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Pakistan Needs Nationwide Urban Forestation

Solution of Metropolitan Temperature Raise: Urban Forestation Pakistan has unfortunately suffered a lot due to lack of planning and no consistent policy given by any government so far to keep our country clean and green. As industrialization has peaked around the world in the twentieth-century century and global warming is the agenda of the twenty-first century, […]

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Vintage Beauty of Lahore Walled City

“We travel not to escape life but for life to escape us” Lahore has a mesmerizing quality about it. Its gravitational pull always seems stronger than other places. You feel like a spectacle in the hustle bustle of all the businesses, all the people, all the life yet you are also lost in the spectacle, […]

Gullu butt with police

States’ Defence

Nations have survived repeated external aggressions as well as foreign occupations by the count of centuries but nations have been completely erased from the list of independent states as result of internal disunity and anti nation personal interests, by ruling groups and general public. Internal erosions perform half of the job of outside enemies. It […]

Death of a Patient on Hospital Floor

Death of a Patient on Hospital Floor

A heart cum kidney’s patient could not be afforded a bed and she expired on bare floor of Jinnah Hospital, Lahore on January 02, 2017. The incidence is a case of mockery of a state among the community of states including the under developed countries of the world. The incidence opens a whole volume of […]

Death Penalty for Theft

Death Penalty for Theft

A fifteen years old girl house maid was beaten to death in Garhi Shahu, Lahore. (Daily Dawn of May 20, 2012) The reason for cruelly beating the child has been stated to be theft. Behavior of the police and decision of court are yet to be seen. According to the contents of the news, the […]

Life Saving Drugs Scandal of Lahore

Life Saving Drugs Scandal of Lahore

Update: 137 people have died due to fake drugs in Lahore still now Disasters keep coming upon the people of this nation, perhaps because we have super patience, or most probably the people of this national have become numb, they don’t react over whatever happens. More than 400 people are still suffering from this drug […]