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Catastrophe of States Declared Corrupt


Lands of any state are never corrupt. These always continue to grow crops, offer mineral & water resources and accommodate citizens. Owners of a home built and maintained at the cost of sacrifices of lives, honour and assets of life long physical and mental hardships, will never even think of destroying it. Evidently for internationally declared corrupt states of the world, corrupt politicians are the culprits. They are personification of destructive corruption in the states. Their misappropriations are the source of incentive for illegal gains in departments and all categories of business. No state is corrupt, no nation is corrupt and no nation is unprincipled. Top corrupt leadership, in all circumstances, sustains and promotes corruptions and misappropriations. Transparency International’s term ‘Corrupt States’ stands to be ambiguous and as such must be replaced by ‘Corrupt Politicians’ States’.

‘Corruption’, is a word easy to speak, but embezzlement of hundreds of billions per annum in one single state, forming a sizeable part of its annual budget, demands culprits behind bars in punishment for depriving poors of adequate meals and medical treatment, in cities and in far flung areas.

Corrupt individuals joining politics are the product of anti social mode of rearing by basically or practically Godless parents or guardians, devoid of concern for all human beings. They do not abide by any of the recognized codes of conduct. Their past comprises of successive failures and disappointments. These consciousless miserable dwindling creatures, ready to do anything illegal and inhuman for anybody, are badly needed by heterogeneous political jumbles, not believing in any religion including religion of humanity, having no knowledge or sense for politics, no concern for welfare for states & citizens, and no foresight for future generations. Their group is expert only in duping credulous illiterate masses by ever new modified false promises for grabbing the power chairs and states’ resources, for misappropriation. Anything beneficial they do is simply to give coverage to their loots. When they issue an extra ordinary statement in favour of citizens like –– ‘My life and everything owned by me is for the people and the state’, rest assured, without any doubt, that a large scale embezzlement is in the offing and this has been proved in history and experience. There are considerable sources of gaining riches, without any investment, in art of movie acting and modeling, but these fields require talents with physical and mental hard work. Both of these qualities are hells away from individuals joining politics for looting, in states with less than 85% literacy level and profuse number of slums.

Groups of corrupt politicians of so called corrupt states very sensitively concentrate on misshaping true democracy to win the votes. By doing so, they themselves abuse democracy and then raise prodigious hue and cry for democracy to be in danger. They pay special attention to the vote bank which they maintain by hook or crook. For example, if the vote bank flourishes through medium of crimes, they give free hand to criminals. Where the masses are religious, they will be frequently seen in shrines and places of worship, inspite of being highly seductive to the very idea of religion. As matter of fact, where there is mention of vote bank, there is declared neglect of interests of the state and generations. There is only one dominant desire and that is keeping a particular group in ruling position. Religion, God’s accountability, Holy Books, good character etc are meaningless for them, if vote bank is not strong enough to afford them ruling position in the state. Aggregate of their behaviour shows that they are dead sure that they will never retire or die and there is no God to whom they can be answerable. Verily in non corrupt states the politicians’ dominant concentration rests on the nations and generations whether or not the voters agree with their mode of planning.

Improvements in literacy and slums and pace of gradual progress minutely pinch those political groups which mainly constitute dodging and duping personnel armed with slogans of deceit and befooling. Their strategy is creation of more slums, more teacher-less schools in rural areas and more deterioration and elimination of existing civil facilities. Here is a very shocking example for those interested in welfare of human race worldwide. A very poor servant of a rich political leader, was polishing his shoes. Timidly he informed his master that there were news of steel processing project in the area. The political leader retaliated with a confident remark “there will never be any such project in my area”. The servant surprisingly asked him, “why?” The political leader said “if it happens so then who will polish my shoes”.

What to talk of a whole group of politicians, one single corrupt politician worstly affects the lives of thousands of men women and children. Adulteration mafia encouraged by his boundless corruptions, depletes the diet value of meager meals of the poors, making them easy prey to numerous major and minor diseases. He does not understand that public dealing individuals and stockists of edibles are encouraged by his corruptions, affecting every aspect of lives of citizens especially the poor. From the lines of history, Nausherwan Adil Anushiravan the Just (531–579 CE), of Iran asked his attendant to bring a small quantity of food salt from the nearby village, ordering him to make payment for that. On an expression of surprise on the face of the attendant in consideration to insignificant price of the salt, Nausherwan explained that if ruler grabs an apple from orchard without payment, all his employees will loot the entire orchard. So what to talk of a whole group of corrupt politician one single corrupt politician spreads corruption from top to bottom. Incentive grips employees of all government and private departments, shopkeepers and down to cobbler on roadside. The extreme goes:-

1- Adulteration is food items.

2- Adulteration is life saving drugs.

3- Ransom demands from industrialists and businessmen.

4- Abduction of children and adults for money.

5- Illegal possession of government and private properties.

