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caste class

The Castes That Divide Us

While the national understanding of classism grows, caste remains a fairly untouched matter Growing old in a Punjabi middle-class family can teach you a thing or two about castes. Everything from who you should eat with to whom you are allowed to marry is indoctrinated within our minds. It is such a normalized concept that […]

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Aurat March

Aurat March – A Symbol of Anarchy

Aurat March, Aurat community, Aurat Rights, this word ‘Aurat’ has become something which seems out of this world, an alien entity and is in search of its identity and a secure place to settle down and grow. This is how badly it has been used and negatively propagated by people / gangs, want to divide […]

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1947 massacre

The Wretched Specie of Traitors

Only classified prime traitors can indulge in corruptions and embezzlements in a country procured at the historically highest cost of massacre of year 1947, and only persons absolutely devoid of all elements of conscience and dignity can forget the massacre and devastation of year 1947. Hereunder note and feel the barbaric tortures, physical and mental, […]

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Lee Kuan Yew

Claims of National Progress Analyzed

Hereunder are a few of the hints related to the claims of National Development and Progress in Pakistan:- In 1960 per capita income in South Korea and Pakistan were USD 900 and USD 300 respectively. Today these figures change over to: South Korea USD 25000 and Pakistan USD 1100, i.e. a difference of around 28 […]

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Legacy of Arabian Tribes

Tribal Legacies in the World

Rigid and stubborn in attitudes towards their traditions, whatsoever, has been common among them all anywhere on the globe. They are ever prepared to sacrifice everything for the sake of their traditions established and maintained by their forefathers. Colonial rulers have mercilessly eliminated the entire lot of tribes in some areas. In some parts the […]

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Dacoits and Embezzlers Amend their Constitutional Provisions

Dacoits and Embezzlers Amend their Constitutional Provisions

Their patience and forbearance are really praise worthy. They steadfastly remained loyal to the provisions of their conventional constitution i.e. looting for survival, by the count of thousands of years. Verily all dacoities involve life risk. With the extinction of kings and rajas, the entire scenario of social life completely changed. Terminologies of democracy in […]

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Personality Cult

Personality Cult

Mr. Nadeem  Paracha’s article in DAWN May 14, 2017 refers. It is not clear at all what Mr. Nadeem Paracha wants to convey to Pakistanis. Copy of the article is appended at the end of under mentioned lines. Personality cult, though profusely practiced in most of the Asian countries, is serious abuse to Mankind’s self […]

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Mahatma Ghandi

The Supreme Architect of India’s Freedom

Saying yes to accept the charge of an office, only because people offer it, simply rebels. Who will provide the elements of competence never known to the people as well as to the person surrendering their offer? Every person of letters, howsoever professionally successful, is not at all capable to take the responsibilities of the […]

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Shocking Facts about Historical Massacre 1947

Shocking Facts about Historical Massacre 1947

On or under earth’s surface, extremely unforgettable events had been faced by innocent human beings during the turmoil and massacre 1947. There was no war and no natural calamity but still more than a million citizens, mostly Muslims, were indiscriminately slaughtered with axes, swords and spears. The slain children, women and men had been forced […]

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Aaj TV on PM Modi

Aaj TV on PM Modi

By repeatedly displaying uncivil abusive remarks about PM Modi of India (July 25, 2015 afternoon), Aaj TV of Pakistan has contributed to further deterioration of already controversial image of Pakistani citizens. Apprehension that it might have been triggered with the push of some anti-Pakistan agencies of the world, bear sound weight. Among all the countries […]

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Neglected Priorities and Forgotten Martyrs

Neglected Priorities and Forgotten Martyrs

Pakistan Movement’s workers and their generations, including Muslims and minorities, who indulged in personality cult to the extent of core faith, could not and will not ever possess relevant national character unless a justice based analysis strikes their stubborn discretion. Ladies, children and gentlemen who sacrificed their honour, lives and possessions during process of finding […]

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Fourteenth August Without Prime Factor

Fourteenth August Without Prime Factor

Peoples not formally and regularly honouring their martyrs of Independence and Freedom are destined to perish sooner or later. Martyrs of Independence of Pakistan murdered in their localities in cities and towns of India and massacred indiscriminately on way for migration over to Pakistan, were all civilians. Territory and people of Pakistan are indebted to […]

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Separation from India to Follow Indians

Separation from India to Follow Indians

Compact unit of Indian Territory was divided to create a new state i.e. Pakistan. Thirty years of struggle involved the fundamental motto ‘Muslims are a separate nation’. To procure the state was not an easy process for the Muslims residing in India were left helpless. They suffered destruction of honours, lives and properties in devastating […]

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Mahatma Gandhi

Hindu Muslim Commonalities and Mahatma

Forward: Contents of this article especially invite the attention of:- Hindu believers who regularly study and follow the guidance / instructions of Vedas and Bhagavad Geeta. Muslims who regularly study and follow the instructions of Quran which instructs that choice of religion is birth right for every human being without pressure or compulsion. Religious and […]

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Nato Forces v.s Taliban Fighters

Power Concept

Viewpoints of senior Indian journalist (Mr. M. J. Akbar), published in the Daily DAWN of March 09, 2014, reflect his concern regarding the security of his own country as well as that of the entire surrounding areas in North and North West. Under a state of serious apprehensions about terrorism, he has unintentionally recorded self-contradictory […]

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An Impartial Analysis of Sixty Years of Islami Jamhuriya Pakistan

An Impartial Analysis of Sixty Years of Islami Jamhuriya Pakistan

By: Yash Pal Singh Karlra – A citizen of the world (This article deals only with the Islamic atmosphere in Pakistan. Political, economical, law & order, corruption and crimes as well as disregard to the judiciary are not the topics under discussion). No country of the world will ever forget the break up of Bharat […]

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Print Media of Islamic Republic of Pakistan

Print Media of Islamic Republic of Pakistan

Pakistani print media do not have least respect for the cultural and religious values of the people of Pakistan. They give every indication to prove that the territory of Sub-continent had been disintegrated due to serious differences with Indians about display of certain fashion designs and that the procurement of Pakistan had nothing to do […]

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Species of Politicians in Declared Corrupt States of the world

Species of Politicians in Declared Corrupt States of the world

Foreword:Yearly reports of Transparency International, especially those for years 2009 and 2010, are the basis of this brief article. Misuse of terminologies and elements of prevailing shape of Democracy, in the declared corrupt states, has caused perennial sufferings for all classes of the citizens, particularly for the poor, accelerating boost of diseases, crimes and social […]

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Traditions of Sub-Continent Invaded

Traditions of Sub-Continent Invaded

For special attention of the peoples of Sub-continent: Peoples of Sub-continent have been ruled by foreign invaders for many centuries. Countless freedom fighters were mercilessly slaughtered. Generations have bees deprived of a lot in every aspect of human life including civil amenities, health and education. Invaders choosing permanent settlement in the territory remained wasting the […]

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If any citizen of the globe compares people’s sacrifices for Pakistan with rulers’ performance in half century, he / she will be simply shocked. Sacrifices, sincerity and tolerance of the people have been adversely used by the rulers. Invaluable contributions of the people: During and after independence movement, people pledged everything for Pakistan. On achieving […]

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