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Descent of Corruption

corruption-in-pakistan Hundred percent eradication of corruption is not possible. It must however remain controlled to indicate governance in a state. Serious corruption in a state affixes sign of interrogation against the political system and competence of the ruling politicians. List of yearly declared corrupt states include many of the developed countries. Most of whom continue to keep tight grip on corruption and crimes. States with alarming degree of corruption are all low literacy states with less than 85% high school graduates. Administrative control in these states is extremely poor as a result of which sizeable number of incompetent and greedy politicians make their way into ranks of governing groups. Consequently the resultant political atmosphere emerges to be conducive to corruption and crimes. So many states move over to the serials of worst corrupt states year by year.

Corruption never travels from toe to top. No stair or device has ever been invented for its ascension towards top. It always descends from top to bottom. Mankind’s brain has been positioned at the top of his stature. Like other ideas, evil is hatched in brain at top. It is later that lower parts below the top i.e. arms, hands, legs and feet follow the message to perform actively. In the matter of a state, behaviour and conduct of the top governing lot affects institutions, business, production, clergy and every section of social setup. There have been examples in the past and there are examples at present that groups of honest and sincere rulers have never faced serious state of corruption in their countries. Worst category of corruptions and crimes, developed in decades, by dishonest rulers, have been irradiated by sincere patriotic ruling groups within amazingly short periods. Credit goes to their honest concern for the state and the nation. People on earth will never see uncontrolled serious corruption in any country ruled by honest and sincere leaders. Hence, a state’s corruption always descends from top to the administrative and social structure. Honest individuals suffer most under corrupt rulers. Some of them can not compromise their honesty and so they lose their jobs. Some are transferred as punishments. Some of the honest businessmen are forced to discontinue business. All of them pay heavy cost for sincerity and honesty under corrupt rulers. This cost closely resembles the selfless sacrifices for any independence struggle in which the volunteers clearly know that they wouldn’t be able to see the fruits of independence, still they put everything belonging to them, to the altar. Inspite of that the incompetent rulers do not retire and continue to give every indication that they will never retire, never die and will never be answerable to any supreme power or authority. Their stubborn attitudes keep adding more and more to miseries of all classes of citizens including innocent children and helpless patients. Products of the rule of incompetent rulers of low literacy states are the heinous crimes, abduction of children and adults for ransom, adulteration in everything including life saving medicines, regular phenomenon of numerous dacoities with shocking regularity, causalities of political gang wars, etc.

In such horrible atmosphere created by incompetent rulers, citizens survive solely on their own efforts and struggles in absence of sources of energy. They use primitive devices for farming, manufacturing, petty business, construction of residential colonies and self security. Ironically the rulers take credit of all that, repeatedly saying that it is the result of their efforts.

The world bodies are courteous enough to avoid using the pertinent terminology ‘corrupt politicians’ states’. Corrupt politicians provide all supports to multi directional corruptions through tools of:-

1- Trespassing merit for maintaining vote bank putting glorious departments to bankruptcy.

2- Undue favours at the cost of public funds.

3- Boosting unemployment by depleting sources of energy for industries, compelling some of the unemployed individuals to involve in crimes for survival.

4- Add to sex crimes by boosting sex agitating atmosphere, trespassing the norms of states’ cultural values, using women as mere source of entertainment.

5- Neglecting heavy burden of foreign debts on states, ruthless efforts are initiated for creation of a luxury loving atmosphere in the country. So much so that media is hired to speak of the appalling prices of dresses of ministers.

Why then the doctors and paramedical staff will not be going on strikes for luxury demands leaving the patients without treatments? Why then the doctors will not plot for business of human body parts? Why then the private clinics will not deliberately prolong the process of treatment for more room rent and fees for highest possible standards of living? Why then the teachers will not involve in forced tuition custom? Why then the prices will not move towards infinity?

After establishing the principle of decent of corruption downwards from top, governing body of a state entering serials of worst corrupt states, consecutively for three years, must surrender its right to govern any further, because practically it confirms its own disqualification. Such a government’s clinch to power simply ridicules the subject of governance. Continued rule after third still higher jump over to the lot of worst corrupt states, will simply add more and more to the miseries of the citizens and the tranquility of the world as whole. The so called government in such a case will become the clutch of a usurper group using distortion of democracy by heinous tactics.


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