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Jim Carrey at the Age of 50

Happy Birth Day Jim Carrey

Jim Carrey has celebrated his 50th birth day on January 17.

He grew up in Ontario, Canada and started off as a struggling actor and comedian, appearing on stage, performing sketches and enjoying small movie roles. Today, he is the highest paid comedian.

One of the funniest men alive, Jim Carrey, is known for his unique, witty, hyperactive and very funny performance. He has been entitled with strange names by his fans, such as, Rubber Face, Crazy, Weird, Scary Face, etc.

From his early age, he was very different from other kids, always in pursuit of creating something funny. Even his teachers used to allow him 10 minute session at the end of each day to perform in front of his classmates, in order to release his energies. He is also a sculptor, painter, amateur singer and songwriter. He has dual citizenship. In year 2004 he was granted an American passport, while he remains a citizen of his motherland Canada.

Jim Carrey is very much same in his real life, like we see him in his movies. He has consistent temperament of fun and jokes, plus a little extra sprinkle of craziness. The whole life of the actor has been under the loads of gossips and discussions.

When he was a struggling actor he wrote himself a motivational cheque for $10 million (£6.3 million) and posted it for Thanksgiving Day, 1995. His superstitious act worked and he was offered $10 million to play the lead role in “The Mask”, three days before his father’s death, year 1994. He put the original cheque in his father’s pocked before he was buried.

Jim Carrey has a turbulent love life. He has been married twice, with his second union to his co-star Lauren Holly, lasted less than a year. He has also dated Renee Zellweger and married Jenny MCCarthy, who he split from in 2010 after five years together.

Jim Carrey’s Twitter addiction

The comedian has been burning up the net since his divorced with his wife Jenny McCarthy. Some fans are worried his tweets are signs of increasing anxiety. He is so obsessed with Twitter, posting weird messages about himself and other co-stars.

Jim Carrey in his Emma Stone video

This is one of the most famous and strange act by Jim Carrey. The funnyman posted a video on YouTube confessing his love for adorable actress, Emma Stone. In this video he openly has talked some serious shit stuff, which shouldn’t be discussed online, even if you are really serious or joking, like he talked about his imagination of Emma Stone, being in love, sex life together, and having cute babies with freckled faces, etc. People called it creepy. At the time of post Carrey was 49 years old and Emma Stone was at age of 22. — So what, big deal, can’t men confess their love for a few years younger female; sure they can, but not in the weirdest possible way. Later Emma Stone also commented on his action, saying it strange and bizarre. The entire video was clearly a joke. He again has done his job very well.

Why people forget that, he is an actor and all this is the part of the game. Suppose, if he really want to be with Emma and want to pursue her, he can do it very securely and confidentially. Just like every other actor do in the industry.

All the strange things done by him raise question, is he going crazy or is he trying to get attention. Well, both these ideas can be correct at the same time. People who are familiar with Holly Wood, know that this place is not a healthy one. It consumes the individuals. Many of the great Holly Wood actors ended their lives by committing suicides, and many become partially crazy, therefore became unfit for the industry. Nobody knows about them now and nobody talks about them, because they can’t be used to generate profits anymore. This is the ugly face of this dream land. Yes, the actual meaning of the word Holly Wood is, The Land of Dreams. Everything here is glamorous, visually happy and glittering from outside, but from inside it is gloomy, fake, rich but lonely. As they say, there is a prize for everything. You got to accept all this if you like to see yourself walking on the red carpet.

In Jim Carrey’s case, nobody can tell for sure, whether he is pretending to be crazy or really becoming crazy. As a third option, maybe he has been paid to act like crazy for while so that his profiteers can generate money through starting a whole new media tsunami of talks and discussions. Well, it is quite possible, as this is what they do. They show the show, gather the spectators and earn the profit. Fair enough. — How much is the fake and how much is real, can’t be told.


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