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Species of Politicians in Declared Corrupt States of the world

politicians Foreword:
Yearly reports of Transparency International, especially those for years 2009 and 2010, are the basis of this brief article. Misuse of terminologies and elements of prevailing shape of Democracy, in the declared corrupt states, has caused perennial sufferings for all classes of the citizens, particularly for the poor, accelerating boost of diseases, crimes and social setup. Evidently prescribing same pill for various patients of diversified diseases, stands as zero efforts towards achieving cure. Main causes of corruption have been discussed along with remedial measures, hereunder:-

A surprise for citizens of Normal States:
Gentlemen citizens of a normal state are surprised for a question in mind “Why a whole country should be a corrupt state when law enforcing agencies and judiciary are there”. They just can’t believe that the so called politicians, without even minimum leadership qualities, are the culprit. Duping the simple and credulous masses by vicious slogans and tactics, they manage to grab the power chairs to usurp the resources of the state. They paralyze the law enforcing agencies and the judiciary to save special murderers and criminals from capital punishment. For arrest of common criminals of political interest, it is very common for the law enforcing agencies to wait for the orders of the ruling lot. Corruption thus penetrates to every nook of the entire social set up, enlisting the country into serials of Declared Corrupt States.

In under developed states parasites join politics:
Politicians of corrupt states, howsoever learned, are mostly self oriented and ever un-satiated. Patriotism is far beyond their comprehension. They always behave to be too loyal to differentiate between legal and illegal. Anything suiting their group is legal, otherwise illegal. In international affairs they are always apologetic and shy even if they are 100% on the right. Reason for that is that they are absolutely un-introduced to initiative and creativity. They are always after imitations without assessing the nature of problems and requirements of their own citizens. If they happen to embower only ten percent of the love and regards that is inborn second nature of the politicians of normal states, the corrupt countries will start taking positive turn, acquiring status of donating for other needy states.

Vote Bank:
Under-developed and newly independent nations generally suffering from poverty, illiteracy and economic problems need selfless, honest and competent leaders. Corrupt politicians make use of the poverty and innocence of the people inventing the term “Vote Bank” managed through effectively deceptive statements. They greedily worship this Vote Bank and for its maintenance they are ever ready to surrender even highly sensitive interests of the state. Vote Bank, the prime tool of continuous or continual source of grabbing power chairs, is the source of prosperity of their families, kinsmen, foreign business units and safety from payment of income tax. Most sensitive national responsibilities are assigned to incompetent lethargic party members commanding sizeable parts of the Vote Bank. They hate to understand that services to Vote Bank and interests of the state and nation are opposite poles of magnet.

The worst specie of politicians in a State:
Sources of riches and income of a person dominates his/her behavior towards others. Persons whose incomes ooze out of risky investments and serious mental and physical handwork, bear a highly responsible attitude for other individuals. On the other hand persons enjoying riches and daily income without investment and mental & physical hard work, bear a frivolous attitude toward other individuals of any status. There sense of responsibility is over-diluted. Consequently these categories of persons, howsoever institutionally qualified, are the most unsuitable persons for any national responsibility or any political activity. These gentlemen are described as under:-

1- Persons with flow of income out of sources that involve zero investment.
2- Persons enjoying regular income with zero physical and mental hard work.
3- Persons with perennial income that is always all-profit-no-loss.
4- Persons with daily income that is never affected by fluctuations of market rates and the international currencies.
5- Persons with daily income out of which income tax is never paid.

For security of state, its citizens and its generations, gentlemen of above stated sources of income must never be trusted for any national responsibility. With plenty to eat and plenty to play with, these persons have never faced a problem to solve in life. So their grey matter is not accustomed to solving problems of a whole nation. Their act of joining political parties is simply to feel that they do exist.

Manipulating the terminology ‘Democracy’:
In all enlisted corrupt states, most of the political parties manipulate democracy through false slogans, banners, posters, oratory and purchase of votes. So independent opinion of voters is adversely affected. Consequently the results of polls are never fair and the successful candidates are mostly wrong persons. Such distorted shape of democracy is the principal cause of growing corruption. Without eliminating this distorted shape of democracy no state can get rid of corruption.

Remedial device:
Above whole detail invites the attention of supreme bodies of a sick country. Disasters created by fake politicians have to be faced by a state’s supreme bodies along with the citizens. Fake politicians are always on their toes to leave for abroad even through undefined routes. The whole setup of political system, political parties and the politicians should, therefore, be subjected to following refinements:-

1- Scrutiny of manifesto of every political party.
2- Vetting of top members of political parties starting right from high school education.
3- Devising of code of ethics for party elections.
4- Tenure for holding party positions to be restricted to seven years period only during life span.
5- Supreme Courts permission for appointment of ministers for various offices, as in corrupt states ministries are distributed as pleasure gifts and not for running the affairs of the state for long term positive results.
6- Supreme Court may sag incompetent ministers on the basis of one year’s performance.
7- Supreme Court to decide the extent of power of the Election Commission of a State.

This remedial instrument deals only with the status of declared corrupt states, without taking any incentive from the prevailing successful political systems in the world. Certainly a political system successful amongst 95% literate citizens can never succeed in states where the citizens and consequently the members of the parliament have only 10 to 40% literacy. Without taking this drastic difference into consideration, international pressure for democracy suggests only work field for Transparency International. Corrupt states are mines of problems for the citizens as well as for the world community. Taking a country out of the list of corrupt states means relief for the world community.

National Supreme Council:
For application of the above instrument, needed amendments / additions in the existing constitution of a corrupt state, a National Supreme Council of following members may be constituted by Honorable Chief Justice of a States’ Supreme Court:-

a- Three Army Chiefs or their representatives.
b- Seven Bar-at-Law Advocates with history of good reputation.
c- Seven PhD Educationists.
d- Three PhD Religion Scholars.
e- Seven Senior Politicians holding at least M.A .M.Sc degree with transparent life record.

In very backward countries, where some of the members of NSC are not available, professors and scholars of foreign universities maybe invited in consultation with the heads of the defence forces and the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of concerned state.

It is specifically opined that only the National Supreme Council, whose every member is well educated and trained, should be considered as authority to suggest modifications in this device. Naturally illiterate or less educated members of the parliament can never even dream of a whole nation’s future. And future of a nation is important than merely winning of general elections.

Geodetic Engineer M. Ashraf

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