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Corrupt States and Democracy

national-assembly According to Television news on Tuesday November 17, 2009, TI’s list of world’s corrupt states has been released. Corruption in Pakistan has increased by five points, loosing serial No, 47 and gaining serial No. 42. It will be a great service to UNO’s members if general guidelines are advised to reduce the serials of this yearly list. Here is a sketch of such guidelines.

A – On path to Democracy:
Logic of prescribing same pill for patients of diversified aliments generates diseases of incurable nature. Dictation of the same paragraph to a Ph.D as well as to an illiterate, ends in pre-known results. Democracy is being forcibly advised for peoples least mature to be benefited by it. Peoples with very low rate of literacy, corrupt politicians, custom of bribery, extreme poverty, financial upset, appalling state of law and order, etc, are totally ignorant about the worth of western democracy which is being forced upon them by governments of developed countries. Application of western democracy in corrupt states is like reciting holy book for a deaf. Infact citizens of corrupt countries are badly in need of honest and selflessly sincere group of dictators to provide them opportunity for introduction to the values of democracy through education, jobs and dependable status of law and order. Non corrupt countries must accept such groups of dedicated dictators because the neighboring countries and the whole world is sure to be benefited by the calm achieved through them. Such dictators are sure to rear the population towards the status of democracy enjoyed by developed countries. When that stage is achieved, the citizens will certainly classify the corrupt sections through democratic behavior. Advice of 20th century British Scholar is highly meaningful and provides solution to world problems.

Peoples of under developed countries are not at all being benefited by the mode of electing the leadership. Corrupt politicians manage to dupe the citizens by extremely intricate strategies far beyond their comprehension. Peoples of these states have been ruled by foreign invaders for hundreds of centuries. Colonial rulers never planned introduction of the form of democracy suiting peoples’ culture and traditions. Forced western democracy has profusely added to the complications for their very survival. Corrupt politicians on one hand and various mafia groups on the other, have very badly affected their lives. State of survival with respect and dignity is getting worst day by day. Procurement of justice is getting hard. Weak is being suppressed beyond imagination. Collective effect of all these generate extremism and terrorism affecting the whole world.

B – Strategies of corrupt politicians for getting elected:
1- Thousands of yards cloth and tons of paper is destroyed in banners, posters and photographs of politicians. These materials are wasted mercilessly. In one single roads crossing of a town or city, four to eight banners and posters are hanged at different angles imploring the same request that only this leader or this party deserves the vote and all the rest asking for vote are simply deceiving the people. So deep rooted is the greed for power-chair that inspite of appearing almost daily on TV screen, the political figures are fond of hanging their photographs everywhere. Main roads and highways are treacherously covered for almost every kilometer on the average. Corrupt politicians will not hesitate to lie by swearing on holy books that these banner / posters are public managed. For people of judgment such wastage of natural resources indicates that the politicians are incapable of doing anything material for the state and the people. Display of their photographs and slogans is the apex of their active service to the nation. After coming into power by hook or crook, they manage to grab country’s moveable and immoveable property and transfer country’s wealth over to foreign banks. In some cases they themselves elope with country’s wealth and do not return until the atmosphere is perfectly harmless.

2- They address big public gatherings and speak about failures of previous Governments, criticism about other politicians, very very colorful promises of turning the country into paradise, respect for merit, jobs for everybody, bread clothing and housing for everybody, rule of law etc. They know that they are simply deceiving the people for getting votes. They teach the people to sell their votes for money through gangs specially employed for this purpose. Elected independent MNA’s / MPA’s are purchased at sizably high cost. All this results in formation of a corrupt government that paves way for incapable greedy dictators.

3- Corrupt politicians manage to turn the state into their family property. So father / mother to son / daughter rule over the country continues. Every family member will say that he / she has been ‘fairly’ elected by the people. This is a ridiculous shape of western democracy forced upon the corrupt states.

4- They believe in nothing about nationality, religion or even God except for the power-chair, still you can see them absorbed in deep meditation in some temple or mosque or shrine. With raised hands and extremely humble appearance, they only deceive the masses for votes, because they are well aware that these masses are decisive vote for the power-chair.

5- Through a history of decades they have not done an iota for the citizens or the state, still they will produce a long list of deftly engineered excuses for their failures.

6- They patronize and use groups of mafia and criminals for access to power-chair. As a result of that they surrender citizens’ rights of security, peace and law & order. Such situation results in eruption of individual and collective extremism and terrorisms, adversely affecting the peace and tranquility of the whole world.

7- Through use of all vicious tactics, when they come into power, they play havoc with the public funds, property and legal constitutional rights of citizens including business communities, creating an atmosphere of unseen corruption and crimes in the society as whole, leading the state to the very starting serials of declared Corrupt States.

A few specific characteristics of the Architects of Corrupt States:

1- Their only capability comprises of winning general elections through tactics of deceiving the simple and credulous poor citizens, forming 90% of county’s population. They leave no chance for really dedicated patriotic people to come forward. Thus satisfying the world community as the peoples representative, they start playing havoc with the entire resources of the country.

2- Being in power they give every indication that they will never retire of die, so they shamelessly trespass jurisdictions of state’s institutions.

