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States’ Defence

Nations have survived repeated external aggressions as well as foreign occupations by the count of centuries but nations have been completely erased from the list of independent states as result of internal disunity and anti nation personal interests, by ruling groups and general public. Internal erosions perform half of the job of outside enemies. It serves an adverse blow to the functioning of the defence forces. In case of Pakistan, internal disunity has disintegrated the country and served serious blow to the structure of defence forces.

Disunity erupts out of un-satiating selfish attitudes in behavior of politicians and public. Misuse of public bestowed authority against the very public, displaying a phenomenon of foreign occupants. Citizens indulge in illegal gains through exploiting each other and through illicit business tactics including countless ways of adulterations and frauds. A so called independent country gets captured and dominated by powers other than the governance body which is left to play the role of spectator only. Philosophy of “Sultani e Jamhur” completely collapses for low literacy peoples. Democracy is not a pill for all patients and all diseases. Obediently following dictations of dominant powers, translates that ruling groups have failed in running state’s affairs. Profusely propagating and advertising controversially tricky supporting remarks from foreign media, stand worthless. On the contrary these depict subjective sentiments of inferiority. Involved citizens are always there for the response. Approaching the Western most shores of the planet is outright ridiculous.

Disunity and self centered attitudes are the offsprings of profuse corruptions and misappropriations under safe coverage of exploited terminology of democracy. Seductive meanings of democracy adversely hit patriotism and sincerity towards the state. Allocation of discretionary funds to members of ruling group and allocation of development funds to members of the parliament are open and declared exploited terminologies of democracy in low literacy countries. In an atmosphere of loot and dacoities, attitudes of the most honest and sincere citizens get adversely affected. Citizens’ regards for the nation can never be nurtured in an atmosphere when horrible majority of politicians and employees of public service departments follow the policy of “delay, dodge and gain”, like foreigners. Resultant chaos puts extra burden on the defence forces and the civil courts. Cases that have to be settled within a department, also form part of burden on civil courts. Responsibilities of police and the civil intelligence agencies are pushed over to the defence forces. Under such circumstances who can be optimistic about rearing a generation of honestly sincere patriotic citizens.

How the patriotic regards can be developed in public when:-

  • Private educational institutions advertise unchecked concocted claims about their performance in absence of the competent staff.
  • Personal interests exceed the national interests (refer to Daily THE NEWS of February 12, 2017)
  • Merit is suppressed by political selections.
  • Police personal are used as personal servants of the governance members.
  • Senor police officers embrace the terrorists during their active acts of terrorism.
  • Daily dacoities regularly count from 25 to 40 in most of the thickly populated cities, and even then the ruling lot and their civil supporters claim that everything is Ok.
  • Provision of certain basic primary facilities for the public are defined as supreme standards of progress.
  • Real progressive and development projects are delayed for periods of decades (Kala Bagh Dam, Neelum Jhelum Project, Diamir Dam, Development of Railways Transportations, Power and Energy, etc.) burdening public funds by billions and trillions. Delay in completions Neelum-Jhelum Project costing rupees 18 billion in 1989 got over to rupees 414 billion in 2015. Still the governance members claim that country’s progress is on the right track.

Gullu butt with police


There is Hades of difference between progress of public facilities aimed at molding the attitude of illiterate masses in favor of vote bank and provision of public facilities to all categories of citizens to contribute to the overall national interest.

Provision of basic and general public facilities is primary job of government. These change attitudes of the citizens not to the governance group but towards state and the nation. Lot of citizens is a force to decide the destiny of a nation. Mathematical scientific education system changes the people and people devise track to progress and development. Education changes things? No, education changes the people and people change things.

Among overall deterioration of disciplines of all the departments, deterioration of the standards of the education setup is the most strong blow to the citizens and the state.

“Pakistan fails to make place among top hundred universities of Asia” (Daily THE NEWS dated June 29, 2014). The TIMES HIGHER EDUCATION (THE), one of the most prestigious ranking agencies worldwide, revealed its ranking of Asia’s top 100 universities 2014:-

  1. Japan –– 20 universities
  2. China –– 20 universities
  3. South Korea –– 14 universities
  4. Taiwan –– 12 universities
  5. India –– 9 universities
  6. Turkey –– 5 universities
  7. Iran –– 3 universities
  8. Saudi Arabia –– 3 universities
  9. Lebanon –– 1 universities
  10. Pakistan –– 0 universities

Patriotism and corruptions can never go together. A person who does not plan and proceed to improve his financial resources through fair legal means, has nothing to do with concern of nation. He is unable to emerge from the enclosure of his personal interests to have time to think of a nation and its generations. After becoming dishonest he goes in open revolt against God, a condition which leaves no space for him to be loyal o t the interests of the nation. Cursed by Almighty, he uses his authorities, energies and his professional or business tactics to keep gaining by unfair means. He gets devoid of all regards for his fellow countrymen.

Luxurious ways of living are the mother of all evils and crimes. Infection of this disease always descends from the top leadership and the effluent section of the society. Singular aim of luxury is to impress others, a mental defect resulting out of precipitated sense of inferiority as well as from past periods of hunger and dearth. Every smallest good quality of the person is buried under this rubbish attitude of strayed mind. The diseased person desires that everybody must either be impressed by him or be afraid of his grandeur. When the quantum of such sick persons among so called politicians and the effluents goes above 40% the nation and the state are sure to meet disaster in near future. All other philosophical and psychiatric research and analysis will absolutely fail to translate any different meaning and aims of luxury.

