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Three Sources of Complications for many Believers & Scholars

Destiny or “Taqdeer”

God Almighty is the sole creator and controller of everything in the universe.  What will happen to anybody or anything in the universe, is part of His limitless knowledge. This is destiny. Almighty owns powers to create anything not existing, destroy anything or anybody existing and re-establish anything dead or destroyed.

Human beings and Jinns have been created along with power of selection and choice. God’s knowledge of all aspects about mankind does not at all interfere with the assigned power of choice and selection of human beings and jinns. If a person decisively chooses to do something wrong / unpermitted, God accords approval for him to go ahead. Anybody choosing good and fair, God approves the action to be carried out by him / her. This is what we call that everything happens and proceeds with the permission and approval of God.

Almighty is not helpless in anything. With person’s or jinn’s prayer, he has powers to change the nature of pre-settled destiny or “taqdeer”.

When and where God came from?

What knowledge and powers should be allocated to the capacity of the products is the undisputable choice of the manufacturer. If interference of human beings’ demands and desires is taken into considerations, every power and quality given over to mankind will become disputed. For example ‘Why my stature is so small?’ ‘Why I cannot normally see beyond the wall / obstruction?’ ‘Why I cannot lift weight of one ton or above?’ And so on.

‘When and where God came from’, is only one of such informations that have not been released to mankind. There are so many other things that human being is deprived of. For example “when anybody will die? When the world will come to an end? At what stage somebody will suffer from a serious disease or disability? How many children a married couple will have? And so on.

The Creator blessed mankind with the nature and amount of knowledge and powers that He considered appropriate. Among many other informations not given over to mankind ‘where from God came’ is one only.

Our God Almighty is eternally present and he will always remain alive. Mankind must concentrate on fair and good for all fellow human beings and living creatures.

Limit if Devil’s Powers

Devil has been provided wit choice of misleading the human beings for doing wrongs and unpermitted acts through his tactics of negative suspicions. Devil does not possess powers to force mankind for doing something wrong and unpermitted. He only convinces mankind through suspicions that doing wrong and unfair is not bad. He stresses through suspicions that all benefits through deceit and fraud are beneficial and valuable.

Devil badly fails to pursue gentlemen and women determined to follow good. In all divine books there are prayers that nullify devil’s misguidances.

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