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PMLN Did Not Do Anything to Resolve the Kashmir Issue

Why PMLN didn’t do anything to resolve the Kashmir issue, despite having a strong mandate and being a political party with the majority of its leadership being Kashmiri descendants? This the question that bothers every Pakistani…

It’s a dilemma for our country or you may call it a curse for the Pakistani political system. We have not yet seen economic prosperity and a sustainable democratic system since 1947. The reason is that the politicians who come into power work for their own self-interest and they want to stay in power as long as they live and do not want any accountability for themselves and neither any of their actions taken during the period they were holding the public office.

This democratic legacy of Pakistan spreads over six decades, the people of Pakistan have lost their trust and now more than fifty percent of the people do not come out to vote as both mainstream political parties PMLN and PPP have lost their credibility. It is now a question of selecting among the two options which one is less corrupt.

They have been in power thrice and yet tried, tested and failed several times and still they are waiting for their next turn with no true opposition that exists among them. They both are beneficiaries of a corrupt political system.

The most important players who are always active and remain in contact with national and international political forces within Pakistan are the intelligence agencies of the other countries who want to invest in Pakistan for their own strategic objectives in the region to destabilize Pakistan. The facilitators who work for these agencies are constantly in touch with all political forces inside Pakistan and provide all sort of support needed to create instability inside Pakistan.

This indirect support to our politicians results in a conflict between the national interest and individual self-interest. This is where they create mayhem for the governments as the governments want to stay in political power corridors and don’t want to lose their national political credibility but as they are forced to carry on agenda given to them by other foreign factions it creates a conflict between the state foreign policy and political parties’ own self-interest. The foreign media houses also speak in their favor and build a narrative that is in favor of the selected political party and they work together as mouthpieces for foreign agenda and narrative that is against the country’s national interest and unfortunately, it’s embarrassing for us as Pakistan’s.

Pakistan high commissioner to Pakistan told the press that our former prime minister belonging to PML-N is building his personal ties with the prime minister Modi based on the individual business interest with business tycoon Sajjan Jindal who was interested in investing coal projects inside Pakistan. He was also asked to issue visas on urgent basis in the capacity of personal business relationship with Indian business leaders. Secondly the Nawaz Sharif’s policy on Kashmir cutting his ties with the Hurriyat Conference leadership in occupied territory was another reason to create a direct relationship with Modi government as a gesture to go by the Indian narrative that we do not want to resolve Kashmir issue as its the internal matter of India.

The foreign office spokesman also told the press that they were instructed not to deliver any statements against India during the tenure of former prime minister Nawaz Sharif.

The democratic system is not in favor of the majority of the people of Pakistan as it gives liberty to few rich to become more rich and more powerful and making the poor poorer. The politicians invest in politics so that they can get a legitimate reason to be in power in the name of serving the people and then they have every reason to control institutions to make more money for themselves by doing an alliance with the corrupt bureaucracy.

The business community mostly are non-tax payers and do not want to pay legitimate tax for their earnings and once they fund the party of their choice, they are free to go. The government does not want to bring in change but their objective remains to maximize their own wealth by collaborating with the business community and all political stakeholders.

The political parties have destroyed all government owned institutions. The government’s ministers and institutional heads that are appointed do not come to strengthen these institutions but instead they show their personal loyalty towards the political party and do not serve the people of Pakistan. It’s a trickledown effect the people in the government institutions who are competent and loyal to serve Pakistan become OSDs and people who are servient to the political party get all favors.

Business community gives mandate to the political party of their choice because they want to make money by investing in the party and then getting all the support that may be needed to grow their business empire.

All of the corruption money is transferred through money laundering to the safe havens created in countries where they have made an empire and can live luxurious life and you can very well imagine it’s their second home and still, they don’t want to leave politics as the power greed is never ending. Once you become blue eyed of the western world, they will provide selected political leaders safe havens in all difficult times.

This is the short history for all political parties that entered mainstream politics through the support of military establishment and are born in GHQ incubation centers but yet they are unable to work together for bringing in economic prosperity to the nation.

Both parties were given a fair chance to serve the country but as soon as they became powerful enough, they want to control all of the institutions, judiciary and army simultaneously. It’s a way of becoming “Badshah e Salamat” of the country. There is a famous proverb, “Absolute power corrupts absolutely”. Once they cross the given line drawn to them, they become vulnerable and insecure and then they seek support from all those back-channel facilitators sitting outside the country once they are removed from their office.

After they are removed from office on corruption charges, they become stooges and follow a policy given to them by their new bosses. They can keep all their illegal wealth abroad and may get back to power once they are given the green signal to get back in the office.

This is a typical scenario for all political leaders who have been in power for more than five decades in Pakistan. The western powers use carrot and stick policy to drive their long-term strategic goals in the region by using our rogue politicians.

This repeat business is suited to all global superpowers who want Pakistan to become a failed state as no country can progress if the corruption is not stopped and accountability is not done to bring a positive change in the country.

If the political parties work for strengthening the institutions and do not use the state institutions for their own personal objectives certainly, they will not go into the hands of foreign superpowers who control the global politics. Secondly the media houses are also among the beneficiaries of the political system as they are paid by politicians to build a narrative in their favor to stay in politics. All the national institutions and the state pillars of our country Judiciary, Politicians, Army and Press must work together pursuing national narrative that is consistent throughout and it will make Pakistan economically strong and free of corruption can bring in harmony and peace with all its neighbors.

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