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“Bhateechar” –– Behind the Lines

PSL 2017

As “Bhateechar” is synonymous of low grade or less capable professional / employee, there is nothing in that for somebody to mind, because low graders are part of every department / institution, throughout the world without exception. When an acknowledged expert of a sport’s specie labels some low grade members as “Bhateechar”, they should be proud of the label in the sense that a dignitary has made a mention of them, and that might encourage them to improve their competence.

In internationally declared exceedingly corrupt countries of the world, “Bhateechars” are in shocking abundance in every government and private departments including the governance team members. Most of them from the parts of leg pullers, flatters and backlashers. They grip hold the country’s pace of progress so that it does not become a state to eliminate their existence. After all apart from their own bellies, they have to feed8 to 12 members of the families. By the way “Bhateechars” generally grow large families to support.

Captain, in my observation, had reasons not to attend PSL. One of the reasons strikes every sportsman’s mind. PSL can be defined as reckless effort to uphold the image of sports after a series of poor performance and debacles in hockey and cricket. It was a desperate effort to sustain an image without redeeming the root cause of failure. In absence of shuffling and improving the management and without formation of an impartial selection committee of relevant experts, all efforts of providing costly outfit to the statue will end in mockery. It very much appears that some dominant external powers desire to sustain the structure of the existing management. It might be some external power that supports the state with alms and aid. It might be some Muslim country or Western state.

Only those teams of the world perform commendable who have been trained and instructed to uphold the image of sports for sake of sports. For Pakistan every kind of support is linked to name of the country. If a Pakistani wrestler comes face to face with a foreign wrestler, the Pakistani TV viewers raise hands in deep meditation and prayer for success of Pakistani. This is outright injustice against sportsmanship. The desire of everybody, whosoever, must be the success of the belter wrestler or the better team. Disgraceful debacle of hockey match against Germany during 1972 was the impact of Prime Minister’s speech, on the eve of team’s departure, in which following words were used: “It is matter of honor of the country.”

Sports for the sake of sportsmanship, is an attitude for more rational and reasonable as compared to sports for a particular country. Entire world’s children also know which team comes from which country. In case of victory of a particular team the first and foremost credit and appreciation must go to the cause of sportsmanship. Honor for the related country is only a byproduct. Principle aim is honor and dignity of sportsmanship which is direct honor to efforts and toil of the entire humanity. Sports particular for a certain country is prejudice.

If Tom has an impaired leg he certainly should not mind, if somebody calls him limping Tom. The case of “Bhateechar” is right interpretation of ‘much fuss about nothing’. It seems nothing else remains to be worried about. It is catastrophic that government’s in charge of ministries are holding press conference about Captain’s remarks of “Bhateechar”. They certainly have a lot of other jobs to perform.

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