight will remain a sign of interrogation in history. Thirty years’ of struggle provided considerable time for creation of a cordial atmosphere of tolerance and understanding among various factions. This gives a clear indication of missing elements of foresight of leaderships of both sides, which resulted in horrible massacre of innocent Muslims, Sikhs and Hindus, generations of whom could otherwise continue to live honourably and peacefully in their homes on both sides of the line of partition. Innocent women, children and men had to suffer to pay a price for something they were not at all responsible. There is nothing to prove that any serious effort was ever made to contain hatred among various religious sections, sentimentally affected by the division of territory of Bharat Mata, even six months before, August 1947. It also would have worked in favour of Muslims who had to be Indian citizens. Thus no effort with even vigor was ever made for honourable survival of Muslims’ generations who had got to be Indian nationals. They must have been informed that killing of an innocent Sikh or Hindu West / East of the line of division will take lives of so many Muslims on the other side. They must have been instructed to approach every Sikh and Hindu to assure him that he has equal rights in Pakistan, and that he will never be deprived of those rights. Similar assurance to Muslims in India must have been accorded by the Indian leadership. Innocent lives could be saved in addition to the intricate problems of rehabilitation and settlement of refugees on both sides. Think of this important step, as important as the process of partition, that could forestall almost the entire holocaust of bloodshed on both sides. Struggle for safety to the lives and honour of both sides was as important as the process of partition finally agreed to. The resultant massacre of 1947, 2002 and continued killings in Kashmir and Assam are the horrors of atrocities that followed. Liaqat-Nehru Agreement was only a posthumous bandage to injuries. Muslims and Hindus on both sides were never preached, instructed and trained for cordial human relations. Humanity the foremost lesson of every recognized religion remained neglected throughout for the sake of honour and lives of the masses of the three religions.

With the rate of literacy of 1940s, the Muslim martyrs and the surviving lot of Muslims never knew anything about any ism except Muslims ism. Forever they will continue to hold the casting vote for establishment of Islamism and Muslimism in Pakistan, and verily this becomes the fundamental clause of Pakistani constitution with mandates and assemblies subject to it. It justifiably supersedes all personal opinions of all. Elements of democracy conducive to Muslimism must only be acceptable. Nobody could surrender his honour, life and property for any foreign ism, because they had been living happily with prevailing ism in India. Exceptional circumstances under which a new independent state was created for Muslim nation, politicians holding the banners of foreign isms quaintly appear to be foreigners with Pakistan nationality, regularly trying to divide the nation into sections. Judicious Christians, Jews and non believers will plead that Pakistan must be given shape for which it had been achieved. Only majority of Pakistani politicians and scholars will say no to that and they will get into such lengthy discussions for proving the reasons of their no that it will be difficult to keep the reasoning to track. Such shape has been given to as simple a topic as ‘Pakistan has been achieved for Muslim nation to be run on the lines of Muslimism. This precisely eliminates all irrelevant obligatory parts of Western democracy which certainly has not been ordained by any Holy Book of any religion. Consequently all other isms are not even mentionable.

Comprehensive guidelines are available for running the country. History is witness that research and development are not at all subject to any particular system of government or ism. So many inventions of human welfare have come forth even during the periods of prolonged wars. During the period of Iran-Iraq war in 1980s, the development works reached such remote areas where Shah of Iran never thought of doing anything. Rulers considering female nakedness necessary for progress or path to progress need precise psychiatric treatment. Reaction of modeling nurseries in the highly conservative social setup determines a simple mathematical equation. Extremism in Khyber PK and Baluchistan started with plannings and strategies that give every indication of invincibility as these areas can never compromise the honour and dignity of their females as established through their way of living and culture. It is a movement very much different from that of Purbarkaran of Sri Lanka. Afghan Taliban, after numerous sacrifices, have very well proved it. For the first time in the history of mankind a few hundred poor scattered fighters have defeated the joint action by the most developed and effluent nations of the world. So it differs considerably from surrender by Americans in Vietnam.

According to media news published from time to time, extremists active in Pakistan demand creation and restoration of atmosphere of Muslimism for which the state had been procured at exceptionally high cost. Verily anybody, citizen or foreigner who reminds the rulers and politicians the very purpose of deserting Indian nationality, is real well wisher of Pakistan. Such a person or group can not be labeled as anti state. Setting aside the religious extremism, without a profound cause nobody can ever lay down his life for mere bags of currency. It is the responsibility of the government to hear them.

Neighbouring Iran paid high price for getting rid of America. With resumption of honour and dignity of women, it has made progress that countries earning money from nakedness of females, can never dream of. Afghan people are emerging victorious after 30 years of prolonged aggression against their traditions and values. Central Asian peoples are in process of recovery and self recognition. North African states have very well known the cost and effects of foreign dictation. In such state of international affairs, patronizing against the honour and dignity of women in a country especially established for Muslim nation, forecasts extremely destructive circumstances.


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