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Neglected Prime Factor of 14th August

Top leadership of All India Muslim League ignored a

Evan Meredith Jenkins

Last Governor of British Punjab

nd rejected repeated warnings of Punjab’s British Governor Sir Evan Jenkins (Refer to word famous book ‘Punjab Ka Batwara’ in English translated into Urdu by Dr. Ishtiaq Ahmed basically belonging to Arain family of Mazang Lahore) about the forth coming massacre 1947. This resulted in barbaric bloodshed of innocent unarmed children, women, men, patients and disabled persons in addition to abductions and dishonoring of at least 90 thousand Muslim females. All these eternally heart piercing incidents could very well be forestalled with simplest of strategies (Refer to article ‘Shocking Facts about Massacre 1947’)

August 14 is celebrated with superfluous zeal and enthusiasm every year. Above 80 percent of its celebrations and specific joy performances are always surrendered to singers, dancers, models, jokers, poets and media imprints. Only below 20 percent functions go to the share of government. Collective image of all these varieties is least related to the notion of Islami Jamhuriya Pakistan, a piece of territory procured at historically high cost of life and properties in addition to those Muslim men and women who lost their mental balance till death.

Is there no space for remembering the innocent martyrs on August 14th every year? This is certainly a negligence that throws us all into a disgraceful oblivion. The negligence depicts the mentality of ruing politicians who claim to b patriotic, whereas remembering the sacrifices of martyrs comes at serial A 1 of elements of patriotism.

In the evening of every August 14, there must be a government level Quran Khuani for the sacred souls of martyrs. This will remind our youth about the basics of patriotism. This will remind the Corrupts not to betray the sacrifices of martyrs. This will remind us all that we must `take warnings seriously to forestall catastrophes. This will remind us that this piece of territory had not been presented to us in golden tray with salutes of honor.

Post catastrophe repentance “I did not know that I had fake coins in both of my pockets” will not do any service whatsoever to the people and the state.

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