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Nucleus of Corruption in Declared Corrupt States of the World

stop-corruption It is not known whether of not Transparency International is conversant with the cause of corruption in a state, but there is only a single cause of that. Non corrupt states are normal, simply because people joining politics there, aim at exceptional services to the motherland and its citizens. On the contrary, in declared corrupt states, political parties use heinous tactics for grabbing power to redress the financial goals and courts cases of a few hundred party members, considered to be the pillars of established Vote Bank of the particular political party. Corruption is thus injected to all government and private setups. Single signature or verbal messages of such patronized party members earn them billions. There are numerous examples of penniless parasites becoming billionaires and mills owners within a short span of time, after joining a political party. Corruption thus reaches every nook of entire social system leaving the country under heavy foreign debts.

Just go through Transparency International’s reports for the years 2009 and 2010 and see how many states have traveled towards the starting top serials of the corrupt states. Problems created by corrupt states somehow or other do affect the world community. So the matter stands as food for thought for UNO and the EU.


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