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Death of a Patient on Hospital Floor

A heart cum kidney’s patient could not be afforded a bed and she expired on bare floor of Jinnah Hospital, Lahore on January 02, 2017. The incidence is a case of mockery of a state among the community of states including the under developed countries of the world.

The incidence opens a whole volume of a book if we are prepared to get into it. The foreword speaks of the fundamental: “Nations failing in establishment of Discipline on uncompromising footings are the nations that have not been able to take the very start, what to talk of the boisterous claims of progress and development, repeated daily before the media. Discipline is the palpitating heart of the people that can never function in atmosphere of corruption, terrorism and luxurious ways of living. When dacoits and terrorists observe the luxurious residences of politicians in a country under huge foreign debts, their reaction is terrorism because luxury can never be maintained through fair means.

Sound discipline is the prime human quality blessed with generating multi directional aspects of sincerity that donate selflessly to state and its people. A people devoid of discipline have no roots at all. Disarray penetrates into the social behavior of everybody from top down to the roadside cobbler, who starts giving fake stitches for repair of shoes, so that the owner visits him on weekly basis.

As a result of lacking values of strict discipline, majority of our educated as well as illiterate citizens, speak and perform simply to impress others to achieve the self centered status of Mr. Perfection. The evil of impressing others is profusely displayed through decorated haughty residences and costly dresses. This deep rooted delinquency provided a fair chance of maintaining spacious residences and outstanding dresses by the politicians to hypnotize the masses for volume of their vote bank. The results emerge over to lot of incompetent politicians who define roads and transportation as items of prime national progress, whereas these are simply primary tools for starting the process of development and progress. Proper training and education of citizens brings development and progress for a nation. There is not a single government department, related to services for civilians, that has not undergone very serious deteriorations in comparison to period of 1950s and 1960s, what to talk of progress and development.

Among the most serious outcomes of indiscipline is adulteration in everything related to use and consumption by the citizens. Adulterations in victuals produce diseases. From the start of boost of the curse of adulteration in 1970s, cancer, heart troubles, kidneys problems and liver related diseases have emerged at an unprecedented level as compared to previous period duly taking the statistics of population into account. Adulteration oriented other diseases have yet to be assessed. Just for an impartial judgment of the above referred female patient, there is every indication that her heart and kidneys had been affected by adulterated foods. Here is an advertisement by the government related only to gee and oil:-

It is quite funny to note that, after more than 65 years of governance by various groups, one of the previous groups again in power at present, has now started investigations against adulterations in 2016 whereas the course of adulteration had been in progress with effect from 1970s.

Except for items coming pure directly from nature, like eggs and fruits, 100% of all foods and edibles underwent the process of fatal adulteration beyond the assessment scope of illiterate masses of this low literacy state. Due to adversely affected gantry of education setup the qualified educated citizens never bothered to look into the slow poisoning of adulteration process. Now the government has taken the start, but it is pricking an elephant with a pin. God save the Pakistanis. Here are a few suggestions to save the citizens, especially the babies and young children:-

  • Establish discipline in every walk of life.
  • Don’t eat fruits and vegetables without thoroughly washing them.
  • Avoid consumption of packed and processed foods.
  • Never use processed and ready for sue spices.
  • Whosoever has space and can afford, must keep two goats for family’s milk requirements. In numerous cases goat’s milk has served the people with pure milk beyond expectations. 85% rural population of Pakistan can mostly keep goats.
  • Better use “Sarsaon Oil” that can be extorted in homes nowadays.
  • Better use boiled water for repeated drinking.
  • Especially avoid consumption of edibles containing chemical preservatives which cause cancer.
  • At least 15 minutes daily exercise, light or medium, saves from heart troubles for life.
  • Before breakfast at least 2 glasses of water save from many kidney troubles. In take of 10 glasses of water during 24 hours period helps for healthy kidneys.
  • Search for some reliable doctor for precautions about inherited heart and kidneys diseases.
  • Your consumption of sugar and saturated fats must accord with your daily physical activities. Avoid over eating generally.
  • Follow the principle ‘Eat to live, don’t live to eat’.

The government must heavily fine the adulterators and laws must be constituted for life imprisonment to adulterators. Time for taking things easy has ruined the national discipline and no more leniency can be afforded.

Just visit Iran. Within the shortest possible time, they have established true spirit of discipline from top to bottom. Every single item of human consumption is undoubtedly free of adulterations. With the help and blessing of uncompromising disciplines, they have processed a nation from whom many peoples of the world can learn.

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