As an art of continued domination of masses corrupt politicians will generally be heard repeating the following slogans over and over again: ‘Country is in a very critical condition’ –– ‘Country stands at a highly serious stage’ –– ‘Country is in dangerous situation’ –– ‘Democracy is in danger’ –– ‘Public rights are in danger’ –– ‘Parliament is being neglected’ etc. They are incompetent and illiterate to understand that ruling a country means tackling ever new problems and situations developing every hour. Such statements confirm that solution to states’ problems is an unknown subject for them all.

A nation keeping them out of ruling lot is not a nation at all for them. Deprived of power chairs they will engage in subversive activities against the states including starting of secession movements. Similarly a religion that rejects their false status and posture is no religion for them and they will start hurling abuses against it.

An ordinary dishonest citizen has limits for dishonesty. He will never compromise in matters of honour of his belief, honour of his country and honour of his family members. A corrupt politician has no limits beyond which he cannot go. He will be ever ready to surrender all types of honours for his demands.

Corrupt politicians are regardless of legal, fair, deserving, etc. They distort democracy and enter the assemblies for mere hand raising functions in favour of their groups. On most of the occasions, they do not know the cause of their hand raising act. When they come to power, betraying democracy and the masses, their impression & posture in facing the leaders of developed countries, is that of menials. This is natural result of political bankruptcy, dishonesty and corruption. Politicians competent, honest and sincere to their nations must stand superior.

Every state owns some ideology. Corrupt political groups, throughout the world, have a common characteristic of always functioning against states’ ideologies, openly and deliberately. Their wishful yearn for ideologies begged in charity against constitutionalised fundamentals of states, stands to be authentic witness to their psychological disorders.

Corrupt politicians of corrupt states are among the richest persons of the world as whole and their standards of living are ahead of the standards of living of rich industrialists of developed countries. They get richer day by day, but their states get under more and more heavy foreign debts. Three representative examples of looting the resources of one of declared corrupt states, occurring at intervals of years and decades, are recorded below:-

Example 1: A common man running a small shop with dirty walls and uneven broken floor, was hardly pulling on for the last thirty years period. His pitiable financial condition could very well be assessed from the condition of his shop and his figure & dress. It was his crazy habit to do verbal advertisement to his customers about a political group. This group came into power through deceptive tactics and false promises to the masses. Out of the merciless looting of the public funds, the group started rewarding this shopkeeper with enormous amounts of shares that he had never seen even in dreams. Only after two years period, this shopkeeper constructed a highly luxurious residence in acres of area, with a swimming pool in it. Among all the industrialists and businessmen of his district, nobody had such a grand residence with swimming pool.

Example2: There was a lawyer who had not been flourishing in his profession and remained financially hard up. He joined a political group and within 18 months period he owned an industrial unit and a modern cinema hall in his city. Further account of his looting for years remained unknown.

Example 3: A candidate of a political group was defeated by his opponent in general elections whereas the group itself succeeded in a position to form government. The group paid him 10 million coins against totally paper work project, awarded to him as contractor. He was also engaged as a paid government representative in a government installed body, perhaps specially created to accommodate him.

In some corrupt states, there is a top layer of political leaders who are doubtlessly honest and patriotic. The dominating impact of these personalities drives the state to prosperity. In other corrupt states, the top layer of leaders is worst corrupt due to which the affairs of the state suffer from continued deterioration and degradation. In such states participation in politics is open for all even without any caliber whatsoever. Anybody devoid of relevant education training and conduct, can enter the field. Individuals devoid of comprehensible expression, civil etiquettes and civil behaviour become top ‘politician’ in these unfortunate states.

Any citizen of the world may take the example of one of the top fifty states declared corrupt and, very well, see continued falling graph during the past 40 or 50 years of period. The sufferings of citizens created and maintained by sons / daughters of the soils will be found to be alarming. Downfall of graph is so regular and continuous that it points towards some type of conspiracy that remains to be investigated. Culprits deserve severest possible punishment.

Double nationality individuals in political process of states, are source of intricate problems. Whereas, acquiring foreign nationalities is right of every citizen, extra ordinary struggle for access to state’s governing positions, with double nationality, creates reasonable doubts. Any normal citizen will conclude that a common friend of a billionaire and an indebted poor, will definitely favour the billionaire in matters both right and wrong.

‘Corrupt politicians’ always keep their plans ready for emergency exit. Their foreign residents are comfortable and volume of interest of their looted reserves in foreign banks, stands enough to bear expenses, for life, of 15 to 20 members plus the servants.

The illiterate masses are, after all, human beings deserving help and knowledge of proper use of their votes. Without providing and enforcing remedial measures, declaring a state corrupt is not justice. Distortion of democracy is root cause of corruption and mother of corrupt politicians. Letting the process of corruption to continue in a state, is path to destruction and miserable dependence, creating ever new problems for the whole of world community also.

