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Pakistan and Statesmanship


Acquisition of a piece of a land serves little towards freedom and independence of the occupants of territory. Contributions by far sighted versatile statesmen are must to comb the countrymen into disciplines of unity justice and honesty in formation of a real nation. Availability of requisite statesmen in low literacy corrupt states is next to impossible. Foreign preachers of democracy claim it to be a pill curing all types of minor and major socio political diseases suffered by all peoples of the world. This is absolutely untrue. Un-tempered system of conventional democracy in low literacy states has been the source of undeserving insincere politicians responsible for corruptions and crimes that have never been controlled by them. Democracy is not at all solution to all problems of all peoples of the world. To give it the status of magic pill is a deceit. Attitudes of over assessing embowering circumference of democracy, rebel. All past and latest interpretations of democracy involve one common core factor and that is selecting members of the parliament through uninterfered fair polls. All of the subsidiaries related to democracy are only discretionary in respect of the status and requirements of every state. Discretionary modifications and improvements have to be decided upon the way most suiting to the citizens’ status. How? It is a matter to be decided by top judiciary in collaboration with defence and highly educated and experienced group of citizens. In built disciplines of judiciary and defence have survived in durations of worst socio-political situations.

In context with low literacy states adopting unmodified system of conventional democracy with subsequent governance system, five categories of citizens deserve classified mention:-

  1. For whatever circumstances he joins the defence forces, the soldier donates his life and future of his family exclusively for the motherland and fellow citizens. Whatever his origin, he is highly respectable member of the nation.
  2. Well educated, disciplined and impressively successful persons intending to join politics exclusively and selflessly to solve nation’s decades old problems created by fake greedy politicians, deserve the blessings of every citizen.
  3. Citizens engaged in any profession –– teaching, manufacture, engineering, office works, maintenance of sanitation and infrastructure, etc. –– who developed and possess honest sense of devotion to duty and responsibility to up hold the dignity and honour of their motherland, in spite of serious hurdles by corrupts and criminals, are invaluable pearls, not only for their own nation but also for all citizens of world. Such pearls will keep shinning for ever till eternity.

Individuals misusing status of their duty and responsibility for illegal gains and misappropriations will always be haunted by curses, before and after death.

  1. Whosoever serves motherland and expects or demands appreciations and rewards, is eternally condemned and excluded from the list of patriots because he is self centred and selfish. Such a person will never leave a chance to inaugurate the foundation stone of any project, even a very insignificant and frivolous tiny project. Service to state and to nation is its own reward acknowledged and honoured by inhabitants of the skies also.
  2. Worthless individuals of low literacy declared corrupt states, bearing record of life long failure, suffering from financial hardships, join politics exclusively for damn easy illegal riches. For dishonests and corrupts this is the only business which is easiest and quickest source of pooling enormous riches without investment, in shortest possible time. Through misappropriations they acquire financial status that top industrialist achieved in five to ten decades’ day and night hard work. They generally belong to inherited status of menial jobs or deceitful sources of grabbing money. Joining politics, they will be generally seen in worship places, mosques and shrines with extremely grave faces and raised hands in deep meditation simply to deceive the sentiments of the masses. Such fake politicians become yes-men to foreign dictations surrendering the nation to pool of buffer states. Most of these traitors work as spies to foreign powers transmitting information of highly sensitive issues related to motherland. They keep trying to apply stresses to force the soldiers and judiciary in obedience to foreign instructions.

Thus untreated conventional democracy has been the source of unexplainable miseries, hardships and lawlessness for millions of human beings in various parts of the world. A Supreme Supervisory Council constituting highly educated and experienced experts and technocrats, becomes indispensible.

Combination of democracy and a top supervisory (Refer to article captioned ‘Corrupt States and Democracy’ Dated December 09, 2009). This constitutes electoral process on non-party basis.  Formally elected rulers and house of assemblies i.e. President, PM, Provincial Chief Ministers and Houses of Parliament, remained under supreme supervision of a body of members of top judiciary, defence, top lawyers, economists, scholars and technologists. Representatives of judiciary and defence will come through institutional selections whereas law experts, scholars and technologists will be selected through majority consent of houses of parliament. Powers of the Supreme Supervisory Council (SSC) will be over and above all categories of rulers and the members of the parliament. The SSC will monitor the working of the rulers and will have constitutional powers for all types of changes and dismissals as well and when needed.


