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French Authorities Ban Child Beauty Pageants

Child Beauty Pageants

They say the Europe got civilized through France, the manners, etiquettes and social take care first developed in France than to the rest of the Europe. Seems correct in the light of recent event, there is a new law passed in France enforcing ban on Child Beauty Pageants. The new French law states that any children under the age of 16 years can no longer compete in beauty pageants contests. According to the new law if anybody tries to cross the limit would be facing a $40,000 fine and up to 2 years in prison, including anyone who “helps, encourages or tolerates” this kind of competition.

The banning of beauty pageants for minors under the age 16 is a step in the right direction toward sanity. They said child beauty pageants are unhealthy for society as it causes sense of sexualizing the minors. For what purpose should a child be on the stage with lots of makeup and wearing a stupid fancy outfit, looking like a crazy for applause and appreciation.

There is no sense in forcing young girls to wear makeup, high heels, and swimsuits and present themselves for judging. Anyone who has ever seen any of the beauty pageant will agree that the more ridiculous and animated you look the more likely you’ll win the contest. That’s how they are judged. It destroys child psychological health. It’s a complete lose lose game, even if the child win the contest, it will become sarcastic, narcissist and way over confident than needs to be in that age, and if the child lose the contest, a sense of being rejected, neglected and unworthy strangle the whole child’s personality. The affects later in life create more problems.

Greedy parents take it as a business of easy money and from young age teach their young girls to look forward to be a part of such events and the goal must not be less than the number one. A 12 year old cannot fully grasp the idea that her mother is putting her on display like a doll rather than a person.

Child Beauty Pageant also promotes Barbie Thinking, a mentality that if you are beautiful, that’s enough for you, no need to learn any skill or talent. This leaves the child numb skull for the rest of like. Beauty doesn’t last for ever, it’s the talent, skills and practical approach towards life which helps tackle the problems in life successfully.

Experts confirm that for young girls, it ruins their personality for life if they are taught in their early life how to gain attention and praise by showing their makeup, cloths and bodies rather than their talent and intellectuality. It can cause major psychological disorders which could last many years for the girls. Sexualisation of young girls leads to Negative Cognitive emotional development which can lead to depression, low self-esteem, and eating disorders. These are problems that adult models can develop for which they get treatments and are not typically associated with girls who are in their below teen or in early teen years.

Child outfits with phrase written on like ‘Born to wear diamonds’, ‘I’m too pretty to do homework’, ‘Fashion Queen’ etc. are absolutely not right for the kids, especially for girls. They may not be able to read it at that age but as soon as they start reading it and understanding the literate meaning of it, the personality distortion process will start developing.

We need to take a lesson from Frenchs’ new positive thinking, they have come across the way through all these kinds of trends which and we are in transition process, it is the best time to learn from this example.

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