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Future Status of Pakistan

Article by Ms. Shazia Hassan through article headed ‘Like Sugar in Milk’ in Daily DAWN of March 22, 2015, is an excellent contribution against running political system of Pakistan. The state will become a least corrupt welfare state only when people owning the qualities of personalities mentioned in the article, join politics to serve this country worstly affected by greeds of politicians, desperately hungry for control over the state’s resources. Appalling degree of degeneration significantly appears to be prevailing when a statement from responsible member of governance floats in the air displaying a sign of exceptional achievement (becoming spicy amusement for honest world leaders) that such and such foreign debt has been successfully got approved by the government. Such declarations’ real purpose embowers the reckless desire: ‘let us remain in governance now as well as for future also’. Ms. Shazia Hassan’s article is reproduced here under:-


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