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Students in Open and Under Dangerous Roof

Universal truth stands: ‘Corruptions always descend from top down to bottom’. And bottom includes every nuke of human society viz faith, worship, family, relations, business, sincerity, patriotism ­­–– a corrupt leader will surrender everything related to state and nation in return for personal gains ––  friendship, commitments, promises, confidence, morality, etc.  Mankind has never experienced and will never experience the reverse of it. When state of corruptions persist or boost, it doubtlessly concludes that governance body has acquired power through illegitimate and manipulative tactics, whatever the political and voting system may be. Steady progresses of multi directional crimes do speak of something. Unobstructed regularity in decoities, extortion, abductions, street crimes, illegal occupation of properties, intimidation of peaceful citizens and abduction and rape of daughters of poor families, indicate that whole country’s population has been divided into sectors, each of which has been secretly given in control of vagabonds regularly funding the rulers out of the loots. It certifies and settles that all the governance members, without exception of a single, bear absolutely unreliable attitude towards the citizens whose honour, lives, properties and possessions are in danger moment by moment. This is the stage when interference of judiciary and defence becomes compulsory and binding.

Have a look into the luxurious standards of living of almost all of the governing members of Pakistan, heavily under foreign debts, during last fifty years period, have a knowledge of sizeable amounts spent on inaugurations by PMs and CMs, of insignificant projects deserving to be opened by a senior engineer only and study an account of their internal and external official journeys’ expenses and view the picture below, published in Daily DAWN of September 21, 2014:-

School Children without Classrooms

School Children without Classrooms

A country with abundant natural and manpower resources, a country that is promising to financially support so many countries of East and West (including countries with suspended public projects due to merciless wastage of states’ public funds on destabilising, shuffling and destroying other countries) and a country born to help instead of begging help has been mercilessly surrendered to Yes-man-ship of states surviving solely on self interest at the cost of other peoples.

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