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PTCL Efficiency

PTCL charges amount of Rs. 199/- in the form of Line Rent to all customers, including domestic and business lines. This amount is supposed to take care of the telephone lines, including maintenance cost and the salaries of the staff i.e. Linemen. In reality there is no such thing like taking care of telephones lines, and there is no such thing line maintenance, etc.

PTCL Phonelines

A PTCL pole which serves fiber optics landline phone connections, known as ONU.
Location: Sialkot — Photo by Author

“Hello to the Future”, this is how we suppose to say Hello to the world, with broken lines, fragile like spider net and waiting for a drizzling or a little windy weather to get damaged. The slogan is absolutely contradictory to the system they are managing.

Actually customers are on their own. When a telephone line gets damage and connection goes to dead, it is a very tiring and painful process to have it back in perfect condition, especially for domestic / home users. Though it is correct that during last couple years progress, PTCL has made the process of complaint registration a bit easy but implementation of that process up to solving the customers’ complaint is the same as it was before a few years ago during the dark ages of telecommunication system of Pakistan.

PTCL must improve their infrastructure and have a system of check & balance which monitor the progress of staff at root level about whether they are working according to standard protocols or not. This the age of technology and advancement, we can not afford to live like in the age of Graham Bell.


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  1. kashim says:

    Nationwide, PTCL services are great that offers variety of packages and most of all broadband speed is best among all other operators. There are many firsts did by PTCL for its customers either in telecom or broadband.

  2. ambreen says:

    We should not be so pessimistic in our approach. No body is perfect in this world. There always remains a loop hole in every game. We should tell the company first about this thing in positive manner, its our responsibility. We should not portray our companies as a matter of Irony.
    Line maintenance is the responsibility of line man. We should not blame the whole company on this irresponsibility. I am sure company will kick out such persons. But as a whole our national company is best and on the top. I am the user of its services since 2010.

  3. hunain says:

    Of course PTCL is best in Pakistan, infact one of best in the region, nobody is denying that. Criticism must not be taken as hatred or pessimism, it is not correct. We criticize only those about we are highly concerned, like parents to their kids, and some time the words are little harsh, but that’s because we can’t see it going to waste. Can you imagine PTCL like our Railway department? God No! It happened because nobody pointed out the loop holes when it was highly needed.

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