Members selected by population of low literacy can never bear the status of members selected by well educated voters. Governing an underdeveloped country of low literacy population requires far greater capabilities as compared to governing a developed country.

Decades of experience –– since the inception of UNO and Human Rights Commission –– has concluded that, in case of low literacy (below high school certificate) corrupt states, the system of democracy will continue to remain paralyzed without particular securities and supports. Corrupt politicians, highly expert in art of escaping the hands of law and justice, will continue to loot public money and national resources heinously distorting unguarded democracy. Citizens will continue to suffer from crimes, lawlessness, unemployment and poverty. In every corrupt state, hundreds of billions are yearly embezzled and looted. This huge money must be saved for helping the jobless, poor and diseased. Doubtlessly, the inhabitants of any other planet are not going to help suffering human beings on earth. Every affected state needs a device for cure. Non political experts and judiciary can provide the device. Under mentioned suggestions are suggestions, but these also speak clearly of the treacherous designs of corrupts abusing the system of democracy and then yelling prodigiously ‘Democracy is in danger’.

In every declared corrupt state with number of high school qualified citizens below 85% of adult population, constitution prepared by irrelevant individuals and got approved in hand raising ceremony of members entering assemblies through tactics of distorted democracy, does not embower potentials of sustainability and independence for generations. In order to get rid of corrupt politicians, label of ‘corrupt states’ and vote bank allergy, sketch suggestions, for approval by a council of experts mentioned at serial seven below, follow:-

  1. All banners posters and photographs of all political parties and leaders must be banned for ever (This will eliminate merciless wastage of natural resources of thousands of yards cloth used in banners and tons of paper used in posters and pamphlets). These have nothing to do with electing competent leaders. Participants of corrupt states’ general elections must be University Graduates. Unpredictable social, political and economical complexities develop in countries having less educated leaders. Uneducated politicians feel insecure in the power-chair without assistance of various extra ordinary groups. They rely more on the slogan-providing party workers who are mostly illiterate and with whose help they have won elections. If university graduation is considered irrelevant for leading a whole nation, then the nations of the world in UNO will have to openly declare that education has nothing to do with the functioning of the President, the Prime Minister and the Ministers of a country’s ruling party.
  2. All pre-election addresses to the public gatherings and door to door chase of voters must be banned till 85 percent literacy is achieved. Every political party’s president be given a chance on television to introduce his party’s manifesto, through prerecorded address approved by the election commission, only twice before every general election. Election candidate without a recognized political party must be rejected as in corrupt states such opportunists are not meant for the nation.
  3. Faults finding with previous governments must be banned in TV addresses, forever. This specific job should be left to especially constituted bodies and the courts of justice. Every political party should give its own programs for the developments in the country.
  4. All routine reception formalities should be banned for ever except for foreign leaders. All movements of the executive head of state must be results oriented. All tours, meetings, prize distributions etc aimed at specific party’s advertisements must be banned forever. Good works of a political party’s government in itself will stand to be the best advertisement.
  5. Executive head failing in commitments of pre-election TV addresses should be disqualified for all political activities, for life.
  6. Elected members of national and provincial assemblies violating the code of conduct or ignoring responsibilities of their constituency, should be substituted by the runner-up instead of wasting resources on intermediate elections.
  7. In declared corrupt states with level of literacy below 85%, establishment of a council of outstanding experts, with powers over and above the assemblies of hand raising members, is fundamental step for elimination of corrupt politicians. Status of the council will be exactly the same as that of a principle over professors or a project manager above a team of engineers. Members of the council –– let us call it National Governance Supervisory Council (NGSC) –– will analyze these suggestions of proposed amendments in the constitution and code of political conduct, keeping in view the resolutions, fundamentals and ideals of every particular state, for proceeding ahead. NGSC may constitute under mentioned experts as members. Personnel belonging to any political group, holding double nationality and writers of poetry, do not come under the definition of experts for this particular council:-

(a) Three defense experts from the armed forces.

(b) Five retired judges of the Supreme Court or High Court.

(c) Five Bar-at-law advocates with history of good reputation.

(d) Five Ph.D educationists.

(e) Three Ph.D religious scholars.

More than six decades (after inception of UNO) of looting at the cost of hunger and diseases suffered by the generations of poors, is extreme of catastrophe. In order to get rid of corrupt politicians, distorted democracy will have to be substituted by true and transparent democratic process. Before more dictators intrude as saviours on pretext of ever expanding volume of corruptions, above suggestions must form part of constitution and code of political conduct. For implementation of the suggestions, Supreme Court’s orders may be procured on the basis of contents of this article. Surgery is always indispensable for the safety of the rest of the body and all surgical operations have never been matter of routine. The suggested political surgery is absolutely insignificant in comparison to sufferings of every citizen, especially the unprivileged and the poors.


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