Patriotism and national concern are imperative for sound internal unity. But these demand sacrifices. These demand unshakable forbearance in hard and squeezed circumstances of people’s life. These demand perfect no to unfair penny in times of extreme hunger and need. In business and professional squeezes, the loyal citizens must fight against temptations of corruptions and adulterations.

In order to acquire internal unity, constructive spiritual and institutional educations and training are must. Luxury and display of wealth are anti internal unity. There should be constitutional provision to condemn and reject the luxurious ways of life as these tend to divide people internally and a divided people are gesture of inviting the enemy for its sabotage in various forms including terrorists’ activities.

Internal disunity is destructive whereas unity and sense of national inserts have adored pages of history for all times to come. These refer to the martyrs of independence of America. Great people signing the Declaration of Independence at the cost of their honor and lives, are at top of the list. During centuries of occupations by various foreigner rulers, Indians remained collectively loyal and patriotic for the motherland Bharat Mata. Mahatma Gandhi and his followers will continue to remain the interpreters of patriotism. Vietnamese, Afghans and Iran established standards of unity in fighting against the powerful and resourceful occupants of the time. It is noteworthy that voluntarily submitting life and honor for the nation and the state bears the most honored status of sacrifice. Such sacrifice is very much different from massacres of innocent unarmed civil population occurring as result of plain incompetence of leadership that proved to be devoid of vision into the future.

Now there is highly deplorable example of disunity and lack of patriotism, resulting out of misappropriations in case of Pakistan. Half of the country has already been lost as result of internal political and financial differences. A state procured at the cost of more than one million Muslims’ lives and honors of ninety thousand Muslims women, has now got listed among the most corrupt nations of the world. Justice demands that such account of corruption is dealt with strict test possible constitutional punishments. There must be constitutional provision for disqualification of persons and families disrupting the society with display of luxury. If people and governments of Pakistan succeed in bringing back citizens’ attitudes of 1950s and 1960s, just to start with, it will be a great start towards a patriotic and sincere nation. Defence forces will then be left to concentrate on dealing with outside enemies of various shapes. Civil courts will acquire concentration for speedy provision of justice. All species of arrangements of educating the population through spiritual and institutional resources must then honesty impart their responsibilities of constructing a nation for the nation. Attitudes of selfishness and personal interests must now be buried forever. The countless numbers of martyrs under the ground are awaiting the change. They yearn to see the country on path for which they sacrifices their lives, honor and dignity. According to Muslims’ Holy Book, Chapter Yasin, “Spirits of the dead / martyrs do get affected by the circumstances of their relatives / countrymen living on earth. Bad circumstances trouble them whereas circumstances of happiness make them feel comfortable and happy”.

Doubtlessly, the price paid by the Muslims of subcontinent for presently remaining part of Pakistan, will remain to be multiple times over paid for all times to come. The reactionary humiliations being suffered by Muslims, who had to remain in India, appear never to end. In the face of the piles of corpses and perpetual sufferings of Muslims in India, Pakistan’s spectrum of politics is little promising. Children of every murdered or dead politician claim as their legitimate right for a position in the top front row of political party, so as to hold office of a minister at the earliest. Children of the living politicians boldly interfere with the national decision making process and share huge volume of public funds especially provided for by their father / mother. Sometimes the whole family engages in government running process. The house of lords is at home.

In a territory borne by corpses of more than a million innocent unarmed human beings, a cost multiple times over paid, the corrupts, the  adulterators and the blackmailers convey the message that there has been something very seriously wrong with the process of their birth and rearing. They are, therefore, completely ignorant of respect for anything sacred on earth. The status of dignity of this exclusively particular territory of martyrs rejects them all to be accepted as human beings.

During 1960s, Malaysia, South Korea and Singapore had been poor countries in comparison to Pakistan which had strong currency and economy. Malaysia’s era of Tinko Abdul Rehman during 1960s will be remembered as the grave part of history. Singapore was struggling to shape the country which territorially did not appear to possess the shape of a country.

At present everyone of these three countries are in shape parallel to European states. Citizens are united and patriotic. On the other hand process of overall gradual deterioration in Pakistan is desperately shocking. Malaysia, South Korea and Singapore developed and progressed as a result of national interest of their governance groups.

Through luxury, corruption and nepotism Pakistani politicians dragged the country down to list of the exceedingly corrupt states of the world. Pakistani governance groups define progress to be the primary civil facilities of tracks and transportation as supreme progress and development. Approval of debts by the world agencies is propagated and advertised as great achievement. Tracks and transportation were really great progress in the era of Sher Shah Suri. In the modern times universally acknowledged items of progress and development are as under:-

  • Atmosphere free from crime, corruption and terror.
  • Acquisition of uncompromising impartiality deep at lowest level.
  • Zero reliance on debts and alms, capability of using state’s natural resources.
  • Scientific and technological research for mechanized advancement.
  • Uncompromised sound educational system free of political interference.
  • Exclusively self based capability for starting search beyond the planet earth.

95% crimes in Pakistan are the result of non independence of the police personnel who are used as personal slaves against the monthly salaries paid out of public pockets. Police functions on dictations only. Missions of sabotage and serious acts are planned somewhere else and police simply carries these out. The only solution is independent functioning of the police force. There must be constitutional provisions for that. There should be a status permitting an ordinary young police man to say no to the Chief Minister, for his departmental discipline.

Contents of this article necessitate the study of following three articles above as under:-


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