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NESCAFE Basement Season 2

NesCafe Basement Season 2. Competition will bring more precise work.
Good to see that at least something other than corruption is booming in Pakistan. Yes, our very own music industry is rocking high. The thing which is more interesting it that it’s getting a lot of support from hot drinks & cold beverages manufacturers industry. Guess they are providing a reason to consume more of their fantastic products, fueling the desire, and of course making the profits from both ends i.e. panchoon ghee main aur sar karhaae main, anyways the effort is good and has been taken with both hands especially by the younger generation. There is something for everybody of every age, Classical, Solo, Rock, Jazz, Hip Hop and fusion of all or any couple of these.


NesCafe, the brand of simulative coffee makers started a musical show last year, quite similar like an ongoing show, but with special touch of their own, with the name NESCAFE Basement, has been highly anticipated and accepted all around the country and abroad.

Nescafe Basement first came up last summer with some mixed reviews from the audiences, but it was the concert tours later on that made this musical show much more familiar in the masses, and people started realizing that they have come up with something new which the other show perhaps hasn’t. Obviously a competition has begun and we can hope for more quality oriented work to experience.

Last week, the Second Season of Nescafe Basement finally came out and was released simultaneously on various TV channels and online as well, supervised by a distinguished performer of classical music, Zulfiqar Jabbar Khan also known as Xulfi.

The first episode featured the covers of some all time favourite songs like ‘Tere Ishq Mein’ and all were appreciated, especially this one. This season the same song ‘Tere Ishq Mein’ has covered by another group of talented artists Rizwan Butt and Asfer Hussain, adding another dimension to the soulfulness of this otherwise repeatedly covered song. The Urdu words pronunciation and the handling of higher nodes is definitely something worth listening.

Season 2 has certainly made its presence felt with the very first episode featuring young artists, mostly belonging to schools and colleges. Their music and melodies have always been a treat to listen. This time they have worked hard on vocals as well, making it a complete package.

Pakistan music has a unique touch and taste of its own kind, includes diverse elements from music from various parts of South & Central Asian, under the influence of Persian, Turkish, Arabic and later of Western music. This fusion and variety one can not find anywhere else.

Mix musical shows must manage the balance between different kinds of music they present to viewers. The work needs to be original kind, something which reflects the uniqueness and subtlety of music of this region. Hopefully by keeping this in mind they bring more brilliant melodies to our ears. Keep up the good work!

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