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Family Laws

Pakistani Family Laws Need Amendments

Pakistan is one of those countries of the world where centuries’ old family value are considered sacred and precision hence cherished with pride, but unfortunately this structure is crumbling. The global influences are seeping in and a structure of multi color and multi texture is forming. People have new priorities in life and their living […]

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1947 massacre

The Wretched Specie of Traitors

Only classified prime traitors can indulge in corruptions and embezzlements in a country procured at the historically highest cost of massacre of year 1947, and only persons absolutely devoid of all elements of conscience and dignity can forget the massacre and devastation of year 1947. Hereunder note and feel the barbaric tortures, physical and mental, […]

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Lessons from Innocent Zainab’s Fate

Lessons from Innocent Zainab’s Fate

All Pakistanis are categorically responsible for what happened to innocent child Zainab and so many other children in District Kasur. These heinous incidents give every indication of well planned categories of crimes. Why and how? Undermining disease of personality cult has devoured our sense of prime humanitarian responsibilities for bringing forth selfless patriotic leaders who […]

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Catastrophe of Forcing Incentive of Luxury

Catastrophe of Forcing Incentive of Luxury

Any institute in Pakistan must be empowered with the task of selecting a honestly sincere leader for Pakistanis. Politicians suffering from vote bank sensitivity have been continuously damaging all the internal and international interests of the state since 1954 when they stretched their arms for falling to the lap of SEATO and CENTO forgetting the […]

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Gullu butt with police

States’ Defence

Nations have survived repeated external aggressions as well as foreign occupations by the count of centuries but nations have been completely erased from the list of independent states as result of internal disunity and anti nation personal interests, by ruling groups and general public. Internal erosions perform half of the job of outside enemies. It […]

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Mahatma Ghandi

The Supreme Architect of India’s Freedom

Saying yes to accept the charge of an office, only because people offer it, simply rebels. Who will provide the elements of competence never known to the people as well as to the person surrendering their offer? Every person of letters, howsoever professionally successful, is not at all capable to take the responsibilities of the […]

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Shocking Facts about Historical Massacre 1947

Shocking Facts about Historical Massacre 1947

On or under earth’s surface, extremely unforgettable events had been faced by innocent human beings during the turmoil and massacre 1947. There was no war and no natural calamity but still more than a million citizens, mostly Muslims, were indiscriminately slaughtered with axes, swords and spears. The slain children, women and men had been forced […]

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Misinterpretations of Peoples’ Ideology

Misinterpretations of Peoples’ Ideology

Very odd and irrational articles are being published in some newspapers, regarding the ideology related to independence struggle by peoples. The writers almost appear to be ridiculing the sacred terminology of ideology because they very much appear to be devoid of legitimate analysis of the very basis of selfless sacrifices by the peoples. Nobody goes […]

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Fundamental for National Unity

Fundamental for National Unity

Appreciations for practically decisive steps by the Army Chief against corruption, from every corner of the country, from Trijunction to Chitral, Badeen to Lahore and Bahawalnagar to Quetta, have formally settled the fundamental for national unity and solidarity. No specie of corruption must exist in the country. Not only corruption is terrorism in itself but […]

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Sardar Ganda Singh Oberoi - The Idol of Impartiality

Sardar Ganda Singh Oberoi – The Idol of Impartiality

Sardar Ganda Singh Oberoi was the founder of Oberoi Sports in Sialkot city. Area of his factory comprised of many acres east and west of the start of Paris Road. Bounds of eastern part were common with Sialkot Railway junction. The adjacent part of railway had a track for turning the face of that time […]

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Women Rights Protection - Tahafuz-e-Huqooq-e-Niswaan

Women Rights Protection – Tahafuz-e-Huqooq-e-Niswaan

Women Rights Protection (Tahafuz-e-Huqooq-e-Niswaan) Bill 2016 Pakistani politicians, just when you get bored of their regular insanity, they come with something new and extraordinarily insane. And among politicians, PMLN’s politicians are the most “intellectual” kind. They come up with actions, ideas and statements that no other can compete. They have recruited the dumbest lot of […]

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Musical Night and Education

Musical Night and Education

When, at least, the upper half of all the participant citizens, including so many renowned politicians, of the musical Saturday night May 02, 2015, in the great capital of Islami Jamhuriya Pakistan, had been waving from left to right and vice versa, the Daily Nawa e Waqt had been recording the true face of their:- […]

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PIA Hostesses’ New Uniform

PIA Hostesses’ New Uniform

Extra explicit enthusiasm is being displayed for new uniform for the hostesses. There is a lengthy article about it in the Daily DAWN, March 29, 2015. This new uniform will do little for PIA because the following nucleus elements only can recover and retain its good name internationally:- Maintenance and security of its kites which […]

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Future Status of Pakistan

Future Status of Pakistan

Article by Ms. Shazia Hassan through article headed ‘Like Sugar in Milk’ in Daily DAWN of March 22, 2015, is an excellent contribution against running political system of Pakistan. The state will become a least corrupt welfare state only when people owning the qualities of personalities mentioned in the article, join politics to serve this country […]

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Defacing Democracy in Low Literacy

Foreword: Contents of this article appeal to the educated lot (University graduates, teachers, scholars, religious leaders and sincere sections of media) in low literacy states for guiding the uneducated masses to cast their votes in respect of honest and truthful candidates who know the meaning of patriotism (dedication, contributions and sacrifices) if at all customary […]

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Pakistan Map

History in a Nut Shell

So many thanks to Daily DAWN of January 04, 2015, with even thanks to book reviewer Mr. Hassan Javid. The book (The Warrior State) is a concise history, in a nut shell, of the new state stretched over three quarters of a century, including governance and highly sensitive decisions, right or wrong, resorted to with […]

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Trek through Motherland to be Patriotic

Trek through Motherland to be Patriotic

Books and screens introduce only a little to the beauty of sites. Visits to parts of motherland generate different type of affiliations. Mind and sensations receive a different message. Every time you touch the bushes, stones, sand particles and water of blue lake, you feel affectionate towards these. When you meet and talk to people […]

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Pakistan and Statesmanship

Pakistan and Statesmanship

Acquisition of a piece of a land serves little towards freedom and independence of the occupants of territory. Contributions by far sighted versatile statesmen are must to comb the countrymen into disciplines of unity justice and honesty in formation of a real nation. Availability of requisite statesmen in low literacy corrupt states is next to […]

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Shivering Sentiments

Shivering Sentiments

Under mentioned comments are related to an article in The Daily Dawn of August 03, 2014, on page 3 of Images. What is meant by “Another lonely Eid has passed for the families awaiting their loved ones who has left for Afghanistan in response to Sufi Mohammad’s call for Jihad“? When Maulana Saleemi’s 23 years […]

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High Treason with National Resources

High Treason with National Resources

In governing game, when it comes to corruption, no government wants to stay behind in Pakistan. Every government tries to over achieve than any previous governments, seems like, among them, high and more complex and successful corruption is the only way to highlight their progress among their competitors. They judge each other by the criteria […]

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