Pakistan has been suffering gradual downfall in respect of all of its civil institutions since 1950. In the same crucial period Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, North Korea, India, China and Iran have made impressive progress in all walks of civil life.

Continued shocking deteriorations of Pakistan’s institutions in comparison to progress in neighbouring and surrounding countries, settle the opinion about sincerity and competence of rulers and politicians. Overall study of 70 years’ history concludes absence of statesmanship needed to steer the state successfully. In such a spectrum nations interests received little attention, as a result of which downfall kept steadily paving its way.

Verily there is Hades of difference between performance of a statesman and a conventional ruler with engineered or rigged mandate through hypothetical fake deceptive promises and heinous tactics. A statesman views and plans for decades into future using all available expertise and resources. A mere ruler occupies the governing chair for personal and family securities, protocols, share of illegal gains, classified menus on the dining tables at the cost of public money, costly dresses at state’s exchequer etc. to impress the illiterate masses as well as for fulfilment of diversified entertainments of foreign trips at the cost of states expense. Yet with a solemn face more solemn than on occasion of  taking the oath of office, resembling the performance of an Oscar actor, they occasionally utter ‘Every penny of public money is sacred fund’. While misappropriating, they never account for already looted billions and trillions transferred to local and foreign banks and businesses, they are deeply worried and interested in smallest amounts of loots out of public funds for adding to ever boosting balances. His written addresses are only novelists’ compassions that have no relation to recollection. During media sessions the helm man will be seen begging feedback from associates at each of his shoulders, who themselves don’t have the requisite grey matter.

Continued sagging and degeneration of states’ minor and major components, loudly announce alarming absence of statesmanship in the ruling arena. The stage emphatically demands war based prompt action by the institutions that maintain sound undeterred internal administrative disciplines viz top judiciary and defence.

Month by month downfall of state’s institutions is straight outcome of corruptions which according to the universal truth, always travel from top down to bottom. And bottom means every government, semi government, private organizations, religious bodies and down to traders, shop keepers and masons. With corrupts and misappropriators atop, down stream flow of evils will be perennial. A corrupt can never capture wrong doers. Looters have their own etiquettes and discipline. Their secret motto goes ‘Silently keep looting and receiving shares of loot, keep your tone low and polite and never interfere with the devices of other looters’. A corrupt can never apply authority to even the lowest level corrupts. In high profile offices peons have been observed shouting at very senior officers. He cannot even give a gesture of disliking for wrongs being done. Smooth downfall indicates that rulers are not competent and reliable. Further, growth of research oriented sophisticated tactical corruptions and heinous strategic crimes doubtlessly settle interference of members of the ruling groups in every affair related to law and order and even justice. Such behaviour of the rulers concludes that polls had been rigged to bring them atop and if culprits are not subjected to immediate strict accountability, anarchy and lawlessness will lead to disintegration.

How ironic does it look that rulers, parliaments and administrative setups are existing and regular expenditure of public money is continuing but multi directional dacoities and species of lawlessness continue happening every 24 hours period. It might speak of some type of secret support to organized criminals who are regularly being assigned missions against peaceful citizens. In such an alarming situation, top judiciary supported by defence has got to come forward for rescue. In all fairness such rescue deserves the honour of unrecorded clause of constitution of humanity for all peoples of the world, for restoring respect and dignity to every citizen.

