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Rigours of Vote Bank & Party Politics

ending povertyPoliticians and citizens of countries from Morocco to Philippines, if at all developing and under developed states or concerned, often talk about Motherland and its people. They are concerned patriots. In comparison to that politicians in Pakistan are absorbed in ‘Our vote bank, our party’. They are concerned only about grabbing governance power by fair or unfair means. Vote bank balance and party status sensitivities have deteriorated every single civil institution from bad to worst.

Patriotic citizens are waiting for a versatile leader who can courageously set aside personalities’ worship and promotes the dogma ‘My country, my nation’. One who can initiate the art of self reliance by taping the abundantly available natural resources.

Mahatma Ghandi contributed two valuable aspects for Indians: Common person’s national dress for all politician leaders within or without governance and a top layer of politicians honoured with doubtless honesty and sincerity. Nobody in the world can raise a finger against any of them. Five to ten years governance tenures are concluded in Sherwani and Pyjama. On the other hand political leaders of heavily indebted Pakistan change many dresses daily or during the week. Inaugurations, even those of very minor parameters, are conducted at merciless cost of millions. Verily it is all for maintaining the vote bank and the party status. People of Pakistan want somebody, even in rags, who can work for a self-reliant country, a person who can rid the country of debts, alms, lawlessness and corruption.

Whereas Indian governments have successfully maintained colonial networks of public facilities, governments in Pakistan have not been able to maintain that system in similar way. Let us go through only a few points of falling graph:-

  1. Currency has been continuously devalued since 1948.
  2. Foreign debts have boosted tremendously.
  3. Foreign interference is penetrating state’s internal affairs.
  4. Departments of civil services and facilities with names ending with ‘Development Authority’ have become announcers of shortfalls.
  5. Despite heavy investment in higher education sector during last 14 years, Pakistan failed to make its place among top hundred universities of Asia. (The News, dated June 29, 2014, page 3)
  6. State of power supplies is derogatory to self respect of citizens. Taxpayers incurring heavy amount for alternates are not being refunded in any shape.
  7. Pakistan Railways is near extinction simply due to nepotism and favouritism.
  8. Street crimes and dacoities are in regular progress and there is hardly a street that is secure. Compare total crimes during year 1956 with crime during year 2013.
  9. Sex crimes know no limit. Still all classes of media feel proud of presenting sex agitating displays collected from all over the world. TV displays prohibited for children in West are regular features on TV. Government appears to be helpless in controlling media. It is felt that media controls the government. It cares a fig for regional traditions and helps in boosting sex crimes through sex agitating displays.
  10. Misappropriations of public funds have entered the era of a highly intricate scientific and mathematical subject. Most of the ill gotten money is used for luxury to impress the innocent illiterate masses whereas all intended moves aimed at impressing others is social crime and religious sin.
  11. Imitation of mama-papa cultures in cities denotes that the nation has no cultural heritage of its own.
  12. Extortion in shape of bribery is widespread.
  13. Adulterations in victuals and life saving drugs continue without check.
  14. Politics aimed at family state prospects advances with full thrust.

In view of above how do you assess the future of the state procured at unprecedented extra war sacrifices of honour, lives and properties of lifelong labours.

We must have made little progress in modelling, poetry and singing so as to concentrate on self reliant freedom. Poetry, non practical and hypothetical, can never guarantee the structural strength of a nation, which is always achieved by getting into mental and physical labour.

From Iran to Singapore, Pakistan is the only state defaced by politicians. Who else is responsible for enlisting it amongst top corrupt states of the world? There are people who join political parties merely for misappropriations. They get their share of the area development and their development expenses always remain unchecked.

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