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Shocking Facts about Historical Massacre 1947

On or under earth’s surface, extremely unforgettable events had been faced by innocent human beings during the turmoil and massacre 1947. There was no war and no natural calamity but still more than a million citizens, mostly Muslims, were indiscriminately slaughtered with axes, swords and spears. The slain children, women and men had been forced to move towards east / west because top leadership demanding separate homeland for Muslims, simply forgot or neglected to make a sound unilateral commitment that people of all sects will possess equal rights within territory declared as Pakistan and as such all non Muslims already residing inside Pakistan need not desert their homeland, their residences and properties.

Massacre1947 - India Pakistan partition

Massacre1947 – India Pakistan partition

Retention of non Muslim residents of Punjab as well (like Sindh and Baluchistan), was going to be the perennial source of multi directional blesses for the Muslims of whole of the subcontinent. Their secure Pakistani citizenship was going to be the everlasting bridge of cordiality for human co-living, within and without India. All types of expenses in coins, additional properties allocations and constitutional provisions toward their security, would have been in significant burden in comparison to the resultant socio political tranquility in the region.

There is no sense in believing that the massacre was unavoidable. The track of incidents of entire history from 1920 onwards establishes that the massacre could very well be eliminated. Unfortunately there had never been a strategy on agenda to forestall the horrible bloodshed. Descriptive notes completely fail to depict what happened to helpless families and individuals. All this could never happen without the existence of culprits.

All historical potentials warned about the massacre 1947, inspite of that no effective obstructive plan had ever been considered to stop it well before its happening. On the contrary such pushing gradients had been applied so that it happens with full force. One of such pushing gradients was Mr. M. A. Jinnah’s ‘Direct Action Day’ in Bengal during August 1946 which left barbaric carnage in the packed city of Calcutta. This ‘Direct Action Day’ developed strongest possible attitudes of extremely vehement vengeance to play havoc with helpless human lives and honor.

Massacre1947 - India Pakistan partition

Massacre1947 – India Pakistan partition

Another pushing gradient, evenly destructive as the ‘Direct Action Day’, had been commissioning of hardliner communist Mr. Danial Latifi during 1944 to drive a wedge between Muslims and non Muslims of Punjab because inspite of around two decades of efforts Muslims in Punjab remained opposed to All India Muslim League (AIML). Dania Latifi rigorously travelled and worked on the mission and got successful. Results of 1946 elections were the proof of his work that could not be achieved during more than two decades of efforts by AIML. But at the same time Mr. Danial Latifi precipitated sentiments of violent hatred that played its part in accelerating the force of massacre in the then near future.

When the Fundamental Truth stands that dismemberment / separation is powerless in eliminating the human co-living relationships, in fusion of superlative degree of hatred and disgust for achieving separation is doubtlessly ravaging ad without sense, causing tyranny for lives and honour of Muslims in whole of India, since August 1947.

Never before the inception of All India Muslim League, a group or a party existed, in entire history of the subcontinent, that instigated and prepared the Hindu majority for indiscriminate killings of hundreds of thousands Muslims. AIML leadership stands to be the undisputed culprit for instigating Hindus / Sikhs towards the historical massacre 1947.

Justice demands accountability and it will continue to demand it because death does not register forgiveness to anybody liable for punishment. Example of China will have to be followed. Accountability against architect of modern China Mr. Mao Tse Tung had been carried out after his death, sending his widow to jail.

During prolonged period of six to eight hundred years of rule over India by various foreign Muslim rulers, the Hindu majority remained loyal and obedient subject.

And –– Barister Mohan Das Karamchand Ghandi, the Mahatma, supreme architect of freedom of India, the Apostle of coordination among all sects of Hinduism including the Untouchables, who travelled hundreds of miles across India including 357 miles walk on foot (for assessing the plight of rural Indians, for the famous Salt March and for easing Bengal riots flared up as result of Mr. M. A. Jinnah’s ‘Direct Action Day’), who remained jailed in various jails in South Africa and India for more than eight years, who always supported truth wherever it maybe and who was great admirer of Prophet Muhammad PBUH and his mission; ultimately gave away his very life for supporting a financial claim by Pakistan with the government of India and for generally supporting Muslims.

Murder of Mahatma in January 1948 was also the result of infused extra ordinary hatred between Hindus and Muslims. Nobody could ever think of murdering his own exceptionally great leader without especially infused hatred.

The phenomenon is too shocking to be absorbed for all times to come. Top leadership of AIML could not assess the consequences of the pushing gradients and could not assess the atmosphere being hatched as a result of their handling and control of Pakistan Movement. There is every reason to believe that they had been destined to win at the cost of lives and honour of the citizens, considering this policy to be the easiest way of success. Putting the crown on head amidst heart piercing shrieks and lamentations of shattered honourable families and seriously wounded sufferers, appears to be least suiting the self styled coronation. Generations will keep asking ‘Was this the only way to victory?’ Somebody might retort ‘Yes, because it did not involve any mental works for chalking out a policy of achievement with calm and peace.

Every 12 years old child was well aware of the tensions developing between Muslims and non Muslims especially during 1946 and 1947. Vast majority of Hindus had been deadly against territorial disintegration of Bharat which always stands to be mother for them all for all times. Was the leadership devoid of vision to foresee what horrible might happen in the near future? Or otherwise, was the leadership intentionally bypassing the responsibilities of forestalling the ensuing collision? In any of the two cases all claims, strategies and actions on their part become pitiably doubtful. It sure was the prime responsibility of the leadership to safeguard the lives honour and property of Muslims as well as the non Muslims. Negligence for not fulfilling so sacred and sensitive a responsibility must never go without formal judicious decision.

Right with effect from the date on which a separate homeland for Muslims had been decided upon, following lines of action must have been adopted for creation of an atmosphere of calm and peace:-

  • Constitutional standards of unilateral commitment towards awarding equal status of citizenship to all resident non Muslims in Pakistan. Such commitment must have been propagated through radio and media every month with strict regularity with repeated claims of assurances in this regard. Confidence of non Muslims must have been built that their lives, honour and property will be a sacred responsibility of the new state. Message of this line of action would been far reaching and quite effective. Just spare time to analyze it. Security and honour for Muslims in India would have been far more secure as it is at present.
  • Commissioning of the hard liner communist Mr. Danial Latefi during 1944, to win Punjab must have been for promotion of cordial relations between Muslims and non Muslims and not for creating a gulf with them.
  • Directive ‘Direct Action Day’ during August 1946 in Bengal, from top leadership of Muslim League, must have been withdrawn.

We have to see and wait for the generation that will uphold justice over and above everything else. It is an issue that can never be buried till eternity.

Pakistan was destined to come into being even if the top first row of AIML had never existed on earth. But above one million human lives and honour plus added terrorism and humiliation faced by the respectable and peace loving sufferers would have been absolutely illegitimate and impermissible even if it had to be paid for whole of India declared to be the new state of Pakistan.

No really strong, courageous and uncompromising hand has come forward in 70 years to deal with corrupts who started looting the resources of such a country right from August 1947. ((Refer to article headed ‘Quaint Specie of Patriotism’, posted on September 26, 2016).

It sounds like insulting the sufferers of massacre 1947 when Pakistanis are pressing upon arresting the murderers of 20, 50, 150 citizens whereas the case against the culprits of massacre of more than one million human beings has not far been started even.

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