The period of gradual fall of Pakistan in respect of its disintegration (1971), deterioration of its institutions, entry into declared top corrupt states of the world, huge foreign debts, devaluation of currency, boosting crimes creating atmosphere of barbarism and large scale business of adulteration in drugs and eatables, overwhelming lawlessness, extremism, incentives for luxury (the mother of all evils), price hike and unemployment has been the period in which other surrounding nations rose to prime of progress, development and prosperity. During the period of downfall of Pakistan, statesmen of neighbouring counties remained busy day and night to serve their nations in real sense of the world. Honourable Mahathir Muhammad, taking notes on his notebook, had been checking regular maintenance of the infrastructure, not of the President House or Prime Minister House but the infrastructure of populated public areas. Statement of honourable Le Kuan Yew is self explanatory: “What the Western world leadership does not understand is that at the end of the day, I am not worried by how they judge me, I am worried by how the people I have governed judge me”. South Koreans had been on their toes to achieve sustainable and reliable technological standards setting aside the garb of poverty and backwardness under the vigilant supervision of its statesmen. India has wonderfully succeeded in creating a top layer of honest and sincere politicians about whom nobody in the world can raise a finger. Inside USA, Mr. Narasimha Rao, Prime Minister of India, told the American president that India did not need any instruction about the mode of democracy in India as it was clear headed about it. Chinese president told American president on his visit to China that China knew what system of governance was appropriate for China. Iran courageously paid heavy price of breaking the bonds of foreign interferences and in less than three decades periods it rose to a status not familiar to its past history. With the progress and prosperity of the adjoining countries, Pakistani rulers had been replying to suggestions of the patriotic members of supporting parties: ‘What Britain will say about it’ and ‘What America will think about it’.

Sixty years of continuous gradual deterioration speaks loudly of the incompetence of rulers in succession. The nature of deterioration concludes absolute absence and non availability of statesmen, so deftly serving their nations in the surrounding areas. Once again the motto of the history of mankind proves that laymen in garb of architects are sure to destroy the whole parameters of all structures. In spite of that the rulers managing to grab the power chairs, through so called democracy, claim that they are capable enough to put the country on track to progress. Is it intentional lie or ignorance about the dimensions of versatile statesmen?

With legendry primitive and conventional group of so called politicians, during an era when circumstances change hue every fifteen minutes period, deterioration and downfall of unfortunate peoples is not at all surprising, year by year. Extreme of surprise is nations lead by persons who are unable to solve their own personal and domestic problems. Nations that are helpless in effective modifications of customary democratic system according to their own lifestyle, culture and traditions, can never eliminate anarchy and chaos slowly under mining their very roots, and boosting hell of corruptions, crimes and lawlessness. Honourable are forced to surrender their dignity, honest are forced to become dishonest. Citizens with straight clean basic characters are compelled to share the hell of evils. Judiciary become over burdened with cases demanding justice. Justice if thus delayed indefinitely causing unsolvable social problems. The situation unites tiny groups of unconquerable individuals and families not willing to surrender their dignity, honesty and truthfulness, to get into a revolt, howsoever restricted, with concrete determination never to be slave to oppression.

Choosing India for comparison, out of the neighbouring countries, here are a few examples:-

  1. Against 228 trains (mail, express and passenger) running in Pakistan, 20,038 trains (12,617 passenger and 7421 freight trains) arrive and depart various railway stations in India in every 24 hours. On a particular date May 04, 2008. Here are statements about Pakistan railways against statement about Indian Railway:
    • Pakistan Railway –– ‘Summary for 15% to 20% increase in fare received by Ministry of Railways’.
    • Indian Prime Minister’s Package –– ‘Cheap Journey for the people’ surprising concession in railway fares.

Disciplines of arrest and fine to passengers without ticket are sound and uncompromised in systems of Indian railway, whereas Pakistan railway has been ruined due to large scale without ticket passengers traveling by bribing the ticket checkers who managed their journey even beyond their reach of duty, in collaboration with their colleagues. (Refer to article ‘Ever Deteriorating Status of Pakistan Railway’ Dated August 03, 2011. This article is based on personal experience of extensive journeys by Pakistan Railway from north to south and east to west).