3- In every fairly flourishing and progressive business unit in the country, they will explore chances of their illegal ‘Booty’.

4- Their countries are heavily under foreign debts, yet they dress far better than the politician of developed and effluent countries.

5- Their countries worstly suffer form economic and energy crisis, still their standard of living is far more luxurious than that of the leaders of the developed countries.

6- They are ever hungry for profuse numbers of flatterers who always vigorously clap their hand even for the most foolish statement that they produce during any meaning or gathering.

7- They hungrily beg appreciation for fulfillment of their normal responsibilities. They even beg appreciation for badly belated performances, mentioning these at every forum, with raised heels, for months together. In doing so they look no different from TV screen performance by ‘Mr. Bean’. So they keep playing ‘Mr. Bean’ more oftenly then ‘Mr. Bean’ himself and the state achieves the starting serials of yearly declared list of corrupt states. At that stage they issue a list of engineered excuses proving themselves to be the fault-free angelic figures.

Thus in corrupt states the plight of citizens continues to go from bad to worst decade after decade. Most of such states are under heavy debts and always yearn for non refundable aid from developed states. It sounds quaint that developed countries offer no alternate for such type of democratic elections that simply result in more and more corruption adding to more and more human problems.

C – How to counter the vicious strategies of corrupt politicians:

  1. All banners posters and photographs of all political parties and leaders must be banned for ever. These have nothing to do with electing competent leaders. Participants of corrupt states’ general elections must be University Graduates. Unpredictable social, political and economical complexities develop in countries having less educated leaders. Uneducated politicians feel insecure in the power-chair without assistance of various extra ordinary groups. They suffer from intricate drawbacks in abiding by the educated lot of the country’s secretariat. They rely more on the slogan-providing party workers who are mostly illiterate and with whose help they have won elections. If university graduation is considered irrelevant for leading a whole nation, then the nations of the world in UNO will have to openly declare that education has nothing to do with the functioning of the President, the Prime Minister and the Ministers of the country’s ruling party.
  2. All pre-election addresses to the public gatherings and door to door chase of voters must be banned for at least 20 years period. Every political party’s president be given a chance on television to introduce his party’s manifesto, only twice before every general election. Election candidate without a recognized political party must be rejected.
  3. Faults finding with previous governments must be banned in TV addresses, forever. This specific job should be left to especially constituted bodies and the courts of justice. Every political party should give its own programs for the developments in the country.
  4. All routine reception formalities should be banned for ever except for foreign leaders. All movements of the executive head of state must be results oriented. All tours, meetings, prize distributions etc aimed at specific party’s advertisements must be banned forever. Good works of a political party’s government in itself will stand to be the best advertisement.
  5. Foreign tours by heads of corrupt states must be allowed or disallowed by a Supreme National Council especially constituted by even number of members from ruling party, the opposition and the defense forces. Heads of corrupt states sometimes go on foreign tours for recreation and Geneva visits. A head of a corrupt state proceeded on European tour amidst exceptional energy and gas crisis at home. Ironically he addressed a gathering of investors for inviting them to invest in his country. Quite expectedly he got gentlemen’s abuses and returned home insulted causing dishonor to the state.
  6. Elected members of national and provisional assemblies violating the code of conduct or ignoring responsibilities of their constituency, should be substituted by the runner-up instead of wasting resources on intermediate elections.
  7. Executive head failing in commitments of pre-election TV addresses should be disqualified for all political activities, for life.

D – Measures for training of citizens towards Democracy:

  1. Voters need not indulge in protest walks as the concerned ministry, under the changed system, must be on its toes to solve the difficulties of the citizens. People should record their complaints with MNA / MPA of their constituency and wait. So all protest gatherings should be banned for at least 20 years period. Temporary restrictions against human rights for the sake of achieving human rights are in no way unfair. To tolerate temporary restrictions is far more respectable than the decades of insult of perpetual deceits extending to generations.
  2. Citizens should honestly form their opinion in favor of or against the political parties after listening to their programs on TV twice before the polling date.
  3. It shall be the national responsibility of voters not to meet any such person who wants to change their settled opinion. So peace and tranquility will reign on, before and after the polling day, without loss of lives and property.

E – Changes in States’ Constitution of Corrupt States:
1- A National Governing Council of the following members should be constituted by the Election Commission, for requisite changes in the existing constitution of a corrupt state, in view of all above stated details:-

(a) Three Army Chiefs or their representatives.
(b) Seven Bar-at-Law advocates with history of good reputation.
(c) Seven Ph.D educationists.
(d) Three Ph.D religious scholars.
(e) Seven MA / MSc. Politicians with transparent life record.

The National Governing Council must take incentive from the 20th century British scholar, according to whom a single honest, sincere and selfless dictator can do miracles for a nation. The name of a state can thus be got deleted form the list of Corrupt States.

F – The European Union:
President of the European Union Mr. Herman Ven, according to his statement of November, 22, 2009, in Brussels, can help and can be helped by the sketch of above stated suggestions, for developing a secure world atmosphere.

By: Geodetic Engr. M. Ashraf

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