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Gradual Downfall of Standards in Pakistan

It is story of drastic catastrophe in the face of daily repeated claims of progress without concretely defining what progress really means because generally progress is repeatedly mentioned mostly for attaining vote bank balance. To define progress keep the example of Malaysia, South Korea and Singapore, at the extreme of poverty level during 1950s and 1960s, rising over to their present status of commendable achievements for the state and the citizens.

Striking upon a comparison of falling standards in Pakistan against any other country will provide so many apologies for the involved top / bottom positions holders, so comparison of present status against the previous state of affairs in Pakistan appears to be more appropriate.

People of Pakistan have been noticing a downfall of standards related to patriotism, politics, democracy and all the institutions meant for service to citizens and future generations since 1950s. Every citizen is invited to analyze only a few representative hints mentioned here under:-

  1. Punjab University that used to be acknowledged for its standards of educations has lost its image by the international community (Here refer to article “Dodging Students and Parents of the Nation”). This is the severest below to the very roots of the nation. Failure of the education system has adversely affected the very basic character of every educated individual in the country towards the state as well as towards the fellow human beings. Sacred and sensitive responsibility of educating the citizens has transformed into a money making business. Only a few names of the private schools speak of the business story: The Sky School, The Smart School, The Plebe School, The Ducklings School, The Aim School, etc.
  2. There are countries who have maintained and improved ever y inch of the railway tracks of the entire railway system owned from the colonial rulers. In Pakistan the whole railways system is being eroded inch by inch. Railway stations and railway tracks are deserted sites. The passengers have been surrendered to the pity of favored transporters. Railway stations that used to be humbling with passengers are now haunted spots. It has been recently promised that number of trains on track will be increased to 106. This is highly a poor figure in comparison to the number of trains during 1950s, 1960s and 1970s.
  3. Railway trains that had been over earning have been mercilessly eliminated to transfer the benefits to the transporters. Samma Satta Express from Shakar Ghar to Samma Satta is one of the examples.
  4. In comparison to number of trains on track in India, there should be at least 2500 to 3000 trains reaching and leaving for the destinations in 24 hours day period in Pakistan. This is keeping in view the territory and the population in Pakistan. May 4th 2008 was the day when Pakistan increased rail fares and on exactly the same day Indian authorities declared that they will not increase the rail fares in the interest of people.
  5. Canal embankments are being maintained with kitchen waste including plastic shopping bags. Just drive along a canal and see the completely neglected state off maintenance of embankments.
  6. PIA used to be the most trusted Airline in the world. Now many people prefer not to fly by PIA. It is said that this downfall is simply due to trespassing the standards of merit.
  7. During 1960s, we hardly ever heard of adulteration in eatables. Today every eatable including milk is adulterated. The situation is attributed to luxurious lifestyle of ruling politicians from whom the incentive for luxury has been learnt by milk shop keeper, the producer of eatable items, the dacoits, the doctors, nurses, educators, owners of private schools, religious leaders, government and private people connected with Haj facilities, etc., to provide luxurious life for their family members and relatives.
  8. In the past attacking the judicial courts was unimaginable. Today it is a routine.
  9. Compared to latest f figure of foreign debts, there was no burden of debts on the country during 1960s.
  10. Never before we heard about attacks against the security forces. These are now matter of routine these days.
  11. Organized arrangements for extortion have been developed and generated into today’s Pakistan.
  12. Illegal acquisition of government land has become a business in modern Pakistan.
  13. There is no check to boosting sex crimes which are regularly being assisted by nakedness of native and foreign female models whose inland number is increasing day by day. Let us not be mistaken that sex crimes are closely related to performances of female models.
  14. Worst energy crisis unknown previously, commands the atmosphere.
  15. Worst devaluating of currency never known before, is continuously going on.
  16. Worst setbacks to textile industry never imagined before.
  17. Citizens are betrayed by own countrymen. You turn left or right down the highway, you are pleased to find an A class double road. But within moments of your joy and comfort, you face the worst single broken track only after 5 kilometers of distance. When your heart has been bending with gratitude, you suddenly start abusing the management.
  18. Only 1000 families among 30 million families enjoy comforts of New York in any of the cities / towns / villages of Pakistan (refer to article headed “State Capture” by Dr. Farrukh Saleem, at page 6 of the Daily ‘The News’ of 20.08.2017 for details).
  19. 1950s and 1960s blessed us with two sizeable dams i.e. Mangla Dam and Tarbella Dam. The five decades that followed gave us only media reports about making and rejecting programs for water reservoirs.
  20. 25-35 dacoities daily in Faisalabad these day never happened during 1950s and 1960s even for a single day.
  21. Never before an SP level government servant embraced a terrorist in appreciation during his active operation of terrorism. Remember Gullu Butt.
  22. Never before a miniature massacre of 150 factory workers of Karachi and 14 innocent men and women including an expecting gentle lady in Model Town – Lahore, happened.
  23. There used to be no government permission for production of Tea Whitener which has proceeded on to production of White Liquid poisons in the name of milk. Children and younger generation of the nation are in the danger of diseases and serious lack of diet. Permission of production of tea Whitener and continuity of its production is reckless effort to deform the babies and shirk responsibilities of promoting production of natural milk. There is every possibility of illegal favor for some industrialists, native or foreigners.
  24. And so on continued…
Fake Cold Drink Factory

Fake Cold Factory sealed making and selling famous soft drinks in genuine looking packaging

Fake Milk Pakistan

Government of Pakistan has issued licence to make and sell fake milk named as Tea Whitener. This sublime negligence has opened the door to a wide range of adulteration in dairy products, producing fake milk from harmful chemicals and toxic substances including fertilizers, washing powders, etc.

A meat vendor caught red handed selling Donkey Meat in Lahore – Pakistan

All this is not spontaneous and abrupt. Some political group must be responsible for intentionally hatching and developing this insecure atmosphere. It can never be other than a particular specie of politicians who superfluously misuse innocence of illiterate masses. Those who use the word ‘Democracy’ more than any other word in their lifespan, are the culprits. For them democracy translates: 99% votes for them. Such specific group of politicians exists only in low literacy states where politics by inheritance is a custom.

In spite of these undermining and roots eating process, the same group of politicians claims that the country is progressing regularly. When foreign political experts see catastrophe approaching, the rulers of low literacy states claim that everything is ok.

During 1960s Malaysia and South Korea had been in the list of very poor countries. Today present status of these countries is at par with every developed state of the world. It is not magic. Patriotic ad honest leaders brought these to present state. Lee Qwan Yew got a country that had no shape of a country. He brought it to be best modern shape.

Rulers make or disrupt a state. If rulers are corrupt the whole social system gets into corruption. Patriotism starts breathing its last at the very start of intricately managed and engineered corruption. In case a corrupt asks you to prove it, rest assured that he is dishonest to the abyss of sin because he indicates that he has taken every care to leave no sign of his corruption.

In the ruling group of any state anybody maintaining luxurious lifestyle is corrupt because demands of luxury can never be fulfilled through fair income. Just to start with why a political leader in governance body should be luxury loving, openly displaying his maintenance to impress? And to impress the visiting heads of the states, who happen to be the donors for financial help, is like making mockery of the state and government beyond limit.

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