  1. Against zero Pakistani Universities among top hundred universities of Asia, India has a presence among top universities with 9 higher educational institutions.
  2. Against dearth of water reservoirs in Pakistan, India is pooling all resources to increase its number of reservoirs taming every perennial branch of river or stream to donate for the people.
  3. Pakistanis have been visiting India for surgical operations and medical treatments.
  4. Infrastructure in India is multiple times better maintained as compare to those in Pakistan.
  5. Against Haj Corruption cases involving minister and members of Haj management team in Pakistan, India shares every pilgrims Haj expenses.
  6. Mahatma Gandhi Rural Employment Scheme provides employment to every unemployed Indian. There is no such facility for the job seekers in Pakistan.
  7. On sensitive issues related to the country, Indian politicians generally say ‘Desh ka keya ho ga’ (What will happen to the country). In comparison to those Pakistani politicians, on such occasions utter ‘What will happen to party’ and ‘What will happen to vote bank’, showing their absolute greed for the governance chairs for more and more misappropriations. This wishful attitude obstructs sincere and competent lot of educated people to serve the state and citizens. This wishful attitude has been the cause of abuse to the electoral process at least thrice in the history of Pakistan. (1977, 2002, 2013).
  8. As a result of Indian leaderships ruling teams’ yearn for service to Bharat Mata, India is in a position to be a supplier of electricity to Pakistan whose rulers had been badly failing in planning for future requirements. Every individual of the nation is adversely affected. The students want to study but there is no electricity. Craftsmen want to manufacture but there is no electricity. Farmer wants to irrigate his field but there is no electricity. Water and Power Development Authority has become announcer of short fall of power units. In winter mother want to boil milk for the children but there is no gas or electricity. Every Pakistani is rendered helpless and degraded for want of needs for which government is responsible to provide. The humiliation is adversely affecting the very mentality of the citizens when they know about other nations possessing everything abundantly. Downfall of every institution is over shadowing the living conditions of all citizens. Effluent individuals are being threatened for extortion and poor are absolutely without nourishing diet. Each of the two sections is unable to get justice. Even an FIR cannot be managed due to interference of MPAs / MNAs who stand favoured by the Prime Minister for the sake of his vote bank. These burning issues emphatically demand that lavish and merciless spending of public funds for luxuries of the ruling class must be subjected to strict accountability.
  9. Indian subsidy for farmers against Pakistan’s increase in prices of electricity, fertilizers and pesticides.
  10. Thrice is a week the interior and exterior of Rashtrapati Bhavan (President House) is opened for all Indian citizens for visit to property owned by them. In case of Pakistan…………?
  11. Technological achievements in private sectors of India are competing Japan, South Korea and China. This is one of the impacts of top layer of honest rulers / politicians who wholeheartedly worship and serve Bharat Mata and whose honesty and sincerity is acknowledged throughout the world. Pakistan still relies on Japan for motor cycle components.

Calibre and performance of a parliament of majority illiterate members has meagre to contribute in comparison to a parliament of educated and honest members. In all fairness it sounds reasonable to manage expert guidance for majority of illiterate or less educated for which SSC stands indispensible.

  1. In comparison to simple and economical uniform type of dress of all Indian rulers and politicians, display of Pakistani rulers’ luxurious residences and costly dresses give a glimpse of sixteenth century ruling styles aimed at mentally supressing the citizens to keep their chins always down as token of surrender, in all circumstances.

Progress and development encouraged and promoted by Pakistani rulers / politicians, during 60 years of continued downfall, has been far from scientific and technological research fields. It becomes necessary to refresh ‘Why’ and ‘What for’ territory for Pakistan had been procured:-

  1. Fundamentals for achievement of Pakistan have been ‘Muslims are separate nation’ and ‘A separate homeland for Muslims’.
  2. Its cost amounted to abduction of 90,000 chaste Muslim women plus merciless massacre of innocent and unarmed children, women and men of three religions. A catastrophe that could not be forestalled by top leadership during prolonged struggle of 30 years.
  3. Horrors of abductions and massacre caused complete extinction of countless honourable peaceful families and in addition to that mental disorder for life for numerous individuals unable to absorb and tolerate scenes of barbaric bloodshed and dishonour to women.
  4. State’s name stands to be Islami Jamhuriya Pakistan.
  5. State’s constitution includes articles related to Islamic teachings.

