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Corrupt Politicians Adding Countries to List of Corrupt States

corrupt-politicians In a declared Corrupt State, teenagers do feel degraded. They have a question in mind ‘why are we citizens of a corrupt state when we have done nothing wrong in the interest of the country?’ They are too innocent to understand that corrupt politicians are responsible for the situation. These so called politicians know little about leading a country but they do know the art of misguiding the simple and credulous masses for winning the national polls. They have a heavy stock of effective slogans to derail the independent fair opinion. They manage to invest billions on posters, banners, public gatherings, vehicles, newspapers and TV advertisements etc to grab the power chair after which they start recovery of their investments multiplied many times.

When misappropriators achieve governing power in a country in the guise of patriots, the subject of criminology fails to define the degree of heinous crime, this is became they not only deceive a whole nation but also mercilessly deceive numerous future generations for centuries to come. Vicious tactics of these architects of Corrupt States have countless variety of guises beyond the comprehension of credulous majority of voters. Further, they are supported by corrupt elements of various media. Most of the political parties have their own newspapers and journals for adversely affecting the independent opinion of voters. In addition to that corrupt politicians have their own propaganda gangs moving from door to door, presenting the corrupt figures as Angles.

Corrupt States are no loss-all profit domains for the corrupt politicians who are well aware that they are worthless creatures for any other job on earth. Such conception might be a reaction of the agony of failure even in the dirty jobs tried by them in the past. They were thus attracted by politics in any of the developing countries where there is no responsibility, no result orientation and no answer to questions. They are simply required to issue statements and read lectures written by paid writers. So they join some political party that welcomes membership of most worthless individuals for the reason that such members always prove permanent asset for the party in all circumstances. This way the lot of lethargic worthless people comes on track for becoming big land lords within minimum possible time. Protocols, salutes and security guards are additional pleasures. There are numerous conspicuous examples of pre politics failures and state of poverty, changing over to abundance and affluence after entry in to the politics.

Corrupt individuals join political parties to serve their relatives instead of serving the nation and the country. They provide jobs to their relatives for highest salaries without any job to do. They award contracts to their kinsmen in which they have nothing to do with any type of construction work except to receive cheques. Their relatives’ joint ventures with renowned organizations are only for receiving the shares of bills passed under the impact of their membership. Corrupt politicians provide safety to criminal party members. They will not hesitate to issue statements in their support and in support of their crimes.

Corrupt politicians serve their fore fathers by naming roads, railways, bridges and parks after their names. They manage this inspite of the clear fact that none of their fore fathers and elders ever contributed anything for the country or the people.

Some political parties award membership to such figures whose source of income and riches are hate-worthy. How anybody can expect even a gesture of sincerity from individuals whose blood is saturated with incomes internationally disapproved, though slipping the grip of law.

When a jumble of misappropriators grabs power by 100% treacherous tactics, in the guise of patriots, the departments of crime control are paralyzed. Playing hell through the source of power chair, they poke their nose into the functioning of every department and institution of the country including the department of Justice and Law. The functioning of institutions are thus disturbed and irritated adding to the problems of the people. Degeneration of country’s institutions ultimately leads the country over to the list of declared Corrupt States.

A government leader of a declared Corrupt State, while on a visit to his native town for meeting the family elders, had a cordial sitting with the gentlemen. An unscheduled and unexpected questions and answers automatically erupted. Following is the story of some of the questions and answers:-

Q- I have heard that you are making a lot of money out of the job. How?
Ans- Not legally Sir!

Q- Did you assess your capabilities before grabbing the position?
Ans- It was not necessary because I have learnt a universal reply from some previous rulers, to deal with the international demands and stresses and that is ‘Yes Sir, I fully agree’.

Q- Do you know that there are small countries whose leaders do not accept dictation form abroad?
Ans- We cannot risk our party’s governing period. We know how we have got votes.

Q- Have you ever thought that people’s scarifies for this country, are countless?
Ans- Well nobody told me about the details of these. I will try my best to have knowledge of most of these as soon as I get back.

Q- How do you tackle difficult situations of the official responsibilities?
Ans- Well I take everything easy because protocols are adequate. Security is reliable and so many people work on my behalf.

Q- What about your relations with other senior party members?
Ans- Well, our aims and attitudes are same so we mutually support each other for all mutual interests.

Q- Do you know that people can agitate as soon as they understand that they have been doped?
Ans- Most of our senior party members have well maintained houses abroad. For other members we have pre arranged corners for shelters.


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