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Justice to Rule

No known political system is effective without impartial and uninterfered Justice. Democracy, secularism, communism, socialism, etc. are devised by mankind and human is to err. Justice owns divine honour and provides solutions for ultimate good and as such it must possess prime status instead of a subjective institution.

JusticeIn the guise of creating unity, political systems divide human society into various rival groups:-

  1. Political groups.
  2. Religious groups.
  3. Social status groups.
  4. Financial status groups.
  5. White Bread and Black Bread groups.
  6. VIP and common people groups.
  7. Grouping for mutual support in matters of white collar crimes and strategic crimes.

Most of these groups support their members for everything wrong or unfair. Wrongs on part of their members include misappropriations of public funds, extortion, security to white collar criminals with intricate devices for escaping legal powers, stealing of electricity and natural gas, rail journeys without ticket, interference with law enforcing agencies, illegal financial shares on construction projects, absolutely fake exports for planning coverage to embezzlements out of government and private funds, large scale embezzlements in donations by public to religious institutions, usurpation, rape of women, abduction of children and women, looting of passenger of public transport, etc. In special types of groupings, massacre of certain sects of the society is secretly planned and then openly carried out. In still special types of groupings dacoities of public funds and state’s natural resources is planned internally as well as internationally, whereas the culprits show their stretched hands to everybody saying ‘our hands are clean’. Similar sentence is repeated for all types of murders and rampages.

All of the known political systems plan development of deliberate discrimination against women by adding more and more to sex markets and brothels and shaping women as mere sex toys. During experiments of communism, the miserable and deplorable conditions of women and children have been published in issues of monthly ‘SPUTNIK’ of 1990s. Brothels of female babies under ten years of age have come to light in some secular / democratic states. More and more nakedness of models is encouraged. Inspite of all this grave and insult some picture of plight of women, yearly mother day and women day are regularly observed.

Grouping of human society and discrimination against women have boosted corruption, crimes and sectarian violence / extremism. Habituating women for adopting posture of sex figures gives no gestures of respect for women as human beings. Such attitude toward ladies has been source of complex crimes in societies. Examplary crimes free states of history had record of respect for women as women. Permissiveness in greedy sex attachments is destined to disrupt calm needed by citizens. Yearly women day and mother day don’t have face value even because these days are also part of the year when numerous criminal acts against women continue.

Thus man devised governance systems own basic tendency of gender discrimination and inventions of ever new species of diversified crimes. Under these systems every institution of a state is strewn with groups having precipitated aggressive attitude against each other. So dividing mankind, these systems provide the groupings with spears and guns for torching and killing each other. With these political systems every citizen is party to some group. He mostly hates and dislikes the supporters of other parties. In low literacy states, there are numerous cases in which citizens’ loyalty to his party is far more stronger than his loyalty to the nation and the state. So a nation is disintegrated into so many sub-nations.

Let only Justice rule, under which all citizens of all schools of thought will be party to Justice. This will mean neutrons and protons revolving in peaceful harmony. When every citizen concentrates sincerity to Justice, all people with varied religions and beliefs become united into one nation and in a worldwide human unity. Every religion and school of thought teaches respect for Justice. If Justice is crowned with prime status to rule, human rights of every individual will become uninterfered and secure. Only trouble makers and corrupts will disagree with rule by Justice in supreme crown. States ruled under crown of Justice established records of peace and tranquillity for decades together. No section of society ever held demonstration for any demands because Justice was always eying problems of people.

Going back to the history of peoples, we find most peaceful and prosperous nations whose every citizen was party to Justice only. There were rulers who dressed and lived exactly like the common man in the state. There were rulers who never spared the criminals closely related to them. Naursherwan-e-Adal of Iran will always be remembered for his rule with Justice in prime status.

It is shocking that any of the manmade systems has not been able to unite the people, in a single modern state, in a manner by which Mughal Emperor Akbar and Emperor Saleem Jahanghir united vast varieties of sects in India with around 350 languages spoken in various parts with different customs, traditions and beliefs. Adal-e-Jahanghiri (Justice of Jahanghir) will remain part of history. One of his close relatives suffered death penalty for a criminal act.

Ruling teams of most of the declared corrupt states make mockery of governance responsibilities by:-

  1. Their success in acquisition of begged aids, alms and debts instead of taping national resources.
  2.  Willy nilly developments in tiny nooks of the country neglecting citizens of remote areas.
  3. Always bearing a greedy selfish desire to remain in power as mediocre instead of doing something exceptional for the nation and quitting forever, leaving a sacred message for everybody to acquire deep concern for the state.
  4. To achieve wild support for vote bank towards inheritance on governance, honouring models, poets, singers and painters and neglecting & discouraging inventors and technologist.
  5. Instead of adopting honourably glorious track of progress of Malaysia, China and Singapore, they keep their hands stretched before every philanthropist, generous and wealthy. For self-image they continue to beg popularity through their kingly residences and costly dresses, hiring media to release stories of their luxurious lifestyles.

A ruling team dismissed by a state’s democratic president due to failure in governance responsibilities has no right to remain in politics because such groups will destroy nation’s time and resources over and over again.

Rule by Justice is possible with crown powers and control. It rejects ruling responsibilities as a mere subsidiary. It holds rights of all out authority to select, disapprove, dismiss and replace on the basis of its knowledge of human behaviour.

Rule by Justice is only possible with following fundamental powers:-

  1. Restoration and preservation of regional cultures and traditions.
  2. General polls on non-party basis.
  3. Selection of state’s President, PM and Chief Ministers.
  4. Formal approval of cabinet ministers.
  5. Salaries / stipends of assembly’s members and members of governance body.
  6. Unilateral command over state’s defence forces.
  7. Analysis of three years performance by governance body for deciding about its continuation or dismissal / replacement.

Gentlemen of the jury! Let there be death penalty for all those joining politics in return for complete failure in all kinds of sources of legal earnings to sustain life and:-

  • For all those labelling the state as seriously corrupt.
  • For all those looting public funds and resources subjecting millions to hunger and disease. For all those who are party to love for luxury.
  • For all those in favour of salaried ruling positions.
  • For all those playing with the innocence of credulous illiterate majority of citizens.
  • For all those recommending the existing political systems for deliberate discriminations and divisions of citizens into groups, exploitations of females for sex, more models and sex markets.
  • For all connected with abduction and sale of human beings of all ages.
  • For all those selling nations’ interests over to wealthy and strong.
  • For all those violating and destroying basic fundamentals of peoples.
  • For all those terming adultery, adulteration and varied deceptions as indispensible ingredients of human rights.
  • For all those penniless who have acquired the status of affluent exclusively thought tactics of abnormalities of professional politics and holding of high positions.
  • For all those providing coverage to their illegal loots by documentation of national and international business.
  • For all those professional lists and businessmen internationally causing health and security problems for human beings.

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