With all above at the background, the persons who engineered out capturing of state’s ruling positions, group after group, paid special attention to following domains for research and progress:-

  1. A lot of singers have been exported to India and the process continues.
  2. There are around a dozen poets in every street and village of the country in spite of the fact that poets have been scornfully mentioned in at least 7 verses of Muslims’ Holy books in various chapters.
  3. TV screen in dominated by bikinis, naked stench pocket arm pits, dingy flying loose hair even in kitchen programs, down slipping female collars, all collected internally and externally for youngsters of ‘A separate homeland for Muslims’. Lot of children in modelling profession, against the child labour movement, is multidirectional offence derailing all aspects of the entire life of every child.
  4. State’s news casters and comperes have been forcefully added to the lot of models and they are not allowed to start duty without tickles of makeup rooms, the inn of ever fresh continued scandals, as acknowledged by film makers.
  5. Fashion shows. Displays by semi naked females for sex pleasure of adults of Islami Jamhuriya Pakistan.
  6. Mama Papa culture propagated through educational institutions and TV dramas. This is a deliberate effort to promote slaves mentality among the citizens. The practice is an outright insult to culture and traditions of Pakistan. Abbu / Ammi are being mercilessly insulted.

Low literacy states imitating democratic system practiced by high literacy countries, are entrapped in modern era strategic colonization as buffer states, risking their independence, dignity and resources. And once the clutch grips, return for freedom and independence in not possible without facing large scale bloodshed and carpet bombing. Examples of Somalia, Iran, Afghanistan and Iraq express more than words can convey. In the offing stand Pakistan, North Korea, States of North Africa, upper parts of South Africa and subsequently Central Asian states. Precaution is indispensible.

According to Muslims’ Holy Book, Quran (Surah Yaseen, Verses 26 & 27), spirits of dead people are affected positively and adversely by achievements and miseries of their living fellow human beings and relatives:-

  1. Children, women and men of horrible massacre of 1947 must be continuously tortured by disintegration, corruptions, crimes and continuous downfall of Pakistan in 65 years period during which it could be very well given and shape of an Islamic welfare state for which it has been achieved. Absence of statesmen and application of borrowed shape of democracy did not let is achieved the destined status. Incompetent and un experienced politicians making use of imitated democracy for all personal and family benefits. For all courageous initiatives they had always been repeating the nasty words with their shivering lips: ‘What Britain will think about it’, and ‘What America will consider it like’.
  2. Second category of deceased under continuous torture is souls of veterans who selflessly and honestly served the nation leaving their families in poverty and hardships. Dedicated soldiers of war and peace, honest civil servants, hardworking educationists, researchers, technologists, inventors, honest door to door postmen and sincere sanitary workers are among them.
  3. Next come very few numbers of deeply patriotic political workers who in spite of little success continue to guide the citizens for costing their vote in favour of honest and sincere candidates.

Let us all Pakistanis taking all precautions to cast votes in favour of selflessly honest candidates, collectively pray to God Almighty to fill graves of all looters and misappropriators of this sacred land with scorching fire. Let us all pray to God Almighty to erase and root out the dishonest and looters wearing cloaks of politicians, religious leaders and civil servants in this sacred land. Let us pray to God Almighty to bestow his strongest curse to all living looters and misappropriators, to further ruin and destroy this sacred land. Let us all take oath of unshakable determination never to vote for all those responsible for steady downfall of the country that has become under heavy foreign debts and abused to be seriously corrupt.

In the end let all sincerely patriotic Pakistanis join heads, hearts and hands to suggest to all old politicians and their family members, offsprings of dictators and those in readiness to join in politics only for illegal gains, to spare this sacred land and its simple credulous citizens, and let the new revolutionary figures with neat life record come forward and give it the shape for which it had been procured at exceptionally high cost and exemplary sacrifices. Apart from Pakistanis, all politicians and intelligence agencies worldwide have been observing and noting that Pakistani politicians of meagre financial and social status have been continuously rising up and on the reverse the state is steadily falling down during the last 50 years period. The defaulters simple don’t quit merely for grabbing more and more till and country is completely eliminated. Similar is the case with government and semi government employees whose illegal gains boost with irregularities leaving the citizens below and below the poverty line.

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