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Strategic Dealing with Public Needs

Pakistani citizens are being subjected to fake promises in connection with regular power supply, for about quarter of a century. At the start of summer every year, people are consoled with assurance that load shedding will be subsided at the star of winter i.e. the month of November. The statement has been repeated recently during second week of April 2017. Quite a lot of people are unable to understand the tricky claim. Keeping in mind the irony of the tricky notion, just try to analyze a few of the following categories of response to public complaints:-

  1. Public: Load shedding of ten to twenty hour duration is unbearable.
    Governance: But we have added so many units into the system.
  2. People: State’s economy is worsening day by day.
    Governance: A journal in the Western most shores of the globe has published that Pakistani economy is improving.
  3. A political leader: Country has been further burdened with 35% more foreign debts.
    Governance: Contact Moody’s for proof of improving economy.
  4. People: Market currency value is sagging day by day.
    Governance: Consult Moody’s for detail.
  5. A Citizen: Main canal embankments are being maintained with kitchen waste including plastic shopping bags.
    Governance: But we don’t know.
  6. Citizens: Whole education system is sagging and the teachers and management are taking it easy. They simply care for the home tuitions.
    Governance: No reply.

A few of neglected public observations:-

  1. Construction of tracks and passages were prime items of development in Sher Shah Suri’s era. Does it remain to be the prime item of development in modern era of satellites and Trans solar system research?
  2. More railway trains are being added. What about the frequent railway accidents and derailments including failure of engines.
  3. In comparison to dimensions of territory and volume of population of India, there should be at least 3000 trains leaving for and reaching the destinations. At present only 106 trains are on track.
  4. Over crowded and over earning train “Samma Satta” running from British times has been eliminated. It is highly serious blow to railway department and serious problem for the citizens who have been thrown to the mercy of already rich transporters.

Conclusions: In low literacy peoples (Literacy below 85% of population), system of democracy collapses to the abyss of failure. In context, following two articles are referred to for alternate hints to be developed into formation of an interim political system for a people being subjected to dodges of fake promises, only for vote bank:-

  1. Eliminating corrupts from politics
  2. Corrupt states and democracy

In recent times two distinctly apart pools of low literacy states have emerged. States where meaningful patriotism for the motherland is part of the faith belongs to one pool. Every action and activity bear concern for the nation, ‘how it will affect the state and the citizens’ dominates the minds of majority of population. Such nations survive and develop with the passage of time. India and Nigeria are the representative examples.

In the second specie of low literacy states, the citizens are absolutely devoid of meaningful concept of patriotism. ‘Dodge and gain’ is the character of majority of citizens as well as the political leaders selected by them. Naturally a people with self centered nature can never select competent leaders with qualities of statesmanship. In these states illiterate majority is duped with fake promises over and over again and the nation marches over to catastrophic end for which only a miracle can save. ‘How it will affect the vote bank’ and ‘how it will affect the family members’ dominates the minds of leadership selected by the self centered illiterate masses.

It remains for the squeezed lot of patriotic Pakistanis to conclude the position of their low literacy nation.

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