Monday, April 22, 2024

Corrupt Mafia in Guise of Politicians in Declared Corrupt States of the World

corruption By all components of mature judgments, vote-bank-sensitive politicians (so called) are incompetent to plan any program for long term benefits for the state, the citizens and the coming generations. Dictators’ agenda is always single point agenda i.e. to remain in power till death. Groups of corrupt politicians always have the same agenda only with plus points i.e. to remain in power sun / daughter to grandson / daughter and so on. Their citizens are generally illiterate and less educated to easily get deceived by various shapes of slogans which are every time in new shapes.

In non corrupt states the patriotic politicians make use of every single day of their four, five or seven years’ tenure to do maximum long term benefits for the state and people. They are never greedy for another term and leave the decision up to the opinion of the citizens without any type of shinning slogans.

Corrupt greedy politicians of declared corrupt states always aim at continued grab of the power chairs. So they are always ready to cross any limit what so ever. Citizens are hereby alerted to expect any or most of the following:-

1- Whether in power or outside the government, they will continue to mercilessly waste thousand of yards of cloths and tons of paper for displaying their photographs and false slogans, in every nook of the state, throughout the year, to impress the illiterate innocent masses who form majority of voters.

2- To arouse pity and sympathy of the masses they will repeatedly mention the details of some past incidents, solely in their personal favor. They will not hesitate even to display on stage the affected men, women and children of the past incident.

3- They can indulge in horrible massacre of citizens of certain areas.
4- They can trespass or abolish the State’s constitution.
5- They can misbehave with judiciary to any extent.
6- They can plot against the very defence of the state.
7- As an extreme ultimate, they can invite the worst enemy country to interfere with any type of steps at